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  1. Right now Alaska has weaker damage output (dpm, reload) than Kronshtadt but better accuracy and normalization angles. Right now they seem to be balanced against each other which doesn't make the Alaska a weak ship. However many things can change during the 'balancing' progress. From the Facebook development blog (updated July 12th):
  2. CL + CA Problematik

    Unser 1500-PR-Profi sieht aber nur die DPM, weil ja bekanntlich Panzerung, Super-Heavy-Shells und 4 Skillpunkte mehr keinen Einfluss auf das Spiel haben...
  3. CL + CA Problematik

    203 / 6 = 33,83 > 32 --> 203-mm-Kanonen brauchen kein IFHE, um über die magische 32-mm-Grenze zu kommen. Oder um es für euch verständlich zu machen: Was CLs MIT IFHE haben, haben CAs bereits OHNE IFHE. Das bedeutet, dass rein vom Commander-Skillset CAs einen deutlichen Vorteil gegenüber CLs haben, da sie 4 Punkte anderweitig verwenden können, ohne Nachteile zu haben. Wer zu viel flamu sieht, denkt natürlich, IFHE sei ein guter Skill, faktisch ist er aber schlecht, weil CL-Spieler diesen definitiv nehmen müssen, um keinen Nachteil zu haben. Das bedeutet, dass es nur noch 5 variable Punkte gibt (wer ernsthaft CE rauslässt, hat das Spiel nicht verstanden).
  4. CL + CA Problematik

    Da hat jemand die Penetration-Mechanik nicht verstanden... Unfassbar, was der Typ hier an Unwahrheiten verbreitet. Da kann man nur hoffen, dass diesen Thread so wenige Spieler wie möglich lesen.
  5. New Premiums available! Nice.. But!...

    It's strong and not a BB, that's not supposed to happen in World of Battleships
  6. Thanks but we are not interested in merging.
  7. Heads up! Even Wargaming decided to keep us well uninformed on the upcoming Clan Battles starting date we assume it's gonna be soonTM. So if you are still looking for a decent clan full of inappropriate behaving adults you're welcome to send us a message.
  8. balance Update 0.7.7

    So you pretty much suggest to buff BBs EVEN MORE? Yeah we totally need that. What about giving them speed boosts and def AA as well so there is literally no way to counter them? World of Battleships... Where lack of skill gets rewarded...
  9. As the next CB season is approaching we are still looking for a few guys willing to be part of our small but effective clan. Even though most of our people are on the wrong side of the 30 year mark we don't really care about your age unless you behave like a teenager. We would like to recruit players who like to communicate in battle and constantly aim for improvement. Also it is strongly recommended to trigger R3V0's endless love for British Royalty by telling him how obsolete modern monarchies have become.
  10. General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Hindy nerf and Zao buff are completely unnessecary. BBs have way higher average damage and impact on the game than Hindy. Why do you have to nerf cruisers and not take care of the real problems this game has?
  11. Arsenal

    Obviously some features in the game like the news section, the clan portal, the inventory and the arsenal are calculated on a different server. This is pretty annoying because my firewall blocks everything that is not calculated on the regular game servers. At least you could inform people what ports they have to open so I don't have to shut down my firewall every time I want to enter the arsenal or the inventory.
  12. Ultimate frontier ruined

    Ultimate frontier too strong kappa:
  13. Graf zepplin

    your 0 skill in 8400 battles makes this comment so relevant So your two battles in it tell you that it isn't because of what? It IS op but it's fun watching all those average players arguments who think they are just super great with it.
  14. Graf zepplin

    Graf Zeppelin is not OP... made my day...
  15. PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    1. Description Final mission of mission strain 3 already in final stage 2. Reproduction steps Finish first two strains and continue to the third 3. Result Select third 4. Expected result I'm not sure if this is intended, but if I am supposed to complete the whole campaign on the test server I'd like it to not take ages 5. Technical details picture: