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  1. 419mm and 457mm

    I got the replay of the one using it yesterday. Now show me Your sasquatch using Your beltsander. U really dive the depts of being salty towards someone who doesn't agree With u.
  2. 419mm and 457mm

    This past week alone I've seen it on 3 occations. Latest one was yesterday.
  3. 419mm and 457mm

    Why would I go and make my own thread when there is one open regarding the guns of this ship? I just stated u keep them both so players have a Choice. I see both 419s and 457 in the game. Players feel differently. Having the Choice makes it more interesting. How many Playes With 406 or 420 on the Kurry I have no idea, and I rly don't care. I do however care that I have the option to choose.
  4. 419mm and 457mm

    Or just keep both guns so People have a Choice. Fix the AP and HE. I like to have options to choose from. Some like to play With 33% less guns, others don't. I have more problems With a frekking BB line being "balanced" around HE than the disqussion of guntypes of the tier 10 one.

    Why do u put that in newcomers forum? After 3399 Battles u should know this by now. Omg. I actually had to look u up since I take u for trolling. Do u even try?
  6. No. Why should we wait x amount of minutes cause players can't fire up their hamsters. It's not just the DDs, I see alot of player log in late. And as someone pointed out, if u have to wait 1-2-3 min cause someone has a crappy computer or internett, well, they'll leave the game. U have 30 sec to log into a game, if that isn't enough....well....Upgrade Your rig. I shouldn't be penalised cause someone runs a potatoe.
  7. General Feedback

    I would love to have the option to hide those "clan" ships u get in port. I don't play clan wars, and I have absolutely no interest in it. So hiding those ships would be appreciated.
  8. Rituals before WoWs session

    Depends on the hour of the day I launch the game. Early session is a coffee must ritual Late sessions is the psssh sound of my beer getting opened. Fresh coffee or cold beer makes me rly relaxed. Some raging will occur.....but waaaay less frequently.
  9. 10 point american comander

    Well, I find the USN BB quite fun to play though. But as u move along your DD and CA/CL grind u will meet a ship u want to keep. Always nice to have a 10 pointer then. I got lots of iddle captains laying about, nice to have when I purchase new/old toys.
  10. At stage 3. Need a few stars. Repeated a few of them since some of them are kinda stupid. But that mission is a bit in the back since I'm more focused on legendary equipment. But as some mentioned, this game feels like a second job atm. And I feel burned out. Those legendary ones and Halsey should have been put into game at fall/winter. Spring/summer should be lighter and more casual games. Lots of players are on vacation or outside in the sun.
  11. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    It's not just me then. Try adding spotting for team and they ignore your targets and call u noob for not doing anything.
  12. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    I know. I just needed to get it out of my system. But a DD running from a cap cause radar cruisers appear shouldn't be baffling to anyone...rly. I know that too.
  13. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    I just have to throw this out there: What is up with players constantly bi**ing about DDs didn't cap. Or why didn't u cap earlier remarks? Just had a game where C cap was pushed by 2/3 of enemy team. 3 out of 4 radar cruisers on enemy team were there. I went over to patroling and spotting while I harrass as much as possible with guns and torps. Our other flank won the other 2 caps, and then just died. We won C flank, and I moved into cap. And there it comes: Why didn't u cap earlier? Forgetting we just took out 2/3 of the enemy team and 1 out of 3 DDs at the C cap. And why didn't I push into B earlier either....forgetting the fact a full health Cleveland is there, with support. My support was way off, meaning 1 ship. This isn't a 1 time occurence lately. U are a retard for pushing into cap while being radared. U are a retard if u don't push into cap while being radared. Most of these players are the mid 40% players, they are dead and they all know better than u. And they negrep u for not doing what they say u need to do. It's so retarded. And yolo dying isn't the way to play. I swear that most of these players are the yolo scouts in wot. Spots the enemy team and die....noob team, why no support. Sry, just had to vent a littlebit. Didn't want to open a new thread just for this.