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  1. {ARMOR] Armor Guns and Torpedoes Odds agains you? Want to try some CB but unicums are raging about assorted vegetables? No worries! No need to call the equalizer, just join [ARMOR] today! We are fairly new, loosely coupled bunch of random dudes. Some of us want to try out Clan Battles, but are lacking the magical 7/30 active members at CB prime. If you wanna try some CB, you're welcome to join our clan! Requirements: Basic level of understanding of written and spoken english. Some level of understanding how the game mechanics works. Able to actually teamplay. Mature attitude. We are not some coolkid7's fanboy club (äxdee, might have a cyno, yes?). Want to believe, to boldly go et cetera. Goals: Clan Battles. A relaxing environment to log in and sink some pixels with fellow captains after <insert-your-reason-here>. Get better. As in winning a game or two maybe once a week. /A
  2. Well, there are all kinds of hollywood wisdoms, like "In Russia, cars drive you" etc. Apparently "in Russia you pay for presents" too .
  3. Apparently marketing boys took over at WG and they decided to ditch the T8 competitive and focus on T10 - model as main income stream. The "monetization of meta" led here; better income stream but the computer game is bad at highest tier. Think about concealment expert and fire change. Combine this with power creep monetization (various GZ tests, uss kidd to name a few). Try playing T6 for a while. Maybe I was lucky, but have had best matches in ages at that tier. Hard core team players outsmarting me one rudder shift at a time .
  4. Hi! I recently had to reinstall google authenticator, which resulted in the loss of all 2fa accounts and codes. Took me a while to figure out how get out of this snag. Maybe WG should: Implement the ability to reset/reinstall 2fa code in a way password reset is done. A new button to click for this task. Under this new feature there could be instructions, 1. How to manually install the 2fa using the previously provided secret code, which you should have somewhere if you previously installed 2fa. Also mention there is a wargaming authenticator app available in the store for free. 2. And if 1. fails, how to contact customer support. cheers /A
  5. Care to elaborate a bit? I don't usually play coops, but this one is actually fun. Especially with free to respec captains.
  6. How do you actually de-select a manual secondary target? If no ship outside your secondary range is visible, thus selectable, monkeys for seamen keep firing with secondaries, thus revealing position in smoke. Making escaping the sticky situation hard. Edit: Disabling AA now disables also secondaries. Monkey seamen can be controlled, if your captain actually read the ships technical manual.
  7. Yep. Just went down and "Server temporarily unavailable".
  8. I encountered a player having clan tag [WG-EU] today in a rankend match, he stated he is actually a developer for WG when a dude asked him. Is this true?
  9. "The service is currently unavailable". gf?
  10. Started a random battle today and the following happened with MM. I absolutely loved it (link to image below). After 5000+ matches this just had that extra flavour to get me fully pumped up. What do you guys think, should there be a new random battle type mode for "hardcore PvP" or "seasoned captains"?
  11. Exactly the same problem as OP described. Tried to fiddle with different carousel filters and settings, but the bug persists. Only restarting client helps.
  12. Im pretty sure WG made a post industrial economy invention/innovation and monetized power creep. Edit: I'm not quite sure about the innovation/invention part, might be just semantics. But you get the idea behind this tought.
  13. 100 "try our luck", 1 super container, 250 flags. 100 "more signals and camos", much better. But no super containers. gf.
  14. Confirmed.