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  1. Hellmut34

    Want to be able to Tank more in BB's

    Thanks very much, very helpful. Even better for me as I do play German BB's mainly these days :)
  2. Hi all, I have been playing for a little while now and mainly in BB's. Although I have felt that things are going in the right direction for me, there is an issue where I have seemed to fall into the same trap as a lot of BB players and hang back too much during games. Now then, to be honest although this does produce some very good results, I would like to approach the game in future in a more balls to the wall approach. Therefore I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the best nation for this approach 2. What would be the best Commander skills for this style of play 3. Is this actually viable in the current game. Hope to get some good solid answers here as I would like to try this approach out in future games and maybe then some team mates might think about doing the same. Cheers Hellmut34
  3. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    Would just like to thank everyone for the great replies. Things are starting to look up now and I seem to win nearly as many as I lose + my overall situational awareness is improving. Thanks again :)
  4. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    Thanks, the answers here have helped to me think that the game isn't as cynical as I first thought so If I can think of any then I will be more than happy to ask. Btw the 5.5/10 I gave was purely on my New Player Experience and not how I feel the game could be.
  5. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    Thanks again for the info :)
  6. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    Hey those are the 10 games I actually won in :D Thanks for your replies, I will try and find some more guides etc (blimey I have read enough already) I will see where it goes for a month and then decide whether it's a game to get into like I did WOT So far I feel it's about a 5.5/10 for me atm
  7. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    That's would be fair enough if I didn't seem to come across teams where the opposite was more the reality. I see a lot of structure coming from opposing sides that I could only dream of in most the teams I have played with. This then brings me to another question, is there a seal clubber mentality in this game where high tier players come into the lower tiers with high ranking commanders and in teams etc? Do these players then get the "Reward" of playing much lesser WR players as a loyalty style of bonus. Believe me I have seen some great teamwork from a lot of opposing teams in these lower tiers.
  8. Hellmut34

    Really need some help here

    Hi all, Just started playing this game on a regular basis after pretty much leaving the debacle that has become World of Tanks and I really need some help here. My main problem is the inability to get a win in a match despite seeming to be playing okay myself. I have read countless guides on Ship layouts, commander abilities and the use of camo, equipment and signals etc, plus I dont charge in like a lunatic and try to play a supporting role in my British Tier III and IV battleships. Now then what I have noticed happening is that the opposing teams seem to organise well and capture objectives etc whilst the teams I am playing with seem to have a "All about me" attitude to matches. So this begs the question, am I penalised for putting on lots of decent equipment and flags etc? Does the MM notice my added bonuses and put me in teams of a lower standard as a form of penalty? I seem to get a lot of games where I may get 2-3 kills but the team around me melt away, or the opposing team are capturing points and none of ours are anywhere to prevent this. I'm trying not to make this sound like a rant, but at 40% WR and that's only because I did well in Tier I-II, I seem to have hit a point where I barely get a win in 4-5 games now and I don't feel like I'm playing badly. After 15k games in world of tanks and wanting to enjoy myself in this game, I feel like it's just going to be another one of those poor MM games and this has made me question whether I wish to continue. Could someone shed some light on my questions please.