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  1. Im englischen Teil hat vuque geschrieben, dass sie gedenken, es morgen durch/während des Serverneustarts im Zuge des Nelson-Patches zu fixen.
  2. Got the same problem(a few more in german section aswell). If I try to invite someone nothing happens. If someone tries to invite me, they get the message, that I am already in a division. See no way to fix this.
  3. Selbes Problem. Wenn mich jemand einladen möchte, kommt die Meldung ich sei bereits in einer Division. Sehe leider keine Möglichkeit, das von meiner Seite zu beheben. Trainingsraum geht so auch nicht mehr. Kann keine erstellen und bekomme keine angezeigt.
  4. bb ap vs dd

    It is understandable, but not how it works. You try to apply real life reasoning, which is pretty irrelevant for game mechanics. It is all about where the shell stops.
  5. bb ap vs dd

    But even that is not how it works. You can not get more than one result per shell. If it explodes inside some part of the ship you get a penetration in that part. If it penetrates the ship once or twice or I don't care how often and explodes outside you get one overpenetration. If it pens the ship, leaves the ship and explodes inside a gun turret you get 0 damage. Because penetrations inside PA modules deal no damage to the ship. It is just outright bugged and it happens way to often, to be ignored.
  6. Neither of the two is right. The mistake is not with the ribbons. You can not get more than one result per shell. If it explodes inside some part of the ship you get a penetration in that part. If it penetrates the ship once or twice or I don't care how often and explodes outside you get one overpenetration. If it pens the ship leaves the ship and explodes inside a gun turret you get 0 damage. Because penetrations inside PA modules deal no damage to the ship. As long as WG doesn't recognize that their damage system is broken, they can fix underwater pens till there is no water left. It won't help.
  7. To get back to a topic from a few pages and weeks ago: This time I pretty much nailed down the broken damage model. Or at least that something is seriously broken. I will start though with what I was originally testing, which comes in pretty handy later. I went into the training room to test what happens, when you shoot the main guns through the superstructure. In the sense of overpenetrating the superstructure and penetrating the mainguns without overpenetrating. Long story short you deal no damage at all (the superstructure overpen damage gets erased). The ribbon shows a normal penetration. The obvious conclusion is, that only the last damage dealing action of a shell counts or should at least. My setup: I took B hull Furutaka for high caliber single shot. As test subject I took Charles Martell and shot from behind through the chimney, the bridge into the main gun. But during tests I also ended up with this funny situation: Now this bounce dealt exactly 2021 damage. That is one penetration and one overpentration. Which means one shell(I only shot one) got three different results. Now taking the conclusion from above into context, we get two things that don't add up. 1: Dealing more damage, than a normal penetration should be impossible through “erasing” earlier results during a shells flight. 2: Looking at the rules how the ribbons come up, the shell would have to detonate first and bounce afterwards... Also the replay for people that are interested: I am shooting for nearly 20 minutes at Charles though, so not really entertaining... The bounce happens slightly after 16:00 The main gun pens from 6:00 till the end
  8. Auch der Mod ist im offiziellen Modpack. Ist im normalen Spielverlauf eher uninteressant, aber sehr nützlich um zusammen mit der letzten Position in den Nebel zu schießen. Gerade auf größere Entfernung lässt sich so die Höhe deutlich besser schätzen. Wo der Mod aber meiner Meinung nach eine Grenze überschreitet, ist wenn Sturm aufzieht. Mit etwas Übung kann man, insofern jemand spottet, ziemlich zielgenau Gegner auf mittlere Entfernung treffen.
  9. Well I might aswell safe you guys some time. You don't need to test it on stationary targets. I am not saying it never happens on such, but it happens way less often. From my experience there are 3 factors, that tend to increase the rate of this hit or ribbon clusterfuck happening. A The shell is overmatching the armor B The ship that gets hit is moving at high speeds C The ship that gets hit is turning To some degree B and C fall together, but I guess C is practically whats more important. You can check the videos like those in post 190 or 213. All DDs going fullspeed and turning, getting consequently overmatched and devastated through their side armor. So for meaningfull tests you should get a partner steering those DDs. Btw. that Missouri hit with the 3 shells for 16000 damage supports my theorie and debunks aswell the exchanged ribbon one. Also to explain why this so often devastates especially destroyers. When they removed the DD citadells they stuffed all their HP in the midsection. Consequently meaning their midsection can't be saturated at all. Thus they die of 3-4 penetrations instead of 6-7 or so.
  10. Well I am pretty confident in knowing what is wrong. AP shells can get two results each (which obviously is a bug). It becomes a bit clearer, if you take an example that is not a DD. Missouri Ap alpha is 13500. Penetration is 4455 Overpen is 1350 Neptune got hit 8 times for 21465 damage. 2*4455+6*1350 = 17010 21465-17010 = 4455 So we are missing exactly one penetration. Which btw. automatically debunks the switched ribbons theory, because you cant mix them up to get anywhere close to this result. But since the Neptune survived we got another try. 4 hits for 14195 damage. Since we exactly got half the hits from last time, I cut the math short(funfact half the hits, but around 2/3 the damage...). 17010/2= 8505 14195 – 8505 = 5690 This time it is not so clear, but I expect another penetration and overpentration (including the penetration dealing slightly less damage because one of the sections lost all of its HP). So all in all the Neptune got more than 10000 damage out of nowhere and this is not a rare occurence. I also dare upfront anyone who wants to tell me these shells "just" passed multiple sections, and dealt damage each time, to prove it. Because I tried for a long time and was not capable to do so. Even if shells pass multiple section, which is really easy to prove, they only deal 0,33 or 0,1 of the alpha. Also for comedic relief a overconfident Baltimore, that thougt armor would mitigate damage. It is practically the same problem though, with shells getting two results. Most likely the shatter, because I think the bounces get discarded too early for this.
  11. All planes (carrier and catapult based) have a maximum viewrange of 11km. They are simply not capable of detecting anything beyond that range, no matter what happens. Here is the corresponding wiki article: Ships have a maximum viewrange as well. It is what you call draw range. They can't spot ships outside of that range. It might not be as relevant as in wot. But there are at least some DDs whose viewrange is way smaller than the detectionrange of BBs, which they can regularly meet in battle. In my opinion, it would definitely be useful to set the airdetection circle on the minimap to 11km, if your detection range exceeds that value.
  12. Well, it is the event everybody was waiting for. All of the servers worked together and we are all getting the same event. With all the ups and downs. The event seems fine to me though. The tasks are fairly easy and the rewards can be stacked for ridiculous amounts of free exp. At least way better then the fire water stuff.
  13. It is most likely just the mandatory translation error for EU articles. The event is supposed to be equal on all servers.
  14. Could we please get an english translation of the offical mechanic threads of the russian forum? There are several threads in the RU forum that explain the games mechanics in quite some detail. Like this one for example: I am quite sad we don't even have something remotely similar. So far I have seen bits and pieces across different other Q&A threads. But having a complete version would be quite nice.
  15. Die bringt ja auch nur 100% Bonus auf Freeexp und die werden ordentlich verrechnet...