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    Family, Teaching English, Media and Graphic Design, Smooth Latin Jazz, R & R, Latin Rock etc . PLaying my Bass!
    Understanding how games work!

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  1. Bert_the_Cosh

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    Orlan is the easiest. I thought you wanted a challenge? At least I gave you one jajaja! Good Luck anyway. Was it 50.000 games?
  2. I'm enjoying this no nonsense clan. First for a long time! Thanks Strider66
  3. H Strider. Discord was working fine until I tried to log into your clan a few days ago. Now I just get Error messages??
  4. Fine Strider and thank you. Had wifi problems but looking for you now. Put the word out as I'm not techy savve much. Grab me drag me into anything. I will try and bring a mate with me. We been in WOT around 5 years together he and I. I have t8 Alabama and T8 Ruskie Cruiser. Wyoming BS and working my way up!
  5. Hi, defo a Roger your offer, but I have Discord and about to launch into a game and screw it up! I'm in game so shout me or what ever you do over here ok? A big tnx!! ps. Can I have a big badge like those nautical Italian chaps?, either that of a 99 with 2 flakes right?
  6. Defo fall into the category of old and occasional gas. Newish to WOWS. Have a few ships including tier 8 Premiums. Let me know if we can chat TS3, Discord ugh! Facebook etc? In game name. Bert_the_Cosh I get frustrated realising their is so much to learn, and so would appreciate training if possible? Cheers.
  7. Toxic Chat has to STOP!