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  1. tfioi

    Why so bad winrate in randoms?

    RNG m8. Sometimes you just can not carry no matter what and with little number of games you can have just a losing streak. Chin up and you can get better WR
  2. tfioi

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    The "facts" stated here are only "too many BB's". Which is true if you compare how many battles were done in BB's compared to any other class. And I never denied it "battleships largest source of damage received comes from AP shells (42% – 45.6%)". Tho they did not name the source of that damage so far as I've seen or remember. Would want to see that also. What sticks out to me is AVG dmg in tier X battles where Yamato and Ze German have 10-20k more DMG than other classes overall. Does this mean that limiting the numbers of them will change anything? Dunno, and without a test or what not, you can not know either, cause this data shows the current state not to be state. (Also note that best WR ship is not a BB but a DD) And do realize that I am not defending any stand point, I just want some data before someone yells out what to do blindly. If limiting BB's will allow me to play more aggressive, then so be it, I do not mind. But somehow I have a personal hunch that it's not that easy. From my perspective, the game is off balance by sheer difference in game play, numbers (such as dispersion, fire rate, mobility, HP and....). Tweaking those so that no matter what numbers of ship type there are, game remains playable, fun and challenging. (example, having a DD less is a huge draw back for a team from start on...)
  3. tfioi

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    Question comes to mind, so you guys mention that cutting the number of BB's would solve the problem right? But what would that actually change? From my perspective it would make BB's camp even harder cause now there are more things on average that are spamming you constantly. Now you have BB's that camp even more and DD's that get deleted if CA's rule the sea. This reminds me of an old thread just as the game came out of beta about something like this where someone actually wanted BB's to get removed xD Changes would need to be more in-depth if the things are that bad as you say they are.
  4. tfioi

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    Whats with all the hate on BB's? Starting with some known streamers (who 99% of the time are in division and have smoke, guess who that is ). In current 30second reload pray and spray BB mechanic how do you want them to play else? As far as I know BB's get accuracy buff at <3km. Which is hilarious since most ships have torpedo's and even if they did not, scoring a pen/citadel is a dream. I love playing BB's, and would love to play them aggressively. But without your team who are willing to actually play with you, it's a dream, nothing but a dream. You go in, as soon as your DD's CA/CL see reds they turn around a kite. Cool for them since they can turn that fast and use stealth, but for you who can not, it's GG WP. Fire Fire Fire Folds. > That summons my attempts to play more engaging way. I get used as a target practice while my team scatters away and builds up dmg for them selves. Have to admit, good games do happen. But maybe at best one per day. Other times I am actually forced to pray to RNGezus around 14-20km range cause anything closer and I just burn down to focus fire without any way to get out since, well, turning circle and that juicy citadel that shows when you try and flee. Also, from what tier 8? from 9 sure even CL/CA have ~19km range. And unless they are RN CA they pretty damn use it. Short story. The game needs changes if you want more head in game play. Currently without a division and some players who can follow you it's simple suicide. Thats why most ppl just farm dmg from long range. ~~Too bad I did not save today replay. My team ignored shima around 10km from me who constantly tried to torp me, then they proceed to call me out for running away from the damn DD. And by ignore I mean they passed him and let him be in a cap while they chased down enemy BB's and CA's. I've just shot at stuff, still 2nd on team even tho they cried like hell...
  5. Hey folks, I am interested in joining your clan (actually, I've already sent you folks ingame request =P) I am searching for a small friendly clan to join divisions and play when my RL allows me to do so. Do not have too many free days or hours to spend, but I do have a tier X ship (another soon). For anymore questions pm me or catch me in game
  6. tfioi

    Server down / problems?

    Someone overshot and citadel'd the server Q_Q!
  7. tfioi

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    The system in WoT is not rigged in any way. In WoWS it will get rigged so you wont get in high tiers or low tiers too much in a row, cause you know Q_Q'ers like someone here. And you give your self too much of a importance, specially talking about ONLY 20 games.
  8. tfioi

    Do battleships need aim assist for long-range shots? Poll.

    Whats wrong with missing? I am pretty sure we all singed here for naval fighting. As such we should be aware that 'hitting' is rare and that games tend to be more sluggish overall.
  9. tfioi

    Just why...

    There should be team play in this game to even have morale . Cause team morale is what you have when playing as such Also I never said I was not responsible But calling someone bot and reporting while doing nothing was too damn funny and irritating at the same time. EDIT: I mean, carrying one player for when he has problems should not be such a big deal xD
  10. tfioi

    Aiming behind islands

    Well then I have not faced such problems. Cause every time my shells have hit some land mass, it was cause the gun arc would not allow it. And ofc time to time it happened cause just as I was about too shoot, enemy ships went invisible aka out of spotting distance of our ships making my salvos land where I aimed them....the poor islands
  11. tfioi

    Just why...

    It was the 1st thing I checked, no active DL/UP. All my clients closed, nothing running in the background. And I do not jump for a "quick game" in my BB's. Cause I freakin love them O_O!
  12. tfioi

    Just why...

    Comprehensive reading is not a strong point on this forum, so don't bother xD So the games where you lose top tier ship at start you should just forfeit? Did not get that memo when I am not top tier, thnx tho, now I know ! Talking about team oriented game, I don't see our cruiser doing their support role in such case at all. And for the 1st sentence, do try and read before you reply. Not having a CV is no excuse. FIY the 1st wave of planes went directly on me. The CV player in this case was not particularly skilled, cause he missed everything on someone who can't maneuver properly. Which again does reflect on my team as whole. With me being there, I could have maybe landed more shots, but cough again. Landed 3 shots (all 3 on the dead ships). Even with and CV advantage, this was just bad, horrible. Then I do wish for the following, anyone else who comes here, ignoring the fact that I had horrible lag, unplayable conditions. To exactly say how my afkness lost us this game? Before someone attempts this. Explain how no one did % dmg to other ships. Cause exp is gained trough %dmg done. /Entertain me
  13. tfioi

    Aiming behind islands

    Since I do not own a Warspite, I do not know his firing arc. Still... You can not lob every shot. It depends on the range, gun arc, distance of the enemy ship to the island you are trying to lob over. Example, Atlanta, Cleavland, DM, USN DD's, they all have an easier job of shooting behind island because of their high gun arc. On other hand BB's in general have a hard time on mid to short distances and especially when a target is too close to the island. This is not an simulation, this is an arcade. Feature such as semi charge, extra charge does not exist. That's why you can not change your gun arc to shoot over in every given situation. Just be happy that there is such a feature that lets you aim at something behind an obstacle.
  14. tfioi

    Just why...

    pls do xD!
  15. tfioi

    Just why...

    Logged in to play for 1st wins. Had horrible lag (400ms-500ms), was literally standing still for 10sec at a time. Can't aim or hit anything. Then I did something that my team nor enemy team did not like. Diner was ready and I used auto pilot and just went to eat. Yes, I went AFK. And I felt sorry, but unplayable conditions and I did apologize in advance. After 5min I came back, on 30%HP with all of the alive enemy ships on me. Seeing chat that they calling me bot (tho I wrote in all chat that I have lag and that I'll rather eat), then again I did go afk so ok, I dont mind that they all scream report report report. Then when they kileld me in next 10sec the result screen came..... What in pray tell was my team doing the whole game? I fired 3 salvos!! 3 shots landed... Why is there not an option to report back everyone who did worse than you cause they are for sure bots more than me.... /END QQ just irritated