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  1. ghostcat

    The Game Chat System problems

    Bump! I am having the exact same issues and have had them for months. Must be a known issue, still nobody seems to care. WG is probably expecting us to use third party software for coms!
  2. ghostcat

    0.8.5 PTS - Rogue Wave event

    Well done Wargaming! I am positively surprised as I was not expecting much anymore from those devs... BUT Savage Battle is the perfect Fusion of WOWS Battle Royale version (Ring of Fire), Arms Race buff stacking and Torpedo Beat mode. Please implement this as a permanent game mode for all of us DD aficionados that can't stomach the current CV meta. Thanks.
  3. ghostcat

    New Arms Race Mode

    Press H to see your personal "Buff Counter". As for an indication of what you get from circles I am also missing that. There were Icons on the Test Server. Please bring them back. Otherwise: I LOVE this game mode!
  4. ghostcat

    Public Test 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    General impression: looking forward to see this on the live servers! Also, the given missions made me dabble with higher tier French crusiers for the first time and I was positvely surprised. And yeah, the reload gimmick really is just a gimmick ;-)