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  1. 1. Description Couldn't launch torpedoes even though marker was green and I wasn't aiming outside of the right angles (occured twice, once with Shiratsuyu, once with Gadja Mada) 2. Reproduction steps Was pretty much at the beginning of the battle, might have been the first torp drop of the game 3. Result Had to switch to gun view and back to solve the problem
  2. 0.6.14

    EU interessiert die überhaupt nicht, solange auf dem Russencluster alle zufrieden sind. War schon bei Tanks so, wurde sogar damals mal wortwörtlich bestätigt. Wird bei Ships nicht wirklich anders sein. Auf Lebewesen, denen die jetzigen Flugzeugträger noch nicht feige genug sind, würde ich allerdings auch nicht hören.
  3. Boohooo, my CV is too weak, I only deal 30 percent more than everyone else even though I do not understand this game No difference to arty in WoT at all.
  4. 0.6.14

    Just played a battle where the enemy CV player absolutely didn't know what he was doing. First he killed a Hindenburg (he lost more than 40 planes by doing that but hey... you only lose planes, it's not like you have enough), then he severely damaged a Des Moines (because you know: bad AA on Des Moines). They lost because our CV was even stronger, he lost a total of hundred planes and still had some left... Playing filth seems to get even more rewarded in the future, if that's what you wanted, you're doing a great job (and I'll be out of this game soon).
  5. Don't expect too much fron CV players... They play that class for a reason...
  6. ...because all this game needs is more battleships. Let's give it super concealment and insane HE shells, that would be really balanced, don't you think? Oh and let's add a super heal, because we don't want overpowered cruisers to have even more advantages than they already do!
  7. Simple, they just aren't. BBs are easy to play so they keep people playing and paying by buffing them. Always remember: this is a business. WG has no interest in a balanced game, they want people to pay money. It's a shame there are way too many overpowered BBs but guess we have to live with that... or leave.
  8. Lul what? :D What's the moderators supposed to do with my message? I politely asked you to come to TS to discuss the issue with me, no swearing, no insults. Obviously you are scared otherwise you might have just accepted. I can't do anything else but ask you to discuss this with me in a proper way.
  9. Juanx all you do is insulting me for my opinion. Did you ask yourself why your statistics are that bad? Maybe it's got something to do with your attitude. edit: Juanx I sent you a PM so maybe you want to continue living your childish attitude in private.
  10. So much Edited in this channel just because I said the obvious - that MK is OP I cannot help you guys, go on doing and thinking whatever makes you happy. It was actually my mistake, I always forget that having a sophisticated opinion basically isn't accepted by the mob. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  11. Seriously, how the F can you even TRY to compare a reward ship like Black or Flint with the Kutuzov? Of course they got better win rates! You are just blindly mad because they nerfed your shiny ship and you wouldn't even listen to what I said... Whatever, I give up on explaining you how statistics work, because obviously you don't WANT to understand it.
  12. Sure because I'm the one who doesn't want to believe that an obviously heavily overpowered ship (which even WG considers OP) is way too strong to be in this game. Whatever, believe whatever you want, can't help you.
  13. I never gave you an apology, what should I apologize for? Honestly I don't get why you are so Edited at all. You don't need to accept that MK was OP, you can just keep insulting me and ignoring what everyone else surely knows, I don't care. Earth is flat, right? As a matter of fact WG put the MK out of the premium shop because they don't want to sell OP ships any more, that should be proof enough. Oh and btw I don't care if some scot or you are mad at me, I don't need your attention. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  14. 'Only trust statistics you rigged yourself' Statistics should never be the only thing you should refer to, that's not scientific. You have to take into account several aspects to make it scientific. For example in WoT the Maus was long time considered one of the worst Tier X tanks (so eventually WG decided to buff it). Still its statistics were totally fine because only experienced players played it - no new player even had the will to grind their way up to it. On the other hand the statistics of very overpowered vehicles like ConqGC or Russian mediums were mediocre because everyone played it (and by everyone I mean even the most Edited ). Premium vehicles are generally played by large amounts of experienced AND unexperienced players. You cannot compare their statistics to regular tech tree vehicles. Besides in science you would NEVER make a statement referring just to one single parameter like WR, that's only what you do in politics. Ah yeah insult me in real life because you are obviously out of arguments! It's great to be me in real life, thanks for asking. No I don't have it, still I'm regarding the facts and not some emotional BS like you obviously. Tell me why even you do have MUCH more damage on your MK than on all your other tier 8 cruisers. Is it because you're such a great player? I doubt that. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  15. As long as people like you who do not have ANY experience in high tier ships (tier 7 and higher in your case) buy themselves a premium tier 8 ship of course their WR sucks. That's in the nature of premium ships and can be seen in WoT as well. MK is (or maybe was) heavily overpowered and there is no way you can disprove that with just one single statistic that is influenced by so many factors. The fact that you buy everything with gold / free xp tells me that you neither do have experience nor good captains to compete in your played ships. MK benefits a lot from good captains with two tier 4 skills. There is no cruiser in this game higher than tier 7 that you can play well with just 10 skill points.