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  1. I encountered a player having clan tag [WG-EU] today in a rankend match, he stated he is actually a developer for WG when a dude asked him. Is this true?
  2. "The service is currently unavailable". gf?
  3. Started a random battle today and the following happened with MM. I absolutely loved it (link to image below). After 5000+ matches this just had that extra flavour to get me fully pumped up. What do you guys think, should there be a new random battle type mode for "hardcore PvP" or "seasoned captains"?
  4. Exactly the same problem as OP described. Tried to fiddle with different carousel filters and settings, but the bug persists. Only restarting client helps.
  5. Im pretty sure WG made a post industrial economy invention/innovation and monetized power creep. Edit: I'm not quite sure about the innovation/invention part, might be just semantics. But you get the idea behind this tought.
  6. 100 "try our luck", 1 super container, 250 flags. 100 "more signals and camos", much better. But no super containers. gf.
  7. Confirmed.