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  1. Parlons King of the Sea !

    Tu passes à un cheveu de la catastrophe
  2. King of the Sea V

    Sorry for the lack of heads-up, got caught up with work! Draws is happening right now on WoWs Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships
  3. King of the Sea V

    Signups have been open for less than 24 hours yet we've already filled the 64 spots! For those who make it please make sure you have a representative present on our Discord server. Those who are on the waiting list still have a chance in case of dropouts so stay tuned signups: https://goo.gl/ZujdXW Next up are map and group draws in the coming days. Stay tuned!
  4. King of the Sea V

    Friendly reminder that signups open tomorrow (Wednesday) at 18:00 CET Don't miss out
  5. En attendant qui qui c'est qui premier?? En bonus votre dévoué et sa contribution de qualité
  6. King of the Sea IV - The Summer King

    One aircraft carrier max allowed
  7. Edited,dirty trick clan.

    I might be short a couple hundred doubloons. Waiting for my paycheck
  8. The King of the Sea tournament goes on, beginning July 29th! The king is dead, long live the king! The World of Warships seas have a new ruler; Odem Mortis. We never saw closer semifinals and final and the celebrations went on for weeks. But the title is also a burden; many teams fallen to the king rise again, and revenge is a dish better served cold, even during a hot summer. Will OM keep their crown? Will OMNI take it back? Will we see a new king? The next Tournament will tell! We will use the time to make bigger changes that we hope will move us towards better KotS tournaments. Ruleset is being finalized but here are the basics we can anounce now: max of 32 teams Running into a top team and going out in the first round is no fun. Up to the round of 16 the tournament will be played as double elimination Win out and you play the same number of games as you would in a knock-out tournament. Lose once and you get another chance, against a team that's also lost a game. Lose twice and you go home The top eight teams from the last KotS are seeded If you are not a quarterfinalist from KotS III it is still first come first serve, so be ready when sign-ups open and have your team line-up prepared! Big changes on the basics for the first time: After looking back at previous seasons of KotS, and other competitions, we have noticed that there is an inherently stale, “campy” meta, which is also reflected in #feedback. To combat this we have changed the lineups to (tier 8 will stay): - 2 BBs - 1 Kutuzov - 2 USN DD Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. Sign-up is first-come first-serve for the 24 open slots. You must provide a team lineup of at least nine players at registration. There will be 14 prizes per team. Map pool: Loop, Warriors Path, Sea of Fortune, Trap, Trident, Atlantic, and Neighbours Schedule: Day 1 - July 29 - Group Stage Day 2 - July 30 - Group Stage II, Quarterfinals and Semifinals Day 4 - August 6 - Final and 3rd place match 3rd place starting at 16:00, final after that Rewards: Will be provided by Wargaming! Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: Updated Streamers: List of all streamers All Links: here Sign-up is now open! You can check current sign-ups here (on about five min delay)
  9. Without a proper way to police it a gentlemen's agreement become dull as soon as one clan uses it; other clans will then start using it too because "X uses it". And I'm not talking about the resulting dramas and accusations of "clan X using that legal but unfair mod".