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  1. SirAmra

    General Submarines related discussions

    If you want a survey to give you proper results, you actually need to get as many as possible to respond. The fewer people who responds the more skewed it gets to either side. Like I voted no on playing subs, that's it, no other question needed. I did not fall into the right category, and that's wrong. Your questions should then be "why".....not bye bye. I've played WG games since 2011. Been tester for 2 of them, and you as a company have an awfull history of balancing stuff. You have yet not been able to balance CVs, and I've been there since you introduced them. And we are now 2 years into your sub effort and 2 years into the CV/AA rework. It's still an awfull mess. But I answered "No" on subs, so my reasoning to why is not needed. No need to know it's a broken class, and you can not balance it at all.
  2. SirAmra

    General Submarines related discussions

    The whole reason I used xvm in wot in the end before I quit, was to call them out on this. And honestly in most wot/wows chats. The unicum levels are impressive until you check them..................just to troll. Stupid is and stupid does.
  3. SirAmra

    General Submarines related discussions

    I pressed "NO" and got no further questions.
  4. Funny isn't it. You have to go into ranked to have "fun".
  5. SirAmra

    Pink people issue

    I love rubbing pink people the wrong way....they take damage and are kept pink....some might say it racist to rub people of different colour the wrong way.....but.
  6. Tier 8s and up are also more expensive to run. They have a fixed repair cost. You can ofc remedy this with flags and cammo.
  7. SirAmra

    General Submarines related discussions

    Working as intended. Soon it will released and all will be well........................ WG will continue to balanz ze subz until they can't anymore and gives up.......hoping we are just fine with it. The game is not getting better. It took a monumental nosedive with CV/AA rework and then subs. So, if you are pissed, like you describe, uninstall. I did the second subs got tested on open server.
  8. Finally sort CVs out? They "gave" up. Players stopped speching AA on the ships cause it was useless. I've played WG games since 2011, and one thing you can be damn sure they are good at, and that is not getting stuff balanced. They either nerfhammer stuff to shait or overbuff stuff. They have been working on subs for the better part of 2 years now. CVs have been a mess since implementation in closed alpha. I actually miss the old RTS system there, cause it made less players play them. We had CV free games, for most of the games.
  9. SirAmra

    Random battles unplayable for DDs

    I picked option 3 ages ago.
  10. They were told in advance about the problems of subs. They've been told close up to testing the subs During the testing............... And now after a few years, we are still telling them. In the end, they'll just give up like with the CV/AA rework. The really annoying part is that they release this sh** into randoms, much like the CV/AA rework, for us to "test". It's like releasing a new car for the marked but forgetting to install the engine.....no problem, we will balanz it out next month.....just use your feet. Much like CV/AA rework, this shouldn't have ever hit the live server in it's current form. But as I have said in previous posts, hit them where it hurts..........close the wallets. And I stay off from this game untill subs are gone.
  11. SirAmra

    Subs CANNOT be countered. Here's PROOF.

    Just watched the vid. It isn't like WG got any warnings about this.....they did. All of their "fixes" they focused on ping and stuff. Quite a few of us pointed out the non use of ping to fire torps.................... They are still trying to make the obese one fit as the sleeping beauty. Get the effing subs into a separate mode.
  12. Only thing that they will understand is when it hits their income. Stop spending money. Maybe, just maybe then.
  13. So how long will you try to "fix" the subs before you give up, like CV/AA rework? Put them in a PvE mode instead of PvP mode, problem solved.
  14. Gameplay has been abysmal for years regardless of vacations or not, just search the forum.
  15. SirAmra

    CVs are Overdue an Overhaul…

    What some miss when comparing the RTS CVs to the rework ones, is that with the old ones it could go days were I had zero CVs in the game, compared to after the rework. I tried the rework CVs, mostly drunk cause I couldn't be asked to try them sober......and it was boring as f**k to play. And over time the AA got more and more useless, I lost more and more interest in this game, and with subs, and how long it took them to "balanz" that shait....well....other games came afloating.