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  1. In other words, you are camping anyways? I think it's a huge direct nerf to the Belfast (indirect buff? are you joking?) and not even a good one. They should have just removed the stupid tier 8 upgrade slot or something like this. The whole smoke screen nerf is absolute garbage and cruisers suffer the most out of it. Probably I will still keep it just in case they will reverse those retarded changes but in my opinion it's not even close to OP now any more at all.
  2. What have you done, Wargaming?! Smoke screen changes were the worst thing you could possibly do to this game. I really wonder what's the point in nerfing cruisers?! Although I really like playing cruisers they are definitely not the main issue of this game. Who benefits the most out of these changes: 1. Torpedo boats 2. Camping 'sniping' battleships 3. Battleships in general Who suffers the most: 1. Platoons 2. Everyone using hydro actively (German DDs, LoYang) 3. Heavy cruisers (wtf?!) Don't tell me battleships suffer from these changes. All the r*****s will just hang back like they did before. Good BB players can't blindfire inside of smoke screens but then again no other ship can do so neither. On the other side for CAs there is only one tactic left: Hang back as far as you can and try to dodge shots while every Monqueror can just yolo in and laugh at you. Why was this even necessary? Yes, Belfast and MK were OP but you could have just nerfed them.
  3. WHAT?
  4. 0.6.12

    There is a huge difference in claiming 'BBs are dominant' and saying 'there are five BBs each side they must be dominant'. I got my reasons for my claims, they don't have anything to do with common behaviour of your average random player. Do you know my ex girlfriend? She used to argue like you. noob I never said I don't like BBs neither, I just try to argue from an objective perspective... You should read more carefully, little boy. And even though I repeat myself here: Just because you can't play them does not mean they are not dominant... Nevertheless I don't think you'll ever accept my point of view because of your blind desire for BBs, I won't try to convince you any further. No sense in feeding trolls anyways and all that counts is that WG developers are reading this.
  5. 0.6.12

    LOL, I never even said that :D Now you're lying to prove your point? That is lame mate, you should go into politics. Yes, Tier 8 to 10 RN BBs definitely need several nerfs but that's another story. Spamming HE at a Monqueror doesn't help anything because of the retard super heal (maybe you should learn something about the game mechanics?). Put concealment expert and concealment equipment on your BB and you're fine doing that. Or you just can use the terrain. OR you just can STILL USE smoke screens. WG doesn't remove it all together, they just nerf it a little so you can't just sit 4 km ahead of an enemy and fire 12 huge guns without being detected. There is still several ways to compensate for a SLIGHT nerf, no need to swear like a BB fanboy you are.
  6. 0.6.12

    I never said anything even resembling to this. Still this guy obviously has fun in playing BBs which he clearly wouldn't do if all BBs were underwhelming. In my opinion he just does not want to get BBs nerfed. So? Who ever said that smoke screen nerfs are made to prevent BBs from camping at the red line? Of course map border campers are a huge issue but then again we were not discussing that, right? I did, all I got from you are stupid insults and claims that are highly dubious.
  7. 0.6.12

    So tell me why did you do half of your battles in a BB? Because they are so weak? Just because you cannot play them does not mean it's a bad ship class. Besides 647 WTR / 46 percent WR people maaaaybe should not lean out of the window too much. I think I'm not the only player who considers BBs to be dominant even though I like playing them as well. In this thread we should try to be constructive and not just try to push our favourite ship class. There is a reason why most bad players chose BBs over DDs and cruisers.
  8. 0.6.12

    Lul what? Are you out of your mind? I tried to discuss an issue here, no need to be insultive. Besides I don't get how you cannot see how dominant BBs and how underwhelming CAs are right at the moment.
  9. 0.6.12

    To be honest I don't quite understand why all this is necessary. Yes, a smoked up BB is a serious threat and should not be entirely invisible, but apart from that I don't quite see issues with the smoke mechanics. Of course Belfast and MK are OP but that is mainly because WG failed to balance them right. Especially CAs, that will suffer the most if these changes go live, really are NOT the biggest issue of this game. Or does anyone s*** his pants when a Hindenburg, Moskva, Henri or Des Moines hits the battlefield?! My advice: Make these changes influence BBs only, leave the rest as it is and if you don't I demand a refund on my Belfast because I certainly don't pay actual money on something that gets nerfed a few months later.
  10. 0.6.12

    I installed the test server client today to farm some signals on the live server. Now the userbonus website tells me there are no more bonuses at the moment, is that a bug or intended? Edit: Concerning the RN BB changes: Doesn't really change anything. Problem isn't camo or damage control but the ridiculous HE shells. Honestly, what does a longer damage control cooldown matter? So you burn longer in your Monqueror, so what, you can heal all your lost hitpoints anyways because of that stupid OP Repair party. I'd rather reduce the fire chance to somewhere around 15 percent so you still destroy huge amounts of secondaries and AA guns and deal massive damage but at least you don't start three fires with every salvo.
  11. Such a satisfying feeling to see them all break out in tears being upset about the fact they cannot play that imbalanced class.
  12. Why would I care about your amount of battles? It doesn't relate to this topic, I just figured out what kind of a creature you are.
  13. 1000wn8.exe most played ship: Shokaku... enough said :D
  14. That means servers went down at 7 am UTC+2 (6 am UK time) and will be back any minute now.
  15. It's 9:44. UTC+2 is not UK time.