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    History and Anime are my 2 biggest interests at the moment, next to gaming of course.

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  1. Do to unfortunate recent events, we have lost a Dave. If your name is Dave, please do come and join us. We always need more Daves! May Dave be with you.
  2. You need a poem. To really show'em. That we are the best clan. Frying pan.
  3. You must do it way more poeticly Vinz. 2/10, lack of stylepoints
  4. For more super very well made songs, which totally aren't ripped of of good artists, please join the discord! https://discord.gg/wenbqq9 (We also play warships sometimes)
  5. Hello? Is it a clan you are looking for? We can see it in your eyes. We can see it in your smile. You are all we ever wanted, and our arms are open wide. 'Cause you know just how to play. And you know just what to do. And we want to tell you so much, join, please do. Discord -> https://discord.gg/wenbqq9
  6. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    GFC 2 I would say is a decent pick since Kurfurst does lack some range, although I can work with that and like dpm more. For the Enhanced Main Armaments, I think it cripples Kurfurst too much. You gain reload but not that much compared to reload module, secondary reload is pretty useless and you cripple your range to 18.9 km on a tier X battleship, which isnt anywhere close to being enough for a BB that is spotted from space.
  7. Yep. Click on our discord link if you want to join :)
  8. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    On Bismarck even full secondary spec could work. But Freddy and Grosser Kurfurst really need the tankiness since they are a lot bigger.
  9. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    As I said on the other post, its easy to aim but its inconsistent. (although having 12 guns makes up for that compared to the 9 on yamato)
  10. I wanna bump bump bump this topic yo, we are gonna bump it up before we take it slow. OP let me bump you bump you like a rodeo. (It's gonna be a bumpy ride)
  11. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    GK is easier to aim since it has high shell velocity but its generally considered a shotgun. Fusou is actually a pretty nice ship so its a bit weird you dropped it there. Hope youll have fun in your musashi :)
  12. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    GK is the most tanky of all BBs but Yamato has the better guns. (once you get them on target)
  13. Fiery_Kathy

    My short guide to "how to play Yamato"

    people who know where to aim will consistently citadel yamato/musashi. Keep in mind that the citadel has the same shape from behind so people can [edited]-cheek citadel you too?