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  1. What sights do you guys use?

    Just use stock sight as I use dynamic crosshair
  2. Try your luck Supercontainers

    I have had only about 4 or 5 super containers (excluding ones for missions) since they came out
  3. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    I have stopped playing DD's for now, hasn't been fun playing them at all recently. will give it time and see if it settles down again
  4. Counter the radar!

    Even if WG could change radar eg. Not working through islands I doubt they will ever do it. Can you imagine the uproar they would receive from the CA and BB captains complaining that its a buff to DD's
  5. Weekend warriors part XXCIV

    It happens, I bet you don't make a thread and complain when you win eg. 7/7 games. Also made me look twice at the roman numerals lol
  6. Invisible ships

    It's took you over 1700 battles to realise that you/enemy can shoot over islands and not be spotted
  7. 80 free caption slots here, don't need anymore.
  8. @Salentine Both storm and i have just left WJDE, Beer will follow suit later when he is on, Keep 3 spots open please if you still want us
  9. Warning

    The OP needs to learn from this, ALWAYS read the windows that pop up when selling anything lol. He claims he lost several high commanders like this, but surely after doing it once he should have realised his mistake and not repeat it again? To OP take heed " All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes". - Winston Churchill Also as been already said, iirc i have over 100 spare reserve slots, they pop up quite often in crates and missions
  10. Tempted, i division with Stormchaser & Beercrazy every night, i will ask them and see what they think
  11. Have a free bump from a Dinger WJDE in WOWS is kind of quiet these days
  12. I do agree with OP to a certain point, when rng goes against you, you get punished no matter what you do but.... As OP is only up to tier 6 he still has a lot to learn. Playing a cruiser is all about timing and map awareness ie. When to open fire, when to turn, when to push etc.... Never open fire if you are broadside to a bb, you have to check minimap a lot, turn first and then shoot while kiting away at an angle. Hold your fire to get unspotted to reposition. Try to fire at BB's that are distracted. If a DD is spotted, focus him first. Try to engage enemies over 12km to 15km away while kiting, this gives you time to manoeuvre to avoid incoming shots. Go on YouTube and check out, Flamu, Flambass etc... They have good reviews of most of the cruises and watch how they play them. Stick with it OP I am a cruiser main and they do have a major role in the game and can be rewarding when everything goes smoothly
  13. Also make sure that the tier/country filter hasn't been ticked. Its just above your ships on the left side.
  14. Ships that need a buff

    Atago needs a range increase