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  1. rafisk

    Warpack is in wows!

    Had a huge game on my Yubari last week and was called a cheater twice ... I ended my WOWS career right there
  2. Yup, it is. Some people claim that using a VPN fixes the problem, any one tried that?
  3. Ain't this almost cheating? I mean... kinda feels like it. I'll be using it tho
  4. So aparently the new MM is going to be released soon. Found that the server is going to be restarted tomorrow and there's a patch for WOWS portal as well. Meanwhile on Asia portal Link: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/maintenance-announcement-20150915/ Cheers Edit: Grammar
  5. rafisk


    Here's my 3cents about this.... Separate turret control - It would break the game, what's the point of having a full broadside of AP/HE when you can have 50/50? example: 6 fuso's guns with AP and the rest with HE. So removing the current ammo sistem inbalences the game! Radar - Already ingame? Secondary armament control - I think It was ingame on Alpha, but they abandoned the idea. Torpedo failure rate / gun jamming - More RNG doens't make the game better, It's the other way around. Plus It would bring too much whine. safety protocols override - Don't see why not, It would have to be a consumable or some sort. Cheers
  6. rafisk

    If you want a laugh go read US forum :)

    I wouldn't be so surprised tbh, hot-head people tend to do stupid things and not worrying about the outcomes. WGNA sure needs to put a huge bandade or they'll start losing money...cuz you know.... NA is probably the primary market for WoWs and after this all the consumer thrust is gone (economics 1.0.X, consumer thrust is one of the keys for a long sucessful company).
  7. rafisk

    If you want a laugh go read US forum :)

    That's because everyone's sleeping
  8. rafisk

    If you want a laugh go read US forum :)

    As much I want to say that this whole thing is "fun" and we should laugh at our fellow american players @NA server... it's not and we shouldn't! No one likes to be scammed/being victim of a fraud and for those who have been a victim know the feeling, WG has to come forward, apologise (which they did!) and give the premium content to reduce the PR hit.
  9. rafisk

    0.4.0 tier 3 cruiser skill

    ^ +1 Captain_Edwards! Superintended is the way to go on BBs and Cruisers. 1 more consumable on an almost finished game can really save your a** againt a CV(AA barrage) or a DD (sonar) and 1 more health refill is definitely a plus. Now on DDs... Superintended... that's a nobainer there. Cvs... Dogfighting Expert not really a nobrainer, more like the other 3 skills won't be as usefull as they are on other classes. To finish, Superintended seems to be the most viable tier 3 skill ATM.
  10. DDs just to fire up my day
  11. Warspite feels alot more comfortable to play with the increase range... definitely a plus on that end. Although as Deckeru_Maiku said sniping CVs is alot more easy than before just because they think they are "safe". IMO this is good as it makes CVs capts. relocating more instead of just seating in one place. (As if CV capts. didn't have anything more to worry about)
  12. rafisk

    Kongo free upgrades

    Yup, I saw that as well. Don't get me wrong...I like free stuff Plus the FCS on Fuso have the max range wrong (~15 km instead of ~21km)
  13. rafisk

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Gun fire control systems on fuso are bugged. The max range showed is not the real max range, Pics: The same happens on the stock gun fire control system Edit: Gramar check.