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  1. plain_average

    Update 12.4 - Bug Reports

    @YabbaCoe can you please merge this thread with this: I created that because a bug report thread was not created
  2. plain_average

    12.4 Topics???

    You can use this for now - hopefully WG will sticky the post
  3. plain_average

    Update 12.4 - Bug reports

    Me and a division mate was in a game yesterday. Clearly there is a BUG somewhere. A Graphical issue. I was seeing a night time map, he was seeing a daytime map Same battle, just a screen shot taken from two different computers. I was complaining that it was hard to see and he said what are you going on about. First time I have seen this - and I wondered if wargaming had introduced a night time map.
  4. plain_average

    Update 12.4 - Bug reports

    When Wargarming does not want to create a thread for us - here is one.
  5. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    This only works if the Bearn player is BAD - you limit yourself to "broad sides" - but he can still and will still drop two bombs on you directly. Running away from skip bombs are usually better, but again - because Bearn planes drop 2 bombs per plane they drop 4 bombs (2x2) with a very narrow spread - and if CV player knows how to do it properly, its two bombs that hit you. Against Ark Royal, I will try the alternating speed to throw them off - but I doubt it will make a huge difference with the gigantic spread of bombs it drops.
  6. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    Yes, and we have infinite smokes? And 0 cool down? And some DD's dont even have smoke
  7. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    You are right obviously - when WG releases ships like this I really should just stop playing. They are so much more powerful than any of the tech tree ships - against DD's - I have no idea on how they are against other ships. But since you all are super unicums apparently - how do you dodge the bombs from Ark Royal? And how do you dodge getting skip bombs dropped directly on your ship from Bearn?
  8. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    Which is not relevant, since this post is about CV's - and cruisers and BB's only blab DD's if the DD made a mistake of either getting too close, or is not moving.
  9. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    Bearn drop skip bombs directly on you - its also possible with russian CV's - but Bearn have an advantage, since each plane carries two bombs. ( I can do it consistently in a tier 6 russian CV, and with Bearn I would farm DD's all day long) - the trick is to not skip the bombs, but simply drop on the last line of the drop directly onto the DD. And yes - I play DD without AA activated, but when you are spotted and have no smoke, the Ark Royal bombs are too nasty simply because of the amounts of bombs in each drop. 1-1 I would bet on the CV every single time - I was just in a game with a 47% win rate player, that in Ark Royal had almost 52% win rate. He had taken out all the DD's including me (3) - and he used his silly bomb drops on all of them - and on every attack run 1/4 -> 1/3 dd was dead - with multiple fires - I rarely gets hit by bombs from other CV's but the british CV are hard to dodge, and this premium british CV is just silly.
  10. plain_average

    OP/Broken tier 6 premium CV

    Hi, Why has wargaming released two semingly broken CV's at tier 6? Bearn and Ark Royal are just silly. Bearn with its fighers+ broken skip bombers that nuke DD's in easy mode. Same with Ark Royal that have so many bombs in its drops that its possible a single squadron can take out a DD from full health. Why does wargaming release broken crap like this? There is literally nothing you can do as a DD against both these CV's - you can try to dodge all you want, but CV is guaranteed to hit you with 2-4 bombs per drop - and Ark royal can do that 3 times per squadron. Wargaming shame on you for releasing broken crap like this
  11. plain_average

    Is it worth coming back ?

    This is the way - the amount of BOTS, HE SPAM, SUBS, OP premium ships are just silly - you are better of saving your sanity yourself. I am this close to going on yet another self imposed hiatus to get my sanity back. The matchmaking in this game is so pathetic it hurts my brain how bad wargamings programming department must be - and the focus on releasing yet another premium ship or new ship line with a broken gimmick is just pathetic. So no - its not worth coming back - unless you enjoy getting your blood pressure up when your "team" folds after 3 minutes because the matchmaker decided to put all the potatoes on your team and all the unicums on the other. Or. Come back and play Co-Op exclusively and ignore the FOMO and just ignore the battlebass, dockyard etc, since missions are becoming sillier and siller and requires a big stack of boosters of all kinds if you want to finish in a realistic amount of time.
  12. plain_average

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

  13. plain_average

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    That is true, but if you are a re-roll in a tier 8 ship chances are your PR & Win rate in that ship is good - when you are a <50 battles account in a tier 8 ship with horrible stats on the ship you are just new. I doubt any potatos re-rolls and start over being equally as bad.
  14. plain_average

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    You are most likely correct - and usually with bad game experice as a result - both for the buyer and the team the person ends up at. And if we are being realistic - wargaming have 0 incentive to prevent anyone from buying any premium whatsoever - for every "veteran" that leaves this game in disgust, one enters that will spend money and then either become a veteran that leaves in disgust or just leaves when they found out that you cannot just buy a tier 10 ship and expect good results. As the saying goes "The last idiot has not been born yet" So as long as people keep pouring money into this game, wargaming is doing the "correct" financially - but if you look at the spirit of the game its choking the life out of the game - and my guess is that at some point the game will have had its potential players used up and if wargaming had been less "greedy" - and spent more time on maintaining a good player experience and balancing, then perhaps they would have survived. But this is the future and who knows what happens in the future :-)
  15. plain_average

    Players with < 50 battles in tier 8 ship

    Yes that is painful, more so when you want to grind a new line and enters a battle as tier 3 and get double tier 4 CV - and a lot of the times its griefers that are expert CV players that just love to seal club. That is another problem.