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  1. SirAmra

    Make up of opposing fleets

    When was 4 DDs against 1 BB interesting?
  2. SirAmra

    Submarines - first impressions

    I just can't be asked to test these subs we got to try. I don't want them in randoms at all and will not provide any feedback to the devs. I lost interest in the game when they announced subs.....and it looks more and more like I'll be having a looong break. Everything I've seen so far regarding subs and testing of them points to a completely unbalanced class, and they want to put that into this game were random DDs die to BB guns doing torp runs. So yeah. I'm not touching this game with subs in randoms. Keep them on a PvE mode.
  3. SirAmra

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Can't wait for this to hit the liveserver.........oooh man, the shitstorm it will create.
  4. SirAmra

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Ship construction at the Dockyard consists of 20 shipbuilding phases, which you can advance through by completing Directives OR spending doubloons. You can reach shipbuilding phase 18 out of 20 by completing Directives. Phases 19 and 20 can be completed ONLY by spending doubloons.
  5. SirAmra

    New shipclass idea.... Auxiliary Ships

    Why the f.....would I spend time and effort not to do anything in the game exept just to sail back and forth for 20 minutes and being prime target for every enemy ship in range? Yeah, sound bloody fun. Just waiting for the 5 pieces of BB hugs when battle starts.....................ignoring corona safety rules and all......tsk tsk.
  6. SirAmra

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Subs in random
  7. USN CAs IJN 203mm guns have powerfull hittingpower. I have EL on my Zao for the quick swap when needed....and it is needed alot. Lots of cruiser broadsides. KM CAs Moskva ( I know it will be replaced) Spagetti line have SAP. Kinda interesting. The Baguettes 203mm and 240mm ones pack a good punch.
  8. Nope. I keep my free xp these days. I buy boates for coal if anything. But I have so many ships I never play that I don't care to spend my earned free xp.
  9. SirAmra

    Split Servers!! CV/U-boats

    Yeah. Me too. My biggest gripe was the CV rework and the RB. Then came the PR disaster, and now we have subs. It's like they try to mess up the game deliberately. The CV/AA is a mess. And into this they try to put another class which will be completely broken into a game were u have to rely on your team to counter.....a playerbase that they have to dumb down the game for. It's corridor maps all over again...... I hardly play these days. I just can't be asked. Specially if things like subs hit the PvP arena.
  10. SirAmra

    Split Servers!! CV/U-boats

    There is alot of reasons I don't want subs in the game. One of them is that they actually dumbed down CVs for the playerbase....the same playerbase that u now have to trust to hunt subs for u. But it's not only that. Subs have way better cammo than DDs who then have to run the gauntlet of enemy fire and planes to get within range of the subs. This is the same playerbase that has players who get detected in their DDs by BBs. And that's without them firing their guns. On top of that u have lots of gunboat DDs with already poor detection, no smoke etc etc. They will not go sub hunting. They can't. So U end up with a class that can do as they want. And from what I've seen on youtube and different streams.....it will be a shaitstorm. I however would love to see subs in a type of PvE mission mode or something like that. I think that would be fun as something else when u have played enough PvP. When it comes to the CV part of your topic, well. They've been in the game since alpha. I think they need a 1 CV max hardcap. But for myself, I find the class utterly boring to play. And I was not nearly sober when I played them.
  11. SirAmra

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    First of they can begin with removing "standard" game mode. If u want them to move u need to force them to move. And secondly they should start to put in requirements to be able to unlock and buy ships from and including tier 7 and up. i.e average 50% of grindship hp in damage or something like that. This is something that has been suggested a looooong time ago in wot. But aparently they like a clueless playerbase....as in wot.
  12. I know. Hence me writing if and when
  13. Well, I saw flamuu latest vid on the subs. Completely broken. Sry, but no. If and when they hit the PvP arena I'll log off and wait for the inevitable shaitstorm to pass and bugfixes done......or removal of class.
  14. SirAmra

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    And now the game lagged out so badly I couldn't even stop or steer my ship. Add to insult I got detonated in my DD.....with detoflags.......so yeah. Port features as horrible. People are still listed as offline or in battle while they aren't. Month old mesages in clan chat is still there. It's like u don't even give a f***. Sry. But I gladly take a patch with no new ships or features just so u can fix stuff.
  15. SirAmra

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Weren't u supposed to fix the fired shells falling short of the target u fire on bug? Cause u didn't. I just lost a match now were I had just enough time to fire 1 salvo at enemy DD in our cap......the shells weren't even close. And while I'm here, could u please remove standard battle as a mode. It's just a bloody effing campfest were the most passive team win.