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  1. TheGorilla12

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    Another viking joined the ship! Matsii_ growing and growing even more!
  2. TheGorilla12

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    We still have a lot of cookies!
  3. TheGorilla12

    Sweden in World of Warships

    That gun sits about 4km from me in Karlskoga, home of Bofors ofc :)
  4. TheGorilla12

    Ping issues

    Been having issues for a month now where the game suddenly goes from 35ms to -35ms, booting me out to main screen so I have to log back into the game, ergo sum when getting in Im either dead, getting killed or dead and been reported as a Bot even tho I have been playing fine for maybe 5 min before it happens.. Wargaming is blaiming my ISP supplier... called them checked with them, NO ISSUE their end..