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  1. Just a friendly bump! Great bunch and I wish them well in Clan Wars!
  2. Get your "Talk like a Pirate" Flag!

    @Tuccy Is there an ETA on when the flags will be given out? I still haven't received mine, made a ticket with support but they have been rather unhelpful and keep closing my ticket. Any chance you could give us a timeframe so I don't have to bother support again? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Nice thanks! I only had two days left.
  4. Now they suggest I should have replays enabled. This shows a level of ineptitude I hadn't expected.
  5. I had a problem where one of my missions would not track properly and I didn't receive my rewards. I contacted support and they told me unless I had screen shots that they were unable to verify if I had received the reward or not. Two days later they reply in the usual copy-paste unhelpful manner we have all come to expect from WG support. They told me that unless I had taken a screenshot of the mission progress and the fact I didn't receive the container they couldn't help me. I don't even know how that's supposed to work. Take a screenshot of something I didn't receive in the first place? Ridiculous, other companies such as EA have the ability to verify whether an account has received their rewards (battlepacks in this case) properly. WG don't posses such tools. I have had this problem happen in the past with missions not tracking properly and restarting the game has always fixed it. However this time it did not fix the problem. So the thought of 'screenshotting' my progress really didn't cross my mind and in my opinion nor should it. If I had known this problem would occur then I would have taken screenshots but that's a very unrealistic expectation for players to screenshot every mission over years of play in the unlikely situation that a problem would arise. So if you don't screenshot all your mission progress then WG support are unwilling to help. WG customer support has one of the worst reputations in the gaming industry and this was probably the 4th or 5th time since 2012 that they wouldn't help me. As such I've decided never to play this game or any other WG product ever again. I can't risk something going wrong with my account or bank details and they are powerless/unwilling to help. I'll post the full conversation here and on reddit (although I can assure you my reddit post will be less pleasant). After all the years of financial support I'd expect a little bit more than a copy-paste reply.
  6. Event Calendar - May

    Interested to know more about the Kidd.
  7. There might be some PvE event or game mode added in the future but they will never make it in to Randoms.
  8. Hi guys! Really like the sound of this clan. Are ye guys full at the moment or have any spots open to new and improving players such as myself? I'm starting to get that 1-vs-theWorld feeling specially during the weekends. In any case, good luck out there!
  9. A small collection of Irish naval ships

    Awesome stuff. Wonder what kind of armament they have? What tiers would you place them at compared to WoW? I'm Irish as well btw.