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  1. Could it make sense to put the "ifhe" on the captain?
  2. I'm so sorry that she does not have the "aiming system mod 1" in the second slot "Main battery mod 2" I do not think it's a good one. The cannons are already loading too slowly, even if they are of small caliber.. It would have been even better if she had the "aiming system mod 0"
  3. the biggest problem is that it is only with the Germans. And these days you only see bismarck and tirpitz. Lucky there is a BB overpopulation problem that the WG would like to decrease ... but instead it is an incentive to be unplayable for everyone
  4. storm wind camo

    I just realized that the mission for camo is to do with the Germans It will be a weekend full of tirpitz and bismarck around
  5. storm wind camo

    15k BASE exp a day is a lot.. I often also struggle to do missions from 15 thousand base exp to gain during the weekend. Of course it depends on how much one plays
  6. Two words from mr nobody. I consider myself a good player. Watching Flamu's videos on Conqueror Over Powered I decided to skip the whole line by taking it straight. I did like twenty games and I've never had the feeling of being so strong but just driving a good ship, just like the other tiers 10. Now, let's all say, Flamu is a great player with an exceptional RNG, maybe too lucky with the numbers that could cause some suspicion. However with any ships it has excellent results, making it look all OP, especially in the videos he decides to show us and surely they will be the ones with the best results. Almost all players are far from that tier 10. These players are making statistics, not the good players who are just out of the statistics because they are higher than the average.. But this is still my personal opinion of one of the many players
  7. I really hate the new GZ test 1 with 15 TB, it can sink any ship at will Then someone still wonders why people hate cv
  8. This makes me very sad because all these skin will be thrown away once the event is over. Artists who have lost several working hours to create this model for nothing. Why do not they find a way that one can have these skins? even making them pay at this point. We have different skins of the ships, such as those of the arpeggio, adding these would make no difference, just put a viewing option in the harbor like the other
  9. i dont know why but it gives me a supercontainer after 1 battle with tier 10 ship, and not 2 battles as they said
  10. could it have a sense to put ifhe as captain's skill?
  11. I dont like the "wilko" answer
  12. I like the new smoke mechanics. Smoke must be used defensively, not offensive. Everyone hates those who shoot from inside the smoke without being counterattacked.
  13. Duca d'Aosta: Initial velocity: 1000m/s (AP, HE 950m/s)