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  1. SirAmra

    Ships for Resources: Druid

    RB. The fantastic idea that nobody asked for.
  2. I voted 1 To many changes that I don't agree with. I.e CV/AA, RB, skill rework, subs etc etc Games turned into wot landslides. And "new" stuff is put into modes that makes it a job and not a game. So I uninstalled months ago, but I kinda gave up on wows back in 2019 with CV/AA and PR. Final nail in the coffin was/is subs. I tried to watch a few streams to see if anything changed. But even most of the streamers are frustrated/not enjoying it.
  3. SirAmra

    200% cashback - advices for purchase

    Warhammer 3
  4. Don't want subs in randoms.
  5. SirAmra


    After player WG games since 2011 I've noticed a few thing regarding chat. One thing is that most flamers aren't the elites, it's the horrible ones. And I said most....not all. People attacking others in chat or sending PMs in garage/port are usually bad players who doesn't understand game mechs. I got called hacker and cheater back in the day for stealthfiring BBs in my DDs when that was a thing. Going back to wot u got called a hacker just for knowing what double bush is. The only reason I used xvm in wot was so I could call out the flamers. It usually shut them up. So yeah, u might say we have an elitist problem, but it isn't from the good players. We have an elite of bad players with no grasp of reality or their own skill level. And they are toxic as fu**.
  6. SirAmra

    So MM Is Not Rigged

    WG has since 2010 had a random player MM. Landslides is a thing because of that. Nothing new. And the longer a game lives the more bad players reach the top tiers, to such an effect that tier 10s become sealclubbing. So nothing is rigged, and nothing of what u complain about is new. And nothing will change. Either deal with it or do something else. If u want skilled MM, I'd suggest playing clanwars. Random will stay random.
  7. My line was: News about subs. CV/AA rework. I stopped spending money back in 2019 because of that. I played weekends only after that, and pretty much never sober. And my uninstall point was the captain rework. I just couldn't be asked to be WG liveserver test pinata anymore. Got fed up from them releasing unfinished content, and now for the better part of 2 years....it's still unfinished. And seing how they keep fumbling the sub balanz, well.....who knew........yeah. And with more hybrid ships and a new "blueprint" class on Rasha tree.....guess que will always have a unlimited plane spewing boat/vessel/thing. Naah. It's more fun to watch Flambass loosing his will to live after a few battles in this s**tshow, formely known as wows.
  8. SirAmra

    Why I got Pink??

    Wrong game. WoT had/has that mechanic.
  9. SirAmra

    "Pls report..."

    Those times that has happened, the guy in question actually tells why. Completely different matter, and not my point at all. 9,5/10 times a player in chat cries out to get the others to report it's about something retarded and him being an a**hole.
  10. SirAmra

    "Pls report..."

    My wife loves to hear me bragg about my recent stats,kills and average damage......oh wait..... Never played wows for stats. I ruined wot for myself chasing stats. And I always report the player screaming to report other players over something retarded. That's a given.
  11. SirAmra

    How to deal with CV focus?

    Play selfish. Stay close to friendly support. Caps can be taken later if u survive. We are atm closing in on 2 years of this fubar situation without any real change. WG priority is simply to maintain ample CV playerbase....eff balance. So either u cope,change or adapt. Which is just a fancy wording of submit, or u do like many others, me included....right click and uninstall. Things ain't changing. And soon it will be subs.
  12. You choice. I used to love this game, and am a dissatisfied former paying customer, and I'm letting them know that their course is alienating more of us. That is a bad marketing move. And I rly don't care what u think of me posting here, if I'm playing or not.
  13. Cause I can. And I follow what's happening if they suddenly should change their course. Atm, they aren't.
  14. Looks like my decition to uninstall was vise.