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  1. Phrank_Phish

    But I dont want a bloody supercontainer?!?!

    Thats my issue, ive only had a couple of supers before and they all came from the random option, so I accepted they dropped random stuff. I was daft enough to assume a supercontainer from coal would throw me a ton of coal, if I had clicked flags it would throw me flags etc etc etc. If it threw me a cruiser or dd then yeah, I tend to only play battleships because i like brawling and tanking at the front (usually alone because im one of those idiots who presses w at the start of a game). I know, I only have to wait until tomorrow. But that doesnt stop me being annoyed at the bloody RNG rewarding me by taking things away from me. I dont remember Jim Bowen calling out Bully and saying "our special prize, we will tow your car away and make you go and collect it tomorrow from the scrap yard".
  2. Phrank_Phish

    But I dont want a bloody supercontainer?!?!

    Good, my message got through. I consider this a success then. Im asking why its random when I didnt hit the random button. If you go to a restaurant and order a steak and the guy brings you the greatest sonnet you ever read, id be fine with asking where the hell the steak is no matter how much someone else somewhere in the world may love poetry.
  3. Phrank_Phish

    But I dont want a bloody supercontainer?!?!

    Happy to, give me 400 coal from the regular old resource box for it, all I needed.
  4. Im saving coal, im planning to buy a ship with coal, im really close as well, I only need a couple of hundred more and I can buy it. ive earned my container, this is the one that tips me over the balance. I hit "more resources" and BOOM supercontainer in the house, woot woot baby. flags, 100 consumable reload flags... one of the ones I rarely use. Wheres my damn coal, i only needed 400? I didnt click flags and camo, I didnt click random, I clicked bloody resources and theres sod all resources in that box. so now I have to wait for tomorrow to earn more boxes to get my new ship because a supercontainer screwed me out of it. Is there a way to turn off supercontainers? Id have a shiny new premium ship right now if they didnt exist, a regular resource container would have been more than enough, but the game took that away from me and now im on the forum posting a salty rant being bloody annoyed at the game.