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  1. siramra

    What are hidden accounts?

    Lol. Yeah. I know what u mean.
  2. siramra

    What are hidden accounts?

    No, I don't think it's the main problem of this game. But seeing how wot turned out when everyone ran xvm, even the "bad" players behaved. Well, I don't support that. I never will.
  3. siramra

    What are hidden accounts?

    I'm "proud" of my stats, but they will still stay hidden. I don't support xvm in this game and I'll set my wot account to hidden as soon as I can. Ingame running stat programs are cancer to this game. I had mine set to Public until a few weeks ago when more and more players were hurdling abuse at other over their stats.
  4. siramra

    Japanese and German T9-10 BB-s

    As long as u don't get hit in your cruisers, burning down Kurries and Yamatoes isn't a problem. They rly don't like getting hit by HE, and usually u find a Yamato bow in and sitting still....spam HE till she burns, rinse and repeat. As long as there aren't any DDs I need to focus down in my cruisers, Kurry and Yamatos are my first HE target when in range.
  5. siramra

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Went for secondaries. They are quite nice. Only played 1 game in her, tier 7 match. Did 68k on my first spin. Actually a bit surprised at how well I could tank in her. But other than that she feels like a tier 6 ship. Guns hit at what I aimed at. Tried some max range shots....broadsides are broadsides. Turret traverse is slow, but planning ahead helps. Going to play her more. I liked her.
  6. siramra

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    Hello SirDankII Very Nice of u to join us. I highly recommend these vids here https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+it+works+world+of+warships+ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/media/?category=dev-diaries-media&category=head-over-keels&category=master-seas&category=naval-academy Spend a little time to watch them, they explain alot of the Things u might Wonder about. Cheers and happy hunting.
  7. siramra

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    So after another abysmal week of trying to grind stuff. Specially the last segment of PEF I noticed a few things....well I already knew it. But "just noticed" sounds better. The amount of yolos and herpaderps are mindboggling. Players just focus on getting missions done, forget game, tactics or teams. Just get this part of the mission done....jump into next ship, rinse and repeat. Hence the reason I opened this thread. So many times I try to do "my job" for the team to get a "win" for them to throw it and u get eff all for your effort. Good example was a Monty game I had, did good damage and tanked nearly 4 mill damage......second to last to die.....lost game.....my reward was lost carma(I know carma is retarded, but it goes to state of mind of players). I still feel like u ought to get rewarded more/better for what u do than "just to win". And yes, I've had games were I effed up so badly it was embarrasing, still got more xp than players on winning team that did good.
  8. siramra

    Player dpt99

    Hahaha. Ouch. Guess he have to kick himself out.
  9. siramra

    Player dpt99

  10. siramra

    Concealment - this cant be right???

    Or u get DD spotted. And an Amagi with cammo, CE and Concealsystem 1 has more than 30 concealment points. And funny enough, my DM has 63 points. But most likely u got spotted by enemy DDs or planes.
  11. siramra

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Ignored chat spammer who complained that we pulled back from B cap that had 8 enemy ships in it. We were 4....then 3....then 2. He negreped me.
  12. siramra

    Game improvement Radar changes/Status buttons & Auto. AFK

    So u sold most of Your DDs cause of radar, and Your suggestion is to actually make it worse? Forget DDs going for caps. And how often do u meet 6 enemy ships With radar? Never ever seen more than 4. Ever.
  13. siramra

    Weekend HELL

    Weekend hell? It has been shait for ages. Weekends,weekdays,holidays.....no difference.
  14. siramra

    DCing in each battle

    U have to contact support and get them to give u the ports they use and then u have to manually put it in. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b&q=how+to+port+forward I'm not saying this is the reason. But it's worth trying.
  15. siramra

    DCing in each battle

    Must be blind since I didn't see that. My bad. Lol I however had this crashing going on 2 patches ago. That was a bug. I do however have many microcrashes loading into a battle in this patch. And others have had DCs and microcrashes from patches to patches. The weird part is that u have issues on your pc but not laptop, but still.....I had an issue a few years ago with Armored Warfare were I just got DCs for no reason. Reinstalled game, sent "stats" to support. Installed logging so they could check etc etc. And it turned out to be my router. Router firewalled the game. So I ended up with port forwarding AW and problem was solved.