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  1. Any more players still having trouble logging in? I have had problems now and then the last month. Thought it would be solve with the latest update but still get stuck on authorization. When you can log in, you go out almost every game. Have played WOWS since 2015 (although I have taken long breaks) and have never experienced that a game works so badly before either WOWS or other games. Maybe I should start playing more War Thunder instead it seems to be working. Sad when I really like WOWS ... But to hope that the game will work every time you want to play is not for me. Lucky that I'm not a member of any clan or purchased pemium account recently then I'd probably be crazy by now.
  2. I have not written any posts before. Have played wows for many years now and then without previous problems. But now it seems that someone has managed to make a real mistake in the latest update. Cannot log in gets stuck on "waiting authorization". Last week I managed to log in a few times and the game freezes ....Sad and unprofessional. Living in Sweden