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  1. SirAmra

    Armada: California

    Got the Arizona. I'll pass. I get better MM in tier 6 than tier 7
  2. I don't have a complete tankbuild on any of my BBs. I usually run a hybrid were I have BoS. But I run Concealment on every BB I have, so in short, I'm not the first one they detect, and I can disengage when needs be. This also in most cases give me the chance to fire first, and lets me pick the target I want to fire at. So in short, lots of CA/CLs have been killed off early on. I stopped going bow in tanking ages ago except if I was in a very strong position were I could reverse and hide till I could heal back up again. But usually I go bow out and maintain mobility so I quickly can disengage if needs be. Surviving as long as possible while u aid your team is the key. Dying early on cause u are ment to soak up the damage doesn't get u anything. This however does not mean u should play as a REMF. This still means u kemp the forward bush and let them cry unfair plane on u. I also run AR. Specially fun on Yamato to have 20 sec reload in late game. And HE spam was worse in the past for BBs when u had stealthfiring, cause u didn't even need an island to hide behind. U just sat outside firebloom distance and eat BBs.
  3. Cause WG games have one bigarse flaw to them. There is absolutely no requirements to progress the tiers, other than time. And over time, enough "bad" players get into higher tiers and knows absolutely nothing. And as Flambass showed in his vid, u can do it pretty quickly too. As in WoT, every tier is a sealclubbing tier these days. And no balanced MM will ever fix that, exept drive the good players away.
  4. Farming damage doesn't autosecure u a win. Killing off the right targets moves u closer to that goal. But how are you going to balance this 50/50% teams? Based on winratio? Even though u can have high low tier winratio, but suck in high tiers!!! Based on damage? Which u can padd. Then u need to balance the 50/50% teams according to the ships they play too. I've tried skilled MM in AW. It was based on winratio, and winratio alone. I had 55% winratio, so my teammates were worse to balance it out to 50%. And The better I did pr game the worse teammates I got. I went from 55% winratio to 52,9% in 2 weeks. PvP battles in AW never recovered from that mess. Players left in droves, and never returned. Why would u play a game were u get punished from being good? This will happen here too if u go the skilled MM way. U will end up with the bad players in every game, cause the better ones have left. I'm not the best player in this game, but I still manage to hold my winratio above 55%. And I for sure am not going to say yes to a skilled MM were windowlickers who doesn't give a rats arse about getting better ruining PvP more than they already do.
  5. RTX 2070 and everything on max. But running on 1920x1080 at 144Hz Was close to 200fps Wot was 260fps with everything on max.
  6. SirAmra

    What purchases have you enjoyed the most?

    Wasn't so much a purchase. But I got the Warspite in a SC the day after a clanmate had bought her. His fuming in the TS that whole day was hillarious. But regarding spending my own monays...hmmm. LolFast: Feels sooo wrong, yet it feels sooo good. Cesare: Pure powerhouse for it's tier Massa: Same as Cesare Arizona: I rly lowed the Taco Bell and wanted a prem version. Did not regret it at all. She packs a punch. Kamikaze: Downright broken. But I actually looked at how many prems,coal and free xp ships + those reward ones for missions.....damn. 47 ships. I would have had 50ish, but I got rid of a few of the ARP ones.
  7. SirAmra

    Ships kiting away

    And on top of that u can "quickly" disengage too since u move forward instead of reversing. So u don't show broadsides to enemies, since u already turned and u are angled. U keep throttling your speed to throw off incoming fire. I like this tactic alot. It's very flexible, and it keeps u from being a stationary target. I actually used this on Izumo when grinding her, quite a few times. That let me have 9 barrels on the enemy while I had most of my secondaries pointed towards anyone coming to close.
  8. Bying permacammo for Moskva.
  9. SirAmra

    Asymmetric Battles?

    I remember they tried "something" like this in wot 5-6 years ago in a separate mode. Something something realistic battles or historic battles. 1 side was German and the other was Murican. Germans were tier 8 and Murica was tier 6, but they had full team while Germans were heavilly limited. They introduced limited prem ammo too. The mode died quickly as everyone found out that tier 6 were just cannonfodder for the KingTigers, and the mode died. Same with national battles, were some nations just got deleted and nobody played them. Only the strong nations....and u ended up with a que of the same tanks. Same will happen here. Players will pick the strongest ships....and higher tiers. And honestly, we have Ranked and Clan Battles for that.
  10. SirAmra

    So you gonna blame Cruisers for HE spamming?

    AP firing BBs are my priority to get rid of when it comes to just shooting BBs. The HE firing one I randomly fire at to get fires going, cause they also tend to put out 1 fire immediately. But the real treat is the AP firing ones. But this is an ongoing problem,started years ago and are increasing in numbers. I still remember the Bismarck missions and all those HE spamming tier 8s, and RN BBs rly effed it up. But it isn't just down to BBs there is a problem, these players also play DDs and CA/CLs. I just gave up a few months back. I just couldn't be asked to play any longer. Every game is a 4-5 dead ships in 2 min or less. Games are over in 5 min cause nobody contest a cap etc etc etc. But it all boils down to skill and the lack of it. They rly should put into the tiers a requirement to progress, cause there is something fundamentally wrong when u can progress a line in 40 games.
  11. Yeah, just imagine u do this in randoms with your DDs. Being permaspottet by the sub and the CV. Everyone is firing just at you. Gunboat DDs and smokeless DDs will be less viable in this meta. Or we just end up with players just ignoring the ASW hunt cause they are tired of getting blapped. CVs are still a mess, and now they focus on another class, which they have huge problems balancing. Yes, I'd love to see more KM lines in this game. Heck, I'm rly looking forward to getting the Italian BB line too. But it kinda looks like getting stuff moved to the RB and other stuff we don't want, are more important.
  12. SirAmra

    FDG broken guns

    I like the 420s. I felt the better pen gave more consistent damage. And with added flags and cammo, the grind wasn't that massive.
  13. U site BBs only as examples. And most of the HE spamming BBs comes Down to players and not ships. This game has a HE spamming playerbase problem. And everytime I see BBs spamming HE at my CA/CL I relax. And Montanas long range AP Works very well I might add.
  14. Won't change a thing if u do any of Your suggestions. To many players have no Clue and lob HE no matter what range and what ship they play. There is a reason why range module With spotterplane Yamato is a thing. Everything went Down the toilet when RN BBs came into the game. I get Your point. But it's futile.