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  1. BrigadierShaw

    PSA: Non-moving ships issue

    No it has not been fixed. So, from May 29 to 30 June!
  2. BrigadierShaw

    Can you explain this for me please...

    hello all, WG can you explain this to me please. The screen capture shows the discrepancy in xp on a premium account!
  3. BrigadierShaw

    Are you joining us for Dreamhack?

    Because I do :)
  4. - Dd's will appear for 6 seconds on Mini map. Well, I will shoot them from mini map...easy. No positive rework here! - I see the Salem has been left out in the cold for radar changes. It was shorter than its contemporaries already! *You need to do a rework for the reworked rework with this WG and then rework that... well, it keeps the wage salaries pumping* :)
  5. BrigadierShaw

    Ship Movement not seen

    Well, I will be talking with british telecom on Monday. i will report then. WoT is working fine.
  6. BrigadierShaw

    Ship Movement not seen

    I will contact my ISP and see if its a hardware issue. I will update my progress later. thanks for the help. I want this to be a solution post (not a rant about things not working).
  7. BrigadierShaw

    Ship Movement not seen

    just read both post and I am on it already. Thanks for the help so far guys. 11.6ms round trip! I had to edit the IP info. But, with your help getting more done in five minutes... than a whole month :) How can I fix the problem...?
  8. Firstly, I apologise if there is already a thread on this topic. I could not find one that is satisfactory. the following is the problem and the progress I have made: I log in to the game. open up a new battle. When the timer is done. I cannot see my ship or others move! they are moving though. I will see where they die. As they pop up on the spot via elastic band. Please read on... its not ISP lag (refer to picture). I have contacted support and had no solution presented. Now, what actions I have taken to try and solve the issue; Restarted the computer (i7) to see if resources are a problem, used the launcher to check the files, lowered the graphics, checked the Ping (picture included), updated my graphic drivers, and windows 7. For the record I even re-installed the whole game at one point (three times). finally, I did regular checks on ISP performance with no problems (7-14 Mb). the one thing that is odd... the problem is intermittent. ...I am still hopeful for a solution... I wanted to open up a discussion on this as its been going on for a month (intermittently). Has anyone else been troubled by this and are there any stories of solutions. As wargaming has not been helpful. *its the only game on my PC that is troubling. with one exception. World of tanks to a lesser degree. which I will not go into here* Thanks to the moderators for allowing this post to stay up for the good of the community.
  9. BrigadierShaw

    A submarine!

    I played Steal Oceans just for the Submarines....it was amazing. They would have to change Cruiser,Battleships and Destroyers. Depth charges and all! It would create great excitement in the community. They would be insane NOT to do it.
  10. Hello all, Exciting development "Submarines". We have been provided with the V Type SH. It looks amazing. Presently, I am unable to use it in any type of battle. Please share your thoughts on this development. Its a complicated introduction. It changes the roles of all the ships. It will be interesting to see if it is a kindred experience to Steal Oceans. Steal oceans could never get the population; due to no relationship with the player base. World of Warships is a great game and getting stronger and stronger...
  11. For all intent and purpose. I am left with the impression there is no response to our work to help the game. I was fortunate enough to see one of the players in a game again. I know they are doing nothing. I just sent another ticket and the reply was just another autonomous response.
  12. The moderators have stopped me from liking posts
  13. did you read my post.... as I pointed out. I do not have a reply from support.
  14. Firstly, thank you for creating this most important post. I have held my tongue for long enough. This issue of team killing is becoming a sport for some players as they know that the repercussions are next to none. I have seen players miss fire...NOT a problem. I have seen players bump... not looking where they are going... not a big issue. However, let me tell you this real story. I have nearly played 1900 games. I have watch an ever increasing number of games being destroyed by players. Intentionally killing team. The language which is in side chat is incredibly childish. -------------- Example 1: I have seen a player enter our game in pink. First one to chat saying " we are going to loose...". Then as the game begins... kills two of our team. I took a picture of the chat and the kills. Sent it to ticket support and it was closed "without" a response from the support team. Example 2: I have had a similar situation again. I have sent out a ticket to the support team. lets see what happens on this one! ------------- These are just examples of the ones I took the time to report. The support team have shown me that they do not care as much as the players about the game. Players should voice there concerns. if we do not.... the game is going to end up coin and and the other thing which starts with C.... Regretably, Brigadier Shaw