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  1. jcol

    Alpha players

    That was it. Wasn't too sure it was the murmansk. glad you answered, it would have bugged me until I remembered
  2. jcol

    Alpha players

    Was it the murmansk? Can't remember either lol
  3. Not if it has premium stealth cammo
  4. LOL, the way this game development is going, this will be the big thing for patch 10.3
  5. 2 million free xp lol. No ship is worth that imo. Iirc a player can do at least 2 silver lines from tier 1 to 10 and have some free xp left over
  6. jcol

    What do you find anti fun?

    Let me guess, you like to play BB's? How else are cruisers supposed to damage an angled BB? Or are they not allowed to get damage? Same goes for DD's, imo the most unforgiving class in the game to play, pew pewing a BB with mid tier DD guns is a waste of time, so torps the only way to do some decent damage. How will you get damage in your glorious BB if no one is playing cruisers or destroyers? it would be a very dull game then. Edit. Just checked, CV, BB main. what a surprise!!!!!! what would you know about HE spam, when 8 of your most played ships are CV's, you are just hiding at the back with no counter :( Also if you took HE and torpedos from your post and inserted CV's it would be more truthful
  7. jcol

    What do you find anti fun?

    A CV in the game. Whilst playing a DD, you can work around radar / hydro but if a CV wants to kill you, there is very little you can do.
  8. Imo rank means very little to players skill. What I would preferred mirrored or equally distributed is. 1. equal amount of radars per side. 2. With DD's I hate it when my team has a couple of gun boats ie. RU & French DD's when the enemy has all stealthy DD's like IJN, US etc... The gun boat DD's find it very hard to try and take a cap This would be much better to mirror in my humble opinion
  9. jcol

    HE Spam from BB's

    If the enemy BB knows what he is doing and angles, then HE is a viable option. If it's cruisers shooting you with HE then 90% of the time it's there only consistent way of damaging you. The British BB's are another thing entirely, stupid imo to release such strong HE spamming BB's.
  10. jcol

    I'm thinking of sending it to Jingles

    For us on mobile phones and/or cba watching the replay can you give us a clue what happened?
  11. Another complaint from a BB main. Iirc hasn't the Smolensk not much more dpm than a Worcester? Just adapt your game play to suit and keep a closer eye on mini map. And yes I just got the Smolensk, the untimate glass cannon (until next HE spammer gets released)
  12. jcol

    Regrind - Super basis ships in game

    I used no camo's or modules until I reached tier 5. Its just wasn't worth the expense equipping them. I also used some old 3 pointer captains. It's not unusual to see 'naked' ships below tier 5
  13. jcol

    Join Battle bug

    same here
  14. jcol

    Karma/Report - mechanic - discussion

    The karma system is a waste of time. I am currently on 5 which is about average for me. I don't usually use chat in game (unless there is a proper potato on my team) but I tend to be reported. I think it's maybe as I play dd's a lot and I will ignore the requests at beginning of the game to rush to the cap as there are enemy radars.