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  1. SukhoiSU33FlankerD

    [] wirsinken.de / Hurz Mod-Pack by Juger65

    I have installed this modpack and played Aweil with it and suddenly yesterday after playing 1 clan war battle the game refused to go back to the harbor and after restarting the game it would not load in to the game it seems that the harbor would not loaded at all and when I delete the mods, it all leaded as normal
  2. SukhoiSU33FlankerD

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    WG what do you think that we will play and have the time to play your game day in day out in the Christmas time ??? for a ship that the most of us never get, and I am sure your RNG do anything to make the grind like hell and painfull as possible.
  3. SukhoiSU33FlankerD

    WG Just removed their latest video

    let alone that RNG is screwed you any way possible
  4. SukhoiSU33FlankerD


    WG better give us the PR for free as compensation for ther greed
  5. SukhoiSU33FlankerD

    [ALL] ModStation

    I have win 10 64bit
  6. SukhoiSU33FlankerD

    [ALL] ModStation

    I can select the crosshair tab but when I try to click the other tabs the Mod station is closing without giving a warning,