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  1. Nice gesture guys. I'd like to join the lottery. In game name same as forum name
  2. Currently sitting on 70k research points. Was thinking of getting the Slava, but I don't like playing BB's. So, going by this thread, you guys think she's worth it? I am tempted.
  3. jcol

    It's all the range.....

    Ignore, double post
  4. jcol

    It's all the range.....

    It's just an old system of weight and length. 1 foot is 12 inches, 1 inch is 25mm. 1 stone is 14 pounds, 1 pound is 454g. 1 stone is 6 something kg. It's silly in the UK now. roadsigns in miles. In a bar its 1 pint of beer.(568ml) in shops, liquid is usually in ml. Eg. 500 ml can of beer. petrol is in litres. food is in grams, eg. 500g of chicken but burgers etc. are sold in 1/4 pounder or a pound of sausages. It would be so much easier to go all metric instead of the mix of imperial / metric we have now
  5. Think at 1 point I had a 20% win rate in my fletcher even though I thought it was a great DD. I eventually got it up 40% something. Even though I really liked the ship I just couldn't win in it :(
  6. jcol

    could not load system ressources

    Download a gpu benchmark to test your gpu, something like unigine heaven If you can run this with no problems try a cpu benchmark. if this is ok, try a ram test. These are just to rule out any hardware problems that may be present.
  7. jcol

    quite strange - cheater

    Can i ask why do you play tier 10? as by your own words, you dont perform well. You are a top tier BB and if you are that bad, you are a liability to your team
  8. jcol

    PotatoAlert/Match Making Monitor

    I use MMM, but only to check if the enemy cv is any good when i am in a destroyer, i dont check it if no cv in the game
  9. Ooh I need to log in to the game, only had 500k credits last night :)
  10. jcol

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    its just my opinion. Its just too easy for a new player to race to tier X, and not know the game mechanics, especially now where we can load loads more flags. I run matchmaking monitor occasionally and it can be depressing to see the amount of tier X BB's that have average damage in the low 30k range and low 40% win rates.
  11. jcol

    Alpha players

    That was it. Wasn't too sure it was the murmansk. glad you answered, it would have bugged me until I remembered
  12. jcol

    Alpha players

    Was it the murmansk? Can't remember either lol
  13. Not if it has premium stealth cammo