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  1. Agreed used to be a huge problem in Navyfield, one person would not ready up and then jump around the starting possitions to make it very hard for the host to kick them from the room. Your afkers in WOWS are mostly those either running the game on slow machines and are literally loading after the game has begun, or are those who have crashed during load. Its nowhere near as bad as it was in the early days, where you practically needed an SSD to load before the game began, even on a decent rig.
  2. Of course, I bought this at full price 2 days before they announced the sales...
  3. Last time I was accused of using an aim bot it was for hitting a Shinyhorse will all 6 barrels several times in my aoba... said Shiny... was reversing broadside on at the time... clearly hax right.
  4. I played the A hull was what killed the line for me at the time looking back i did do about 50% of the grind post buff ... however I did manage the A hull Fuso pre-buff in mostly t7-8 games i might add...
  5. At first thats what I thought (Colorado), then I started to play her at sub 15 km ranges, suddenly she started to do better. The problem she has is she is not really fast enough to brawl like that consistantly. All in all I've had worse grinds.
  6. So its not just me, I was thinking I was playing it wrong... there goes my next batch of free xp.
  7. You shadow them, not sail with them, anything that can detect me would need to be almost point blank with the rest of the fleet. As a rough guide I try to stay about a cap width and a half behind the push, if it looks like it will collapse I have time to turn away. Has the added benefit of reducing the flight time to and from strikes.
  8. For a long time I used to start everygame with a CV with a line something like. "CV please don't be an airfield, move with the fleet." Then I gave up, personally the first thing I do in my CV is to start shadowing the BB/CLs with the best AA. Just makes sense, it possible for some late game caps in those close domination games.
  9. I still want night fights... watching the light blooms of all those guns going off all over the map... would look wonderful.
  10. Would buy the camo for doubloons, already own the ship, however given the choice is effectively the camo or 2k doubloons, I'll be taking the doubloons option with the coins.
  11. The difference there is that everyone is invested in the game. ie they have payed to play, unfortunatly every free to play game suffers from these forms of trolls and general idiots who think its acceptable to hurl this virtol around the internet, and since its free to play will simply make another account if one is banned.
  12. My money is he was up tiered and had his first encounter with radar, or as it has already been pointed out, another DD with a better camo rating.
  13. I seem to remember playing a PVE mode on the test server a long time ago, you had to defend a series of two or three zones near your spawn against 2-3 times the number of bots who came at you in two waves. Was brutal, not sure what happened to it however as it never resurfaced. If PVE became more like that then I would certainly play more of it and it would justify an increased reward. As it stands now PVE is just too easy to justify increased rewards, otherwise it would become the defacto game mode for most people. There is a certain other tank game that I won't name, that has decent PVE that is rewarding enough for most, what has happened is that no-one pretty much plays PVP there now as its just easier to grind in PVE. Not something I'm keen to see happen here.
  14. A t6 cruiser to a t7 bb to be precise. Still nothing wrong with the Spee, although is it just me or is it made of dry tinder? seems to catch fire if a HE shell even comes near it.
  15. Its the same every season, the worst players are clustered at the safe points of the line, as soon as you get a few ranks above the safe zone it gets a lot better. I'm 40 games in now and now 1/4 through rank 10, saw a huge shift in the quality of play after I hit 10. During this mornings play, I kept seeing the same names at rank 15 derping about, while those of us who were playing effectively were progressing steady. So far I've only lost maybe 6 stars. Hate to say it but the worst time to play ranked is right at the start and towards the end. At the start everyone is playing good and bad alike. At the end only the bad are left... Made the mistake of not playing until late in season 4 and suffered because of it. (Starting at 20 this season wasn't fun)