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    History and Anime are my 2 biggest interests at the moment, next to gaming of course.
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  1. 7 spots left! For those interested we finally constructed the Battleship dock for -10% service cost for Battleships!
  2. Only 8 spots left (and shrinking)
  3. Still plenty of spots open for people who are interested!
  4. Good clan tag. Pravda approves.
  5. Still 8 spots open for our clan. Interested in anime? Join our discord! Members from other clans and non-affiliated players are welcome too!
  6. Looking for a clan with Clan Wars ambitions? Look no further! Join our discord today!
  7. 10 open spots, grab 'em while they are still hot!
  8. 11 Open spots at the moment!
  9. At the moment we have one open spot! Are you an active player and like anime? Don't hesitate and join our discord to apply!
  10. Join our discord now and be claimed by the gulag... eeeeeeh, I meant our nice summer holiday retreat! Join our discord here!:
  11. Hello! A lot has changed since the last update. First off I am now commander of Pravda Kantai because our previous commander has less time now to play the game. Secondly I changed my name from GenrMcAuliffe1 to Nishikino__Maki because it's easier to write and nobody knows General McAuliffe anyway. And thirdly, thanks to the removal of inactive members and the soon to be clan expansion (30 to 40 members) we are short on people. We are looking for active players, preferably also some who want to join clan battles (and those who love anime of course) If you are interested, please join our discord!
  12. I would pay 10 euros for 20 of them but 12 euros for 5? Does Wargaming realise I want to spend time with my family instead of working r/sarcasm
  13. Its the first time I've seen WG at facts so I dont know how they will do it. I've done it 2 years in a row and I really enjoy it, will definitely go this year too. Gonna go on Saturday, in the matter of fact I've got my ticket already too.
  14. So we've been looking into getting a second clan and want to rename a unused clan, how much dubloons does it cost to do this? Renaming both the clanname and the tag.
  15. HYPE! Our clan expanded to NA!