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  1. I honestly didn't think of coop as an alternative. I do my missions just by playing.
  2. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Complains about sealclubbers, but forget the seals progress the tiers. Most of them shed their skin and grow into noobs.
  3. Can't win

    That is actually a valid point. I actually didn't think of that. I've seen alot of weird DD plays in the mid tiers lately. And that might explain lots of the yolodying going on. It's like those missions in wot where players just went ham, died and started a new battle cause over time u will accumulate enough of what u need to complete it. I for one hates the getting wins missions cause they invite to so much toxic behaviour of players.
  4. Can't win

    I've noticed an increase of players yolodying, and the mandatory "dafuq team" "why no support" and "report this and that for not ......." Landslides upon landslides. If wasn't for the RN missions I'd take a vacation from wows.
  5. $$ Making Money $$

    Guessing u have blitzed through some tiers....
  6. Intolerable

    At first I started laughing, then it went over to a omg facefalm. And then the rest of the players close to me started laughing in the chat. But yes. I enjoyed it alot. Lol
  7. Intolerable

    Reading this reminded me of an enemy Taiho player who kept flying his planes over my DM. He lost 48 planes before he realized it was stupid. I wasn't hit once. I thanked him for the planekills and I lost carma. Lol But back on topic. This isn't anything new. Was the same in wot too. And one of the Donalds here really tells u all u need to know. Players buy high tier ships and accumulate free xp.....ka ching for WG but bad for us. This has been debated for 8 years in WG games. Nothing will change.
  8. No, it would be elitist to "demand" your own server to play on cause the others don't meet your criteria. By all means, u can have your own servers. I will stay here were I can get a match quickly.
  9. So, u want a skillbased MM in a game that doesn't advocate any skillrequirements to go through the tiers? U want a skilledbased MM in a game were every stat is paddable if u choose to do so? But u can have your "good" server. I will stay here were I can get a match in under 30 sec. And btw, I tried skilledbased MM in AW. Players left in hordes. It was utter crap. And the few of u elitists aren't the ones WG caters. They cater the players who spend lots of money....and the largest masses are the below your "good" levels.
  10. Does karma actually do anything?

    Of things we didn't need put into this game, carma ranks high on that list. Fixing stuff isn't that important.....carma was.
  11. 127mm HE vs. high-tier armor

    Normal 127mm guns. No. Has 21,6mm of pen
  12. New rewards suggestion

    If u dodge more than 3 torps u get the "lets dance" reward. And that gives u 10 pieces of +777% free xp flags.
  13. Conqueror's AA problem

    So in short it is 200%. Well, if it had said reduces chance of destruction by 100%. Damn.....lol
  14. Conqueror's AA problem

    Weird that something that says 100% isn't 100%
  15. Conqueror's AA problem

    @DuneDreamer, So mounting Auxiliar Armaments Mod 1 doesn't help?