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  1. BackToHarbor

    How the hell do you play the Friedrich der Große?

    (https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Friedrich_der_Große) As mentioned in the Wiki, you have to time your push right and wait for an opportunity else you will be focused down very quickly. She is still a decent brawler, although I didn't enjoy her as much as the bismarck since you get tier 10 matches far more often.
  2. BackToHarbor

    Minotaur, Demolition Expert?!

    But Mino has no secondaries. I can only imagine it has something to do with the Submarine part of the skill, and maybe its not updated properly yet
  3. You won't receive Delny when Khaba is replaced. You get to keep Khaba as a special Ship and have to grind T9 for Delny again.
  4. BackToHarbor

    What's the best looking ship in your opinion?

    The long one. There is something about Incomparable.. shes ugly and beautiful at the same time, I can't explain.
  5. BackToHarbor

    Code to share

  6. BackToHarbor


    Well you know, one can decide to report you if you play good, or even commend you if you play bad. It's simply the system that allows you to report freely, obviously. So you shouldn't mind to much if someone reported your just for the sake of it. In the end it doesn't matter anyways.
  7. BackToHarbor


    It's easy to play, but hard to master. World of Warships is not a very forgiving game, especially if you play against other, more experienced players. There are many factors which come into play - positioning, your armor layout, the enemies armor layout, your caliber, the enemies caliber and so forth, generally speaking knowing your and the enemies ship. But there's also things like overmatch, spotting mechanics and other important things to consider if you want to play better. So, if you don't want to study everything before hand, I'd say learning by doing. Get to know the basics and try to improve yourself further from that. Everybody makes mistakes, so you can reconsider after you died what you could've done better in that situation. For that scenario specifically: Don't push to aggressivly, especially when the game just started. Always watch your minimap.
  8. BackToHarbor

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate aswell. Gl everyone
  9. BackToHarbor

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I guess I'm very lucky, this is my 3rd or 4th time this year dropping steel out of a SC.
  10. Well it is no secret that this person paid their way to Shima, and as you can see it was possible in some way. As we don't know we can only assume, and my assumption is through these 34 Atago battles (probably stacked with elite signals) and maybe some loot boxes. If you are referring to the santa mega gift, these don't drop Free XP. Last Container that did was the Black Friday one, with 35k and a 17% chance. A 5% higher chance than getting a premium. It is perfectly possible that this person bought 10 Containers and only got Free XP, even though the chance of that happening is astronomically low.
  11. Just to quickly pick up on this, there were several containers over the last few events (and even SCs) that drop Free XP in good amounts. So if you are willing to spend a dime, that's a way to get Free XP without actually playing the game. Consider this and the 34 Atago battles, when stacked with elite signals, most certainly also gave a good share of XP/Free XP.
  12. BackToHarbor


    She looks very interesting and is the most appealing steel ship to me besides Ragnar atm. Also like I mentioned before, she has a super heal now and I'm sure she didn't have that when she was announced. That could make up for the realtivley weak armor.
  13. BackToHarbor


    Yep, who would've seen that coming :D Edit: Oh and btw. I didn't notice before but was she orignally announced with a super heal? Because she has one now :D
  14. BackToHarbor

    This is what your future battles will look like

    Lucky for me I never encountered a double CV game above tier 6. I can only imagine how engaging it will be once there are also superships thrown into this pool.