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  1. HYPE! Our clan expanded to NA!
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  3. I still stand my course that all BB should be mutually deletable from close range, no matter what their "intended course" is.
  4. The problem is I'm absolutely not a fan of situations where a non-skilled player can kill a skilled player in close quarters combat just because the ship he is driving has no weakness. But your mid-range solution might be fine, I just dont want to get in this situation anymore. F.e. I'm in my Yamato (in my opinion probably the worst BB at the moment) with a broadside GK at 11 KM. I put 6 salvos in him, doing 10 K damage each. He finally gets the angle on my bow (Yamatos citadel is extremely easy to hit since angling actually flattens out your bow citadel) and basically deletes me, I end up with 10K hp, the guy is still over half HP, while I have been making every right move I could make while he gave me full broadside for 3 minutes at mid range. If you ask me, this is just retarded.
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  6. This anime will probably get in my top 5 of all time.
  7. I don't agree on sparing the German BBs at all, their citadel should be just as easy to hit as the others, and the brawling speciality should come from their secondaries, manoeuvrability and turret rotation, not preventing deletion.
  8. tfw the thread you started is still alive but you didn't notice because you had to study for months.
  9. "punished" in a yamato you get deleted
  10. have fun!
  11. bet you didnt expect the ending of epi 1 =)
  12. So as a BB main this has been one of the biggest pet peeves I've had with the game since the introduction of the German BB line, which is this apparent meta of ship development that makes BBs immune to citadel damage (mostly by lowering the citadels or giving them turtleback armour). I have no clue why WG would add such a mechanic because it takes out a lot of skill out of BB v BB combat, because you remove a big source of damage and make angling almost redundant. While it is true that angling limits the amount of damage you take by quite a lot, it is still incredibly annoying someone can sail broadside to you for 5 minutes straight without really getting punished for it. This made BB vs BB fights just big, drawn out, slugfests. My question is a combination of a few: Why did the WG dev team take this design step? Is there a possibility WG is looking back to the days where Battleship citadels were still RELIABLY hitable, thinking about raising the citadels again? The one Battleship that still resembles those days is the Yamato, while bow in she can be amazingly strong, once you get her citadel, even under an angle,she is incredibly easy to kill. This makes for interesting brawls if a Yamato encounters a different Yamato but vs anything else it will probably end very badly for the Yamato player. (This is not a "BUF YAMATO" thread, I would really like to see the game for Battleships go back to the days where you needed at least a bit of skill to angle and not to show broadside) If you don't believe I'm a BB main you can just go wows-numbers or similar stat sites, I think it will become clear that I am. :)
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  14. Our clan discord holds Anime rewatches too! At the moment we are busy rewatching Girls und Panzer! Even if you don't want to join our clan we will not turn down a friendly chat! While you are deciding listen to this song, I recently found it on reddit and I think it's a really good song. Sang by the voice actress of Maho Nishizumi!
  15. you wont regret it!