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  1. MB7

    Do you feel your team sucks?

    have considered maybe it is you who needs to improve? i am sorry, but i looked up your stats and there is room for improvement... dont expect team to do something, you cant depend on that, lead by example... gl out there
  2. MB7

    Thanks lol:)

    just ignore negative comments, keep playing to get experience and you will have joe average stats or better.... try to watch popular streamers so you can hear them comment on situations they find them selves and why did they do something then and there...find somebody to play division with, that makes things easier sometimes.... gl m8
  3. MB7

    Getting sick off it I'm out

    i am not sure anymore if you are being serious or troll... pls, just staph
  4. MB7

    Getting sick off it I'm out

    if i am seeing this right that guys has 53 battles in random games and 329 in co-op, and has 7000 avg damage in random battles.... further explanation is not needed... i rest my case...
  5. MB7

    What is wrong with WG?

    if you think that higher tier BBs AA is enough to protect you from planes you gonna have bad time....
  6. MB7

    What is wrong with WG?

    dont judge the balancing system according to few bad matches where you had bad luck/poor judgement... this game has some issues, but as Seinta said, your job is not to hunt CVs, after tier 6, they r all fast and they r fast for a reason... you only played with kawachi and myogi, i am sorry, but you made me laugh there... those tiers r fun to play cause you dont get to play against high tier CVs and DDs and other kids of ships who can one shot you with planes, salvos and torps... trust me it isnt so easy in higher tiers...i dont know what or how you played in CBT but here in OBT i can se you have only 306 battles... still too early to judge, dont you think? anyway, as the game says in the bottom right corner, "BETA work in progress", so just be patient... everybody has to deal with something that bothers him, i i know it helps you vent if you write something on forum, but there r too many post about people whining.... ps: i am noob, dont listen to me...
  7. MB7

    Pax bonus code

    i have no idea if i got something or not.... i had some premium days and a lot of flags... if you say you got, then maybe i did too
  8. MB7

    Pax bonus code

    we were too late... dammit
  9. MB7

    Tips for Battle Ship Captains

    obvious troll is obvious...
  10. MB7

    The beautiful Amagi :)

    not that hard.... just put original sounds... cant miss...
  11. MB7

    The beautiful Amagi :)

    shitty music in the video... dont watch
  12. MB7


    same thing happens... not enough tier 8,9,10 ships, so it drags you to higher tiers... tough luck
  13. MB7


    like i said, pls read my reply once again.... there is tier asymmetry, meaning there is a lot more tier 4,5,6 ships, than there is tier 3... people tend to grind tier 3 and tier 4 ships fast, so there is that too...just deal with it for now....
  14. MB7


    you must be new here... let me explain it to you... BBs can get +/-4 MM... this is not that rare due to player pool still being low... you think they are doing that on purpose? they just cant pair players with equal tiers cause of the tier asymmetry... you wanna fair MM, go play co-op or wait few months when there will be enough players...you have couple of threads addressing this issue, next time try to search forum for a while instead of opening new thread...