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  1. I appreciate you giving your opinion but I liked the anime a lot myself. I'm not a big reader and tend to avoid manga just like @txtspeak because I get like no satisfaction from reading stills. In general I rate anime quite highly as long as they dont bore me like the hatefull 8 (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu) or ReZero a little over halfway the season, both of which I dropped because they bore me out.
  2. It adds a comedic element tho
  3. I guess you mean Rory, she is badass tho. I really recommend you doing so, I saw a review about it a few months ago and the reviewer didnt like it, so I put it on hold. Biggest mistake I've made.
  4. Seriously this show is really good if you like military anime. The base concept is the Japanese self defence force fighting fantasy armies. (mostly Roman like soldiers) together with quite some political intrigue. The combat is really epic. I give this show a 10/10, it didnt bore me for a second. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri is the official name (Gate: Thus the JSDF fought here).
  5. You are indeed always welcome on our discord, even if you join a different clan people are always up for divisions (or just there for the kancolle pictures hehe) Here is a link if you want to come and chat @deadly_if_swallowed thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Yes, as the article stated the Kongo was built in GB. I'm also a weeb and Kongo (from Kantai Collection) speaks with certain English words because she was constructed there.
  7. No problem :)
  8. This is an article I used for a paper about the Rise and fall of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1854-1945) I wrote for my course Japanese history at uni. The article is about help from foreign nations (in this article they focus on Britain) in modernising the Japanese Navy. It's a very interesting read in my opinion. Link to the article: P.s.: I ended up with 23/25 on my paper :D
  9. Tier VIII ranked has been the best of all ranked seasons, don't like tier VI so I will just not play ranked this season.
  10. We are still recruiting people for our competitive clan [TSUN] Our normal clan [PRAVD] is also still recruiting but we employ a queue for that (thanks to 30-member limit) Please join this link if you are interested! -> Discord link (If you are not into anime its best that you don't since we are based around it) This picture is totally not for bribing people to join.
  11. Still waiting WG, still waiting. Is it so hard to just launch every ship on the same day on every server? I'm literally throwing money at my screen now. WG PLS.
  12. So the Asian wows site mentions a release date for tha HSF ships on the 30th of June, aka tomorow. NA and EU are suspiciously quiet though. Are we going to see a release of these ships on the same date or do we have to wait? I got this coupon for 10% off for playing the game for 2 years, its only valid for 6 days though, if they get released after, I'm going to reeeee quite hard. So, any news about the date?
  13. ye I was thinking they were normal premiums too, thanks for confirming.
  14. This new forum layout is gonna require some getting used to.


  15. ooc: I dont know where the rest is, we could also just rp on that discord server we share