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  1. Same here. Just had a game in a division and after game, no chat available. can't enter another game
  2. I only played her for 10 games but i averaged over 60k damage per game on her. I played her as front line support and she does well in kiting damage while angled, keeping enemy at 12km+ ( i could say this for most cruisers lol)
  3. Better still, as the most powerful ships in the game, don't seem to have citadels, (most t9 and t10 BB's have super low/turtleback) why not remove citadels from cruisers altogether or at least make them smaller? This maybe a little contentious, but DD's dont have them and most high tier BB's are very hard to citadel, so why not cruisers?
  4. I am not in a hurry. If anything I would not mind waiting 1-2 minutes every game if the MM was fixed ie. Max limit of BB's and DD's, radar ship mirroring etc.
  5. Hating this mission so far, I rarely play BB's and don't like being forced to play them. It would have been so much easier for everyone to have at least one CA and DD mission included in this part of the campaign
  6. Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy new year to everyone.
  7. Wondering

    To op, just go on YouTube and search for flamu, flambass, notser and/or panzernacker. Watch their videos and you will learn lots about this game
  8. Can we look at MM in next update?

    I would rather wait 30 to 60 seconds in the queue for better MM than what we have now
  9. My captain got deleted?

    Not sure if this applies here but 'A Commander recruited for a rented ship will have their specialisation changed for the starting ship of the respective nation.' Scroll down to clan battles season 1 to see above https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/the-horn-section/
  10. Containers

    Mostly flags and signals as it's always good to get more of them. I very rarely get a super container (about 2 a year) unlike my division mates who seem to get one every couple of months :(
  11. 2 Free santa boxes

    2 x 10k free xp
  12. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. If I win, please can I have the 1: Roma if available, if not then Lo Yang 2: De Grasse 3: Doubloons
  13. You cant escape KARMA

    Karma is useless only because I have 0 karma
  14. help out a high tier noob...

    Park up your T8 premium ship and play a few hundred games at t5 to t7 before playing high tiers. Play all classes of ships so you know their strengths and weaknesses check out flamu, notser, ichase and mighty jingles on YouTube ichases Captains academy will benefit you