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  1. SirAmra

    Dear ASASHIO, Irian and Pan Asia DD players...

    I love that u try. But most of those players your post is ment to reach, isn't going to the forums. This isn't a new phenomenon. This has been going on since DW torps got released.
  2. SirAmra

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Then spread it from tier 3 to tier 6. Keep the tier 7 and 8 out of it. Let there be some grinds to be done and learning to be had.
  3. SirAmra

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    And removing the grind element does not help at all.
  4. SirAmra

    How long till Submarines arrive ?

    Hopefully they'll release the subs at the same time they release skilled MM, i.e never.
  5. SirAmra

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    And again u put new techtree line up for cashgrab containers. We already have a massive problem of players getting into higher tiers to quickly, and this rly doesn't help. Release it as a normal grind, as it used to be.
  6. Regards to your "and other changes" Can u in the future make in your "other changes" so we can hide ships? Like the rental ones of special even ones. I know it's a minor nuisance, but I still would like it. I can now only hide the cammo.....but if I am totally ignorant here, I know someone will educate me. And please make it so that the clan chat blinks in a color when someone has written something....like it does in wot.
  7. Mate, you are not going backwards. You are advancing in another direction.
  8. SirAmra

    game become

    Thank u.
  9. SirAmra

    game become

    Omg. U average 11k damage with your ships and u tell me that u have 2 tier 10 ships? And u have the audacity to complain about the teams? Even to complain that u have spent money......just wow. Where's a tripple facepalm when u need it?
  10. Just wow. I though he was a reroll until I saw his Ark B. I then swithed over to number of co-op games........... Just put him on ignore and forget him.
  11. SirAmra

    Time to remove the Karma system?

    So why have I lost carma when I haven't said anything at all? My problem with the whole carmasystem is that u loose points cause someone is salty for u killing them etc etc. I think that part is retarded. And players generally do not positive report u. I like having my carma(pointless system) going up cause someone felt I did something good. Or were nice etc etc. But I rly don't like those salty effers who negreps u just cause they can. Same goes for salty teammates who gets so snowflaked (triggered) for u not doing as they tell u to do. It doesn't matter that u would have died if u did it. If we are to endure this carma system, remove the loosing part. Let it be a positive thing. It can only go up.
  12. SirAmra

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    420s aren't useless
  13. I officially give up on the spacebattles. 9 wins in all ships I've got so far. I've had days were there were no wins at all. It's just a bloody waste of time and effort. If u put in a mode where the minimum requirement is 70 battles, don't have effing wins as a criteria. I hadn't fired a shot in my effing DD yet and we were still down 3 ships. Next time have base xp as a criteria. This isn't fun, and u invite toxidity from having wins as a criteria.
  14. SirAmra

    Current game play feelings

  15. SirAmra

    Current game play feelings

    And my last team trying to cap while parking broadside to 2 Yamatos