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  1. WTF?NO! recruits! - Hate the meta of waiting and camping? - Don't want to be the only ship at the frontline getting pushed around by the "pro´s" while they hang back ironing their dresses behind an island? - You want to tell people "WTF?NO!"-'I want to hear my secondarys thundering!' Well here we are! We are not "pro" like. We play an honest game and want others to share in the fun of warships. We play team oriantated, but understand everyone has a real life, so we push no one into a schedule. If you enjoy some good hearted banter and want to be part of our pack, apply in game! Simply write "WTFNO" into clansearch, leave a PM or just reply! Join our clan, become a member of our clan battle core team, battle with us! Hone your skills as we force our way into enemy territory! Minimum criteria (pref): - +1500 battles or one full grown (not stock) tier 9 ship. - +50% win/loss ratio - average K/D of 0.8 - basic knowledge of communicating in english (main clan language) - We are also willing to take on an apprentice or two who does not meet the above criteria but has a good fun mindset. We check every application personally so just apply and we will decide! We offer: - Discord channel (not a must for daily use but for clan battles reasonable) - A friendly clan which likes to go berserk and attack. - Player´s who share their knowledge and love about warships of a past era. P.s.: Test us! Love us! or say: "WTF?NO! wtf?no!