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  1. Schmidt_zxc

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. Schmidt_zxc

    [Q] API for Clan Battle leagues?

    I was wondering if WG is planning for an API for clan battles leagues? I was imagining an API with leagues and current clan stadings in each league. Information would be updated in maybe 10 minutes intervals? This would enable some rudimentary live clan battle standings during season. Ofc it would be perfect if detailed statistics for each battle for every league ever played was available, but I fear there are not enough hamsters for this task. /Schmidt
  3. Schmidt_zxc

    This is getting out of hand

    And then again we all know the level of toxicity in this game, it's not really a secret. You can ... seasplain it however you like, but it's there. There are many ways for WG to combat this phenomenon, but being a slav company I suspect its a 0-FG situation. Best marketing strategy ever. What comes to the "blaim the victim" -argument, kudos and +1 etc. for everyone who thinks this way. I would like to see what kind of houdini you pull arguing yourself out of this pile of fallacies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallacy
  4. Schmidt_zxc

    Ring Ring

    And please add fireworks and church choir after citadel hits.
  5. Schmidt_zxc

    Cant log in

    I had all of these problems too. So, basically putting a cat and a bunch of hamsters in the engine room is a bad idea?
  6. Schmidt_zxc

    Bismark Last 4 points

    I originally had a traditional secondary build for my Bis captain, but after the meta change (flame throwers & T10 games) I respecced to a compromise captain with FP. Seems to be working better. Can't respec for those yamato APs, though. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000100000000010000010001100100019
  7. Played that next French mission thingy, 13 boxes, no mission. gf.
  8. Schmidt_zxc

    Tier VIII matchmaking

    So, basically gone trough code and methods and revisioned after one dude pointed out an obvious thing. I play also T8 games with my bismarck mostly, but some cruiser games and some DD games. I dont play CV's. Roughtly after 250 games the T8 match ship distribution looks like this: This is how my games looks like. Even if almost every game is a "T10 MM", the actual numbers of ship tiers look like this.
  9. Schmidt_zxc

    Forums Borked

    Hi! Suddendly I have a problem with forums. If I move mouse over any player name a popup opens, instantly. Moving mouse over the right column, where player names appear opens a popup for every single one, instantly and those wont close. Anyone have some usefull tips how to get rid of this feature? Kinda makes browsing forums hard ..
  10. Schmidt_zxc

    Segal's departing

  11. Schmidt_zxc

    What about the Horn?

    There is this: https://www.boat-ed.com/pennsylvania/studyGuide/Communicating-With-Sound-Signals/101039_101039081/ And there is wows. Seems like the proper tactical usage of horns so far is: 1 long horn: Celebratory 2 short horns: "Collision imminent". Answer: 1 short: " acknowledged" Random horns without visual: trolling enemy ships xD. @Negativvv
  12. Schmidt_zxc

    Enough is enough.

    I *cough* assumed I had played about equal number of games with ships in tiers T7 - T10.
  13. Schmidt_zxc

    Enough is enough.

    Well I'll show the data on matches I've played during past 5 months or so and where one or more T8 ships were present: You can see that in the long run about 50% of the ships you meet in battle are higher tier than your T8 ship. In comparison, same graph for matches where one or more T7 ships are present: Yep. Also there are suprisingly many T10 ships meeting T7's, which is odd. So I checked manually a couple of those matches and yeah, Its surprisingly common to have a (single) T7 in a match where T10s are present. King George V vs. Montana or Gneisenau vs. Kürfurst, anyone? I suppose only way this happens is with a fail division, implying those are apparently not that rare.
  14. Schmidt_zxc

    [ARMOR] Recruiting a few casual CB players

    Clan member capacity increased! Looking for a few CBers more.
  15. Played whole "French Addition" mission arc, 12 boxes, no mission. gg.