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  1. Also make sure that the tier/country filter hasn't been ticked. Its just above your ships on the left side.
  2. Ships that need a buff

    Atago needs a range increase
  3. Could it be that your cruisers and BB's with over a 90% win rate are nearly always in a division with a cv?
  4. I had the bad luck last night to face an enemy cv at T8. He had 98 games in it and a win rate over 90%. Avg damage iirc was over 100k. If that doesn't prove that cv's are overpowered I don't know what will. Despite the fact I warned the team, needless to say our dd's were dead in less than 5 minutes and even though we grouped up we still lost very quickly as we had no caps and he still got 4 kills. He carried that team easily. As they stand a unicom cv on enemy team is a loss 90% of the time. Something needs to be done
  5. Which cruiser line should I go for?

    Go German line op, you won't regret it
  6. Hit the nail on the head. in the heat of battle its easier to switch targets than to waste shots on an invisible enemy.
  7. I have tried this mod a few times and tbh I couldn't hit anything hidden in smoke using the X, but this could be just me being a bad shot or the enemy ship actually moved in the smoke. I don't see what all the fuss is about, WG ruled it was ok to use, and as its their game, they have the final say on it. I may be wrong here but reading this thread I get the feeling that some players are against any mods (vanilla is best)
  8. Your Hamster is hungry WG

    2 of my division mates got disconnected at same time last night, but I didn't. Also not sure if related, but at same time our discord started playing up, both of them got really pixelated like there was a huge strain on discord. This always seems to happen after every patch/update
  9. I do on my Roon / Hindi, I take def AA on these instead of Hydro so I use vigilance
  10. If he had to play against other beginners he will never learn the game properly. If he wants to play at high tiers he will have to sink or swim
  11. Propsed CV gameplay chances

  12. In game stuttering?

    Being in port hammers my gpu. Game freezes on countdown to game. Opening missions or profile in port takes ages. WG sort out the basics first before adding patches etc...
  13. I was thinking the same about the xp special but I doubt WG will have one before they withdraw the Missouri
  14. Have we got a date yet for patch 6.2 release? I am not far from the free xp needed but want to make sure I don't miss it