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  1. I was lucky to get a Tirpitz B in a container together with a mission for 10 times 250 Gold But its only for Tirpitz not Tirpitz B, so i cant complete it. Any help plz ?
  2. Its nice to hear from all af you ill be back to all of you next week when im back again :)
  3. My old clan have collapsed, so now i'm looking for a clan with a plan to reach at least Hurricane league and to have fun with. I'm a 32 old danish guy who have played the game since they had open beta. In at 57,2% winrate at the moment and have all lines at least T9 and most in T10. both CV's at T8 I have no pleasure playing solo ranked Looking forward to hearing from you. https://wows-numbers.com/player/501295922,Promoe/
  4. Are you kidding me with the new matchmaking ? How good do you think the atago is ? Can i plz get a refund on the gold i spend in this match .... thats not even a fair fight ...
  5. Promoe

    WoWs PT start-up crash

    Does the Dev team even look at the forum ?
  6. Promoe

    WoWs PT start-up crash

    Its a fresh install no mods
  7. Promoe

    WoWs PT start-up crash

    I'm getting a start-up crash after new install of the PT client. Any one got a work around or a fix ?