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  1. MadC4T

    That's it, I'm never using AP again.

    > can't get Citadel hits on IJN Cruisers Someone please close this Topic.
  2. This. Also I'd love to put into the list a frame limiter removal. About the Port carousel/filters: I don't feel the urge of need for the moment, as I don't have all those ships to choose from. I mean we have just two Nations for now.
  3. MadC4T

    the best ship is not in the game

    IL* Corazzato. L' is the abbreviation for IL thus, L'Incrociatore and IL Cacciatorpediniere. Regia Marina refferred as male to both the type and name of ships. Source: I live in Italy. I also knew that the Kriegsmarine called their ships as females, but german friends of mine always said that they called it as males. Maybe you're giving me the final explanation...
  4. MadC4T

    Need advice from experienced BB players.

    The following is my Yamato setup, so you might not agree at all with me. But my tip for you is to focus more on the AA power and survivability. Don't ask me why but when the players see a Yamato and a Montana in game, they always focus on the Yamato. So you better prepare yourself with some epic skillset and Upgrades. Tier I: Basics of Survivability and Basic Firing Training Tier II: Fire Prevention Tier III: High Alert, Vigilance and Superintendent Tier IV: Advanced Firing Training and Last Stand Tier V: Jack of All Trades and optional, Last Chance For the Upgrades: Secondary Battery Mod.1 - Secondary Battery Mod.2 - Main Battery Mod.3 - Damage Control System Mod.1 - Damage Control System Mod.2 - Target Acquisition System Mod.1 I'd say to pick this skillset hands off since I was pretty badass with my IJN BBs in CBT, but since OBT the Skilltree changed a bit so I doesn't really matter anymore. Anyway, I hope this will help you in a way or another.
  5. MadC4T

    the best ship is not in the game

    Are you sure? For what I know the USS Missouri was an Iowa-class Battleship, and we have the Iowa in game. Rambos_Nachbar, on 22 August 2015 - 11:11 AM, said: Second: Ships are always female Actually the Regia Marina and the Kriegsmarine refferred to their ships as male...
  6. MadC4T

    Latest patch now FPS went from 60fps to 12fps

    Same here, had to switch the game on 1080p to keep the annoying 76fps cap.
  7. MadC4T

    Celebrating the Open Beta!

    I'm always working hard!
  8. MadC4T

    Celebrating the Open Beta!

    You're one heck of a caring senpai! This makes me cry for happiness... Arigatou, senpai.
  9. MadC4T

    Video editing, what program to use?

    The main programs I use to edit my videos are Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere, but since you said that Vegas is complicated I doubt you will feel at ease with Premiere... My tip for you is to stick with Vegas since it is more "user friendly" and try to learn all the tricks. Trust me, it's easier than you think, you just need to practice a bit. Anyway if you need some help you can always ask me or trying to find some tutorials (remember: Google is your friend)
  10. MadC4T

    This is sooo much fun

    It's sooooo nice to see a constructive (and that actually makes sense) post every now and then! Welcome aboard Sailor! Don't forget that if you need help with the game mechanics, you can find lots of help and/or useful informations here on the Forums! Keep it up and have fun!
  11. MadC4T

    what is this triangle?

    It showed to me too after a couple of battle in a Division, still wondering what that is...
  12. MadC4T

    Atago's Atago's Everywhere

    Wargaming had me like... On WoT we had the Type 59 invasion, here in WoWs we have at Tier IV the Arkansas and at Tier VIII the Atago. And we'll have them for a long while I expect.
  13. MadC4T

    Celebrating the Open Beta!

    I'm glad you liked it! pss... That was a salty North Carolina, I was on a 6 killstreak and he thought that ramming me would end my carnage... Poor fool. Yamato is unsinkable!
  14. MadC4T

    How has your "OBT" started?

    Mine was... Meh.
  15. Level 6, 7 skill points and 20 flags.