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  1. Golden_Horus

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    19 Games needed in the Alaska B with a 79% WR. It was a fun sprint for sure
  2. Golden_Horus

    Tired of game and not going to play anymore

    I don't get many of the criticism on WG as of late. Content is being pushed out faster than ever, the matchmaker is doing a better job than ever. (Trust me, in the early days it was entirely possible for the enemy team to have a CV and your team none. Same for other class imbalances). With regards to potato-teams, these things will always happen and cannot be fixed. Some days are just terrible. The only answers to that are, take breaks to cool off in between battles, play with teammates or improve individually (by watching stream or videos, etc.).
  3. Golden_Horus

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    I got 3 directives finished and doing well on the 4th. Also got the premium boosters. I will get her in time, but I do regret spending so much for a mediocre bote by the looks of it
  4. I like the chaos of random battles... Your proposal of 'crossing the T' seems like it's the same over and over again. Also, how would each class benefit from their unique strengths in such a scenario?
  5. Golden_Horus

    PSA: Free santa containers

    2x 2 camos. Nice!
  6. Golden_Horus


    rip :(
  7. Golden_Horus

    Ranked division

    Terrible idea. Where is the sense of achievement if you get someone to carry you
  8. Golden_Horus

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Looks great, let's hope WG implements the Dutch Navy at some point. Can't wait to play with De Ruyter class cruiser! :)
  9. Golden_Horus

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    I'm at rank 10 and it seems that I will have to buy the Belfast to progress any further. Absolutely no fun for my Scharn/Gneis.
  10. Golden_Horus

    Need help with scharnhorst captain build for Ranked

    I also took my Bismarck captain with secondary build for the Scharnhorst and push agressively. So far it worked out well, I love tanking for my team and with 5 buffed heals I can take a hit or two ;)
  11. Golden_Horus

    Tirpitz: 8 days on premium shop, and then?

    Hahaha WG! Just wait a week or two, then you can buy it for around 13,000 gold I guess.
  12. Golden_Horus

    Battleship Accuracy

    I subscribed tou your channel, I can learn a lot from you if you're this good...
  13. Golden_Horus

    New players. The WoT sheep have arrived.

    Low tiers are fun indeed... ;)
  14. Golden_Horus

    Divebombers are useless they said

    I lost 13.000 hp as well to one bomb on my New Orleans. No module damage though... It was weird.
  15. As a Dutchman, I support this idea!