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  1. lol mode?

    Back in the day u could get a Draw game if time went out and noone got the cap on standard mode. Sole reason players wanted Points to tick up during the game to prevent these dragged out matches. So, no. I don`t want to og back to that again. It`s a horrible idea to have games going on forever.
  2. Noobs will kill this game!

    Saw a link to a certain streamer who suggested rewards/ribbons for doing good in a battle. Teamplay oriented. That might be something.
  3. Noobs will kill this game!

    It`s not just the playerbase that`s the problem. WG and their "giving" of grindships as rewards doesn`t help either. Players ship entire tiers and more. They learn nothing, why should they? Didn`t like it when u could get the Bismarck from missions. A crapload of players got her and started spamming HE.....cause they are really low tier players. Then u could get the frenchies from containers. So u end up with players like this.
  4. Ships that need a buff

    Every effing BB player and DD player in this game. And yes. I mean the players....not the ships. Lets add cruiser players spamming torps into a cap u are capping.....killing u. I know this isn`t the tread for it. But they really really need a buff. Thank eff for beer. Lol
  5. General feedback

    Give us the option to hide those rental ships. Shouldn`t be a biggie for u to do.
  6. Would like them to limit the amount of BBs and DDs pr game, and giving the teams a Balance in ships before doing something With the +/-2 MM.
  7. What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    Told WG here and on facebook that how they balanced the british BBs around HE would be terrible for gameplay. But then again, u saw the same when everone could get the Bis from missions. Lots of low games players who just fired HE. I had a game yesterday, I made the misplay of relying on my team. 3 enemy BBs and 2 CAs fired nothing but HE at me. The BBs were Der Grosse, Iowa and a Tirp.....no AP hit me at all.
  8. Bug Reports

    The game died so hard on me just now it`s retarded. I went from 70 frames to full stop.
  9. French Battleships

    Richelieu is by far the worst overpenning ship I`ve ever played. And lets not forget those times u don`t overpen, yes....u bounce. Average shell damage is 1190hp from a salvo. Fun fun fun. I`ve shot at so many broadside targets I should get atleast 5-6 cits a game. But no. U overpen them. U reload shoot at the same target who hasn`t turned.....overpen....again. The only thing I haven`t tried is to shoot into the water infront of me to slow the shells.
  10. Richelieu - Tier VIII

    So far this is the ship with the most overpens aand bounces of any ship I`ve played. I can go from having a 16k salvo to 6 straight overpen shots. Just had a game with a broadside Rich at me. 2 overpens followed by a bounce.
  11. Lyon

    I`ve tried every range. The overpens are insane. Even when I try to shot "into" the water. Thankfully done With her now. Didn`t sell her though....still 16 gun meme ship.
  12. BB's that wander off

    Oooh. That one made my head hurt. Sitting here with the Richelieu and not bothering with the upgraded fire controll since 23km is overkill and I don`t need it to go to 25km.
  13. BB's that wander off

    I usually don`t look up other players stats. But recent games made me wonder, so I checked a few players after my games. All of them were BB players and none had over 45% wins. Lowest one had 39%. Had the pleasure of supporting an Iowa today who sailed permant broadside to an Al`s arse. The Al had 50% health, Iowa full health. I killed the Al, Iowa didn`t dent him with main guns. This not just me pointing fingers at BB players. This is a playerbase problem. And u might say it`s a WG problem. There is absolutely no skill required to progress the lines. Anyone can also buy any tiered premship they want. And as the playerbase increase, this problem will get bigger.
  14. Bug Reports

    Framedrops Lags Twitching Game gets stuck on trying to exit the game.
  15. Lyon

    Holy shait. I so hate the guns on this ship. It`s either overpens or bounce. I get the occational citadell. There is absolutely no consitency over the guns. I refuse to spam HE in her yet. But I`m tempted to. I`ve had so many broadside CA/CLs to me it`s retarded. And my reward is 950 damage.