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  1. Balin333

    AlaskaB or MassachusettsB/AsashioB ?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Looks like I will just buy the Massa and get working on that free xp. I might put the savings to that black friday Massa captain you can get.
  2. I was planning buying Alaska for Black Friday but dissapointent to see only -15% . It really is more tempting to get Massa and Asashio for roughly the same price. However these are all very different ships and I would be grateful if anyone who has played them especially the Alaska could let me know what they would do. I do have 698k free xp so I could wait until a million and get Alaska then but at the rate I collect it that would probably be over a year. Ps I have all the others apart from Zepplin which I dont want.
  3. Balin333

    Joan of arc camo

    Hi I am thinking of buying the Gascogne with my 30% off coupon even though there may be better ships out there. I really want the joan of arc camo. Would I still be able to buy the camo or is it long gone?
  4. Balin333

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    The Nikoli had only 2 players and 29 games wow real game breaker certainly worth alot of effort.
  5. Balin333

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Mr Conway if notser or ichase review GC at lvl 6 and tell us its meh or just another tier 6 will you be happy? and do you think all the people who payed money for it originaly would still do so?
  6. Balin333

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I have never criticised WG before but this is a bad idea. I know some people dislike those who buy premium ships but those purchases and future purchases must help keep the game I and others like going. If WG are going to say they can at a later date nerf any premium they like (because we all know GC is not the only strong premium ship indeed I would say not the strongest) why would I or anyone else pay money knowing the ship could be totaly changed at any time. If they had/do offer a money refund then fine its diappointing but no loss, but to offer a devalued currency you have to spend ingame is cinical at best. Oh look theres a new premium ship with great reviews by noster lets spend £30 on it ....oh but hang on.
  7. Balin333

    Jean Bart Maid of Orleans Camo

    I agree. Would love to buy Maid of Orleans for Jean Bart
  8. Balin333

    Jean Bart detonation

    Hi I was just detonated from almost full health in my fifth game in the Jean Bart. In over 3000 battles I never had a BB go like that. Was I just unlucky or do I need to use detonation flags on her? Is the Jean Bart more vulnerable than other BBs? It was a Musashi that hit me. Many thanks.
  9. Balin333

    Yubari trajectory

    Yes I did. It may be that. But would it effect the shots at the 'old range distance' as well? Rather wish I had not taken the skill but thanks for the advice.
  10. Balin333

    Yubari trajectory

    Have been really enjoying my Yubari recently but last night it suddenly seemed her shot trajectory was going much higher and taking far longer to reach target ( a bit like some of the german cruisers :-( ) Dont know if it happened in patch or if im imagining it anyone else noticed?