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  1. Yet again u made the first part meaningless to play. Tier 3 ships, but u tier 5 and above to complete stuff. U were told last year......
  2. SirAmra

    Fun With Flags

    Pic 1 is cause I'm a show off Pic 2 is me just being.......
  3. SirAmra

    How not to flak?

    1: The O button gives u more AA to that side. More focus 2: The Dots can be dodged, but the continous AA is the one killing u off. But I found out that mixing my speed +/- and going boost on my torp runs helped me a bit more. But El2aZeR is waaaaay more experienced with CVs than me. He got haxes.....sry....skills.
  4. SirAmra

    How not to flak?

    wasd, speed controll and not attacking the massive clusters of ships But @El2aZeR and the other unicums might have more tricks up their sleeves.
  5. As long as I've got concealment choosen I rly don't care how many Points my captain has or doesn't have regarding which tier I play.
  6. SirAmra

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Well, after watching a bit of Flambass stream I concluded With 4 things 1: Pinging makes u very vulnerable. So firing them "the old" way might be a wise Choice. 2: Contesting caps is rather pointless early on 3: Since u are a vulnerable boat if detected, u end up playing more selfish, and less for the team. 4: This thing will be put into a game were u need to rely on Your team, With players who suicide run or die to BB guns in their DDs while doing torpruns and not firing their guns. My biggest concern isn't putting in the subs in the game, it's the playerbase. This boat has a higher skillbase to be good at...….and u just dumbed down the CVs cause of the skillgap...…….Yeah......about that.
  7. SirAmra

    Scharnhorst - a good pick?

    I gave u a +1 just for this sentence. Willing to learn is always a +1.
  8. SirAmra

    How to french DD? - Builds and Playstyle

    I'm currently at Fantasque. And my God this ships rudder or engine get knocked out easilly. First I ran with Prop mod 1, but my steering got knocked out every game the enemy looked in my direction. So I switched to Steering Gears mod 1, and my engine gets knocked out every game. And last game both of them kept getting knocked out everytime HE splashed near me. This wasn't a massive problem with the tier 5-7. But the tier 8 is just horrible there. If it wasn't for LS, I'd be murdered every game.
  9. SirAmra

    Submarines are Coming

    We are the nation that is built on oil, and are running madly around and bying electric cars. Go figure. Lol Seen alot of these boates through the years. And the large supply boates. I was originally going to work for schlumberger on a boat like this. But the economic ressecion of 2008 and the hiring stop at the company forced me into beer brewing instead. So today I make beer at Hansa/Borg in Bergen. So if u have tried that beer, it's most likely been made by me.
  10. SirAmra

    Submarines are Coming

    No, but random Bob who gets detected by BBs while doing torp runs at them and not firing the guns. 20km Shima torp spammers. etc etc. Some of my concern with the subs in this game boils down to the playerbase and a game that require no skills at all to progress the tiers.....just enough patience. Yes, it's Bergen.
  11. SirAmra

    Submarines are Coming

    Do u rly expect the average DD player to do any sub hunting in a random game?
  12. SirAmra

    Suggestion to take a Different Approach on CVs.

    I don't take offence in getting blapped by skilled players. ;-) And overall we agree, mate.
  13. SirAmra

    Suggestion to take a Different Approach on CVs.

    Well, there is countless topics about the CVs in here and balance/counterplay disqusions. Everything people mentiones here, has already been mentioned elsewhere. And as I mentioned in other threads, I didn't like this new CV reword, I don't like the AA and I don't like the sector reinforment zones. And I also do not like that they made the AFT more or less useless. I specially didn't like that fighters were put into bots instead of having something playerbased there. The whole CV rework has turned into WoWP mode, and it's rly boring. And regarding noob CVs, well, they aren't all noobs. And no matter what ships I play that has some AA, I down planes pretty quickly. From my experience on an average gaming evening, I hardly notice the planes. And on those occations they get through....oh, well.
  14. SirAmra

    Suggestion to take a Different Approach on CVs.

    I must have missed that memo, cause I've shot down a sh**load of planes lately. Had a Midway loose his entire bombsquad trying to attack my Georgia. Something might have changed, but I didn't notice it being worse.
  15. SirAmra

    Kremlin- have any one noticed any change lately

    Don't ruin my tinfoilhat, Crysantos. I've just polished it and made shiny.