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    Carriers not worth it anymore?

    Do anyone else think playing as a carrier is a dead end? When i was first playing as a carrier things would go OK I sank one ship a match and overall help the team by spotting and doing little damage. But now after some updates I dont feel like playing the carrier anymore because it got to much nerfed and it has a real unbalance in the game. I got a Ruyjo and a Bogue but every time i a playing with the japanese CV vs an US CV my planes get destroyed ASAP. Even when fully upgraded and everything, Like staying in friendly AA I cannot kill his fighters even if he has less fighters than I have. That is as far as JPN vs US carriers go. With my ship attack aircraft(dive and torpedo bombers) if I send them as a large group vs a single BB not a single bomb or torpedo will hit because all my planes get destroyed by his AA, before they even can drop their payload. I have this problem with all the CV's in the game and I really think they should fix it because playing as a CV is, in my opinion. Not worth it anymore. Even when I used to love playing as a carrier cause that is what a CV suppose to do is carry the team(spotting, causing fires and flooding). I like to know how anyone else is thinking about the current affair with CV's.