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  1. Novaror

    Make HSF camos great again?

    HSF Yamato and HSF Musashi need some fixing too.
  2. Novaror

    HSF Collection

    HSF Musashi camo is missing sign on the back, dont know if Yamato should have one. Red stripes on Musashi are slightly in different position than in TV show. Currently Yamato and Musashi have old radars when HSF camo is active. What we should see are 2 rotating radars similar to those on Harekaze. Yamato is missing top of the mast that Musashi have. Other small thing is placement of the flag that is mounted in standard place. In Anime its placed on the back like we had in alpha.
  3. Novaror

    Key binding issue.

    Today after reinstalling game i have problem with binding my Middle Mouse Button it say that key is reserved. I tried many things to bind it like it was before reinstalling but it wont allow me. After 2h of trying im out of ideas. Im open to any suggestions.
  4. Novaror

    Double post bug/ delete pls

  5. I was not thinking to take off heal. It's too useful against HE spammers and their constant fires. I would switch it with plane or if WG is generous they could add it as third consuable so we have heal, plane and secondary guns.
  6. I was thinking about secondary guns consuable for battleships since they have a lot of them but they rarely do anything. It will increase secondary guns accuracy and range. For example lets say when used range is increased 15% of base value and dispersion reduced by 60%, duration 30s, reuse time 2:30 min and can be used 3 times (depends of tier). That way they can get rid of that 5 point skill that almost nobody use. As you know with that skill only one side is shooting if target is selected other will not shoot even when enemy ship will sit next to you. Personally I would see something like that in game. Do any of you think a consumable like that would be interesting insteed of that 5 point skill?
  7. Novaror

    General Feedback

    To all dobloons whiners. There is a simple mission that will give you 12 500 dobloons.
  8. Novaror

    Does everyone get these "offers"

    Never got a personal offer
  9. Novaror

    Penetration - No Damage

    The famous 0 DMG shoots from WOT invaded warships
  10. Replay is from 0.5.6 If you have older client i can send it or upload it to WOWs replays.
  11. Novaror

    ship fighter view

    I think that you got new ship and it have spotter aircraft as default setup. All you need to do is change to fighter plane. Or you was using premium plane and didn't have auto resupply on so it changed back to default plane with is spotter plane in most ships.
  12. Count me in. Here's a most kills replay http://wowreplays.com/Replay/6793-Novaror-Sims-Fault-Line
  13. Novaror

    Ship sinking animation

    I watch how my ship sank from beginning to the end and I will keep doing that.
  14. Novaror

    The ghost ships attack!

    Great event looking for next one.