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  1. Are you trying to say an event it HARDER in another region then EU? Be quiet, WG might hear you and decide we need steeper requirements in future!!!!
  2. Is it me or is there a typo in the last mission. IIRC it states place in top 5 and play 3 games. It really means place in top 5 and WIN 3 games.
  3. I've personally never understood it, if a game patches I want to know why the hell I can't play now... so I read the patch notes. I do agree however, on first login after a patch a what's new pop up / infomational screen would at least stop some of the OMG HAX threads. Personally, so far I like the changes, got caught out in my Edinborough once by it, however I can't complain, it actually seemed to encourage the BB to push into me. (Yes a BB pushing...)
  4. I don't think you can limit this to just BB's I've seen all classes played poorly, sometimes even all in the same game. The DD's who sail further from the caps than BB's (forgiving Trashcans to an extent but I'm seeing more and more Shimas doing this.) The CL/CA's who still don't know their torp ranges and fire them into caps that are being contested from 2nd / 3rd line. The CV's who still don't know how to strafe, or who's idea of spotting DD's is to just ping the map. Don't get me started on those who play as airfields and forget they can actually move. I have to admit I do enjoy a bit of bot bashing every now and then though, had have to agree, the BB's have sick beats...
  5. Same I've unlocked two already, should have the rest by end of the weekend tops
  6. Confirmation of event times (14th to 28th) and rewards per achievement being per 24hrs
  7. The when you look at the reward in game it specifies that it is only given once every 24h, just like some flags. The statement is misleading, it should read. " An achievement can be earned several times per day, but the reward will be issued only for the first time you earn this achievement each day!"
  8. Agreed used to be a huge problem in Navyfield, one person would not ready up and then jump around the starting possitions to make it very hard for the host to kick them from the room. Your afkers in WOWS are mostly those either running the game on slow machines and are literally loading after the game has begun, or are those who have crashed during load. Its nowhere near as bad as it was in the early days, where you practically needed an SSD to load before the game began, even on a decent rig.
  9. Of course, I bought this at full price 2 days before they announced the sales...
  10. Last time I was accused of using an aim bot it was for hitting a Shinyhorse will all 6 barrels several times in my aoba... said Shiny... was reversing broadside on at the time... clearly hax right.
  11. I played the A hull was what killed the line for me at the time looking back i did do about 50% of the grind post buff ... however I did manage the A hull Fuso pre-buff in mostly t7-8 games i might add...
  12. At first thats what I thought (Colorado), then I started to play her at sub 15 km ranges, suddenly she started to do better. The problem she has is she is not really fast enough to brawl like that consistantly. All in all I've had worse grinds.
  13. So its not just me, I was thinking I was playing it wrong... there goes my next batch of free xp.
  14. You shadow them, not sail with them, anything that can detect me would need to be almost point blank with the rest of the fleet. As a rough guide I try to stay about a cap width and a half behind the push, if it looks like it will collapse I have time to turn away. Has the added benefit of reducing the flight time to and from strikes.
  15. For a long time I used to start everygame with a CV with a line something like. "CV please don't be an airfield, move with the fleet." Then I gave up, personally the first thing I do in my CV is to start shadowing the BB/CLs with the best AA. Just makes sense, it possible for some late game caps in those close domination games.