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  1. Xeyco

    Finished PR today for 14k dubs

    Im aswell at 36 out of 36 with 2 booster bought but i will do one more booster to be save... not that wg counter is wrong in the end and im stuck right bevor it finish aka 35 and 90% or so
  2. Waste of money for me if i have a look at whats comin in the next patch and in the future (aka submarines)
  3. Xeyco

    Tier 6 ship from PTS autumn season

    Good question...
  4. Thats his "Press account" he gets every ship for free to show it. And yes the BB dispersion makes this ship worse than the Alaska even with +1 turret
  5. hmm would be nice to know how much that fixed boost amount will be. Lets hope they will show it after the patch so ppl can consider that in there calculations
  6. What confuses me is this: "The building process will continue automatically only until January 13, but the Dockyard will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.9.0. This means that you’ll still be able to complete the cruiser by using doubloons or Shipbuilding Points, the latter of which are granted immediately after activating boosters." Does that mean that a booster i activate after Jan. 13 will give me the full points it would have generated over the entire time?
  7. So sieht es aus wenn das mit 8.7 kommt ist ab dem Tag Schluß... nochmal der grind... nein danke!