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  1. Bug Reports

    U still haven`t fixed the detonations when u use the flag. Took 1 hit and I died.
  2. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    For some unknown reason the game had checked my tier 9-10 only. Not done by me. I also noticed the game "disconnects" when loading into a battle more often. And port is extremely laggy when u go back there.
  3. focused shots

    RNGebus said yes to him and no to u. Nothing more.
  4. The Mighty Mo

    Nice. Only had Zulu.
  5. The Mighty Mo

    To OP. Holy eff. What flags are u running when u get 1,4 mill on a loss? I`ve had more or less the same result and "only" got 850k on a loss....Kraken and all.
  6. invisible ships

    Yes. Clingon ships have cloack. They are supertesting them now ingame. The class is known by their name Durka Durkadrrrrr. But we like to call them DDs.
  7. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    And who wants their emblem showed in your face when they kill u. Emblems not needed. I just picked something and moved along. Division system is horrible. Opens over ships. U move it and then after the battle it`s minimized. Next battle it`s not minimized, but it`s back to being over ships again. Port cam is irritating. Can`t seem to understand why this is important to implement, instead of fixing the MM etc etc?
  8. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Thank u. I missed that one.
  9. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Did the North Cape and Raid mission get extended? I swear it said 10 hours left last night. Or did I have 1 beer to many?
  10. Is this Abuse common?

    U get hurled abuse at for anything u do or don`t do. U are this and that for no reason or any reason. U get negrepped for any and no reason. But one good thing is that wows is less toxic than wot. Sure, I`ve had my flaming at teams. But I don`t hurl abuse at them, whish them cancer etc etc.
  11. Overpens.....effing overpens

    That was just 2 examples, I even overpenned with 6 shells at a broadsided CL with the Buddy.. If I sail broadside and do not pay attention, I`d expect to get punished for it. Alot of players just sail in a straight line and pew pewing, and doesn`t get punished for it...well....they`d never learn. But u have days where u throw a hail Mary shot and RNG said yes to your horrible acc and granted u 3 cits. If it`s a balancing factor for the BBs, well. But not CA\CLs. They don`t need that on top the other stuff.
  12. Overpens.....effing overpens

    Angled Leander.....5 broadside salvos....overpens. Belfast, angled....4 overpens on salvo. I get u need a balancing factor. But I feel it`s to random. I love my cits as everyone else. But players just sailing broadside....not even trying and gets away with it....cmon.
  13. Overpens.....effing overpens

    Shooting stuff through the water to slow the shells....and still overpen. Cruiser on cruiser.....sailing broadside.....waterline....overpen. Not talking about penning power....but hitting stuff that u aim at.
  14. Overpens.....effing overpens

    No, generally speaking at this time. Cruisers as BBs
  15. Overpens.....effing overpens

    The RNG based overpens are really getting to me these days. Ships sailing permanent broadside to u and all u do is overpen. and to add to insult....I even got etonated through my bow. Yes, I`m frustrated.....yes I`m angry.....yes, this is a game. But there is no consistency regarding the overpens.