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  1. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    Lo Yang was grossly overated this season in ranked imho. It's a shame wargaming sold her just in time for ranked season. Ranked season was littered with players failing in Lo Yangs thinking they are OP in their newly purchased premium only to be deleted the first 2 minutes of the game. Not to mention people not understanding to play around her Hydro when possible. I did my fair share of failing myself despite being a veteran in Lo Yang with 19 pt captain. Had a horrible season overall, in fact most horrible yet. Only kept grinding to secure myself the USS Black. Not sure I will ever play this format again until they do some changes. It's so boring solo grind and the moment you don't deliver yourself you loose 19 out of 20 times it feels like. You can never count on your teammates to carry the day and maybe that's how it should be but the lack of "fun" factor is all over ranked play. Overall there are to much hydro and radar in the game currently for many occasions making the DDs job very complicated and matchmaker does ofc not take into account which side got all the radar or hydro ships etc making it even worse. So many games where one side got all the Hydro or radar ships making it one-sided from the start. Sure the Lo-Yang can be OP if played properly, not spotted by enemy hydro or radar and not focused down quickly by enemy team etc. But so can any ship. But Lo Yang used to be crap (when I bought it) and it's only in this ranked season the Hydro is this powerful so comparison vs other ranked 8 seasons aren't really interesting since there was no Lo-Yang threat then and Benson ruled supreme. The pure amount of Lo-Yangs made it viable and more fun to play other DDs but if your Lo-Yangs failed you were still screwed.
  2. Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    I am with Flamu here. Defending it's current state is just pathetic no matter what you compare it with. /signed
  3. Best DD for Tier 8 Ranked?

    Lo Yang is really fun to play now, had it from the beginning but not played it regulary. 16-17pt captain. You have roughly 1km+ longer Hydro range over Z23. For contesting caps it's in its own league in tier8. Prior to the buff though it was the opposite, like 1km less range than Z23. The torps are also a lot better now as you could hardly stealth torp with best torps earlier. Guess radar cruisers is the only viable counter in ranked, Chapayev + consumable to prolong radar 40% could be something I suppose. Nothing wrong with Bensons ofc but I would probably take Lo Yang first to dictate the fight and if I was a Benson I'd use RPF for sure so you know when to avoid a bad contact. Get to close and you will be lit by Hydro for quite some time. Ultimately it most often goes down to who has the best backup not which DD manages to screw the other DD. Which team manages to score most hits or even take out the opposing team's spotted DD first.
  4. What`s wrong with RN BB in general?

    Hehehe :) +1 Only thing I dislike so far is the lack of skill required running around HE spamming stuff.
  5. Nice, didn't know about this workaround either. I have had this happening both to manual AA specced captains and manual secondaries on BB captains. Happened to me many times before latest patch. Really annoying. Got me killed more than once due to inability to manually select targets thus AA not kicking in until its to late. Lets hops its gone in 6.3
  6. Potential Cheat for Ranked

    I don't remember the figures but you left RU server out. It had lots of accounts as well. (at least same amount) Also NA and SEA are much lower population so it's not comparable. Compare the percentage instead if you wan't a better analyze.
  7. Potential Cheat for Ranked

    Well there is still a problem whether you choose to ignore it or not, ranked can be manipulated, especially during low pop hours where que and random wait time doesn't always apply. (I don't see this as a big problem though.) Now Mr.Conway more or less says it's ok with above statement which is probably not gonna make this less common. (and ofc it's hard to proof and there is a tiny chance you end up in the same team) So far I have only seen it once and we kicked their [edited]. (3 same clan on other team) It's like counting cards in blackjack but the bank seems to allow it for now. There is a simple long overdue solution. Allow fricken divisions in ranked already. At least 2 man divisions and then let the matchmaker handle division vs division if isn't already in there like in WoT. I don't mind waiting for minutes if that means I can play in division. Rigged division vs division can always be prooved with replays so that's not a big issue, abused que cant be proved however. Not able to division is the single most boring thing with ranked and why I havn't pursued the ultimate price all seasons. That and WG failing to reveal Flint etc early on. Nice bonuses forces you to play, but play with friends is much more fun.
  8. What's your ranked games experience like?

    Nagato delivers, also in on top avg damage slighty before Scharnhorst. Had really good fights and some bad ones to. But the guns deliver, no other BB has a better chance to take out DDs either since the accuracy. Got called a cheater because Nagato dont have accurate guns some DD players said. Shiratsuyu is fun, it somewhat counters the Smoke/HE spam meta. Even with hydro its hard to dodge 16 torps especially since there is always more than 1 boat in the smokes initially. Best was 5 hits and 70k damage at the initial strike pretty much before and shots had been traded. That won that game with many low hps being picked off shortly after. Sims have been disappointing so far, although you do a lot of dirty work which arent really shown statistically. Leningrad have been better than expected for me. Best part yesterday with 4 kills. Was shooting a Fiji retreating in smoke, hit a Sims that had relocated from cap B to A with 500hp and apperantly passed by the Fiji. Ofc I was called a cheater. Sims noob was dead serious. Atlanta have been good for me for some reason to. Noticed many CVs in que and picked Atlanta(AA specced captain) after being demolished(well team got demolished) in a Blyskavisca game by papedipupi. Next game in Atlanta, ended up vs papedipupi again and loss, team split up despite me trying to convince them that CV player will rape you if u go alone. 3rd game, ended up vs papedipupi again (wtf rng) but this time wrecked him and his planes. (favorable map and he was aggressive) 4th time I finally got in his team. I fucked up but shoot a lot of planes down. He carried the team to a win though. Fun evening. Have hardly played Blyska, Scharnhorst or Belfast though. Guess I will take em out more.
  9. Ranked S6 choice

    Your choice of BB is not gonna determine the outcome anyway so you can discuss this to eternity. It's how you use it and how much help you get from your team and how much you manage to help them. Colorado is a bit underestimated as well I think. Biggest issue is slow speed though meaning it will be harder to dictate fights and reach cap points in time at late game etc. But pick the one you play best in. I for one will try a lot of different ships but when it comes to BBs I recently started playing Nagato with a new captain (11-12 pts captain or so) and I enjoy it a lot. So I will probably try her out a lot initially. Only other option I have is Scharnhorst but its really not a bad option imo. I play everything but CV in ranked. Depends on my mood and how the current que/meta looks like.
  10. So what is Hatsuharu supposed to be ?

    Dunno what you guys are smoking, new Hatsuharu is awesome in Tier6 and I do better than in the Yugumo. Yugomo is still horrible compared to the Fletcher. You can't pick torpedo reload boost cause without smoke you seriously hurt your survivability so it balances nothing. The whole ship feels and handles like a whale compared to the nimble old Kagero. Anyway back to Hatsu... Good concealment, 10km torps, ok guns, decent speed in tier 6. Nothing to complain about and didn't WG say there is no such thing as a torpedo tree and a gun boat tree anyway? Don't matter, the ship is more than fine in tier6. Call her what you like, I think Hatsu is very versatile now. Hatsuharu VI 9 66.67% 2 665 61 893 1 0.78 Yūgumo IX 8 37.5% 2 066 60 814 1.38 0.38
  11. Shimakaze - F3 Is My New Standard

    Yeah I love speedy torps to. I am even tempted to specc TA just to troll with 81 knots torps in the Kagero once or twice. Expensive trolling though. But I wanna see them missiles in the water
  12. There is definately room for improvement in ranked battle. It's just a grind now mostly and I longed for random battles again. Ranked is both fun and frustrating. Hitting rank 1 was a relief. I did my share of bad battles (more than ever in ranked) so I don't complain but ranked battles should empathise indiviual performance more. They can introduce team battles again for those who want to focus on team performance. There is no easy solution though, if we shift towards only individual performance then people will focus on getting XP and not helping the teammates with smokescreens etc. So more a mix of both than currently at least. The challenge lies in distribution of XP in a fair manner. As it is now there is always easier in some classes, DDs for example can often utilize stealing caps although it's less XP now than before. Playing mostly cruisers this season I often ended up on 2nd place on the loosing side due to some DD solo capping the undefended cap when battle was already lost. Not uncommon that some BB ended up on top either. No wonder most players use Benson and Bismark and there is no blame, strong performers in this meta. CAs need to make a really good game to end up on top xp wise. It happed alot of course but it took hard work.
  13. Royal Navy CL captain skills

    Would be fun to try troll spec with full secondary. 7,6km range on them, flag + 20% dispersion mod + 60% dispersion captain skill instead of CE. Sit in smoke and spam HE every 2.6 seconds while your AP reloads ;) Fun but rarely useful probably
  14. Edinburgh for Ranked

    Did acually try it yesterday in ranked as I researched it and elited it. Had one good game with 3 kills and one bad game but the bad game was one of the worst teams so far so wasn't so much about my choice of ship. They all just did the wrong choices and died like flies and within 3 minutes we were 3 ships down. You know what I mean, we all get those teams. 30sec radar is the trumphcard vs DDs and the fast reload and good AP rounds. With CE your detection range is 9km which is the same range as the radar. Competetive? Yet to see. In theory at least it should be worse, it's more map dependent than Chapayev since you are so vulnerable. You need islands to make use of your radar and supprise those DDs on cap and also be able to torp anyone coming around the corner. And of course angeling against you hampers your DPM.
  15. Lo Yang

    Tried it yesterday. In random I had great fun with it. Deleted some North Carolina etc and did 140k first game. Helluva difference in torp damage with short range. In ranked though, despite winning 3 out of 4 I didn't really perform much. Did the boring job though and played safe and the team won. I had a horrible rank day overall though. (Insta died early several times.) Bit early to say how useful it is. Guess i'll try some more. With so many DDs it's kinda hard to get the most out of the Hydro I guess depending on what you think is good. I think 3 out 4 games was with 3 DDs each team. The Hydro is most fun to use when you know that there is an enemy hiding and he is alone. It is useful though in the initial fight at the cap to light up the first soup of torps in a DD heavy matchup. I guess Lo Yang makes most sense with many DDs around though as those are you primary target. You aren't able to stealth torp from long ranges with the same efficiancy as Fubuki and Benson. I did manage to kill off a Bismark who was killing a friendly BB yesterday with 2-3 torps but I yolo:ed him and torped from 4km and was lucky I survived.