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  1. Friedrich der Große

    Amen, generell fuerchte ich weder den Grossen Klotz noch den Ollen Fritz wirklich als Gegner. Das Meta gibt das Spielen auf die Sekundaeren nicht mehr her. Und mittlerweile gibt es zwei neue BB-Zweige, die irgendwie ansprechender sind. Gerade die Franzosen finde ich als Gegner stoerender. Deutsche Schlachter sind im Grunde nur Exp-Pinatas, gerade wenn sie nicht ran kommen.
  2. Neue Cheats oder nur ein Bug?

    Ist kein Hack sondern lediglich eine Modifikation deiner Tastatur. Irgendjemand hat die Kunden-DB von WG gehackt und klappert nun jeden Spieler ab um nachts heimlich Cola und Kekskruemel ueber den Tastaturen zu verteilen. Das ganze Projekt wurde zur WoT open Beta gestartet und hat nun offensichtlich dich erwischt. Klingt wie eine bloede Erklaerung, ist es auch, aber sie passt zum Beitrag des Thema-Erstellers.
  3. Radar/hydro gehört raus aus dem game

    Ich fahre mittlerweile nur noch rueckwaerts ins Cap rein, idealerweise mit einer Insel hinter die ich dann direkt wieder abbiegen kann sollte der Gegner Radar anwerfen. Dann schaue ich, was ich spotte und wie sich mein Team verhaelt, wenn der erste gegnerische DD auf geht.Wird der vernuenftig gefocused dann bleibe ich am Cap dran. Zuendeln die Kreuzer weiterhin lieber das BB auf 16km Distanz an, dann wars das erstmal zum Thema Cap. Teilweise ist es echt erstaunlich, was man so sieht. Da haelt man den gegnerischen DD 2-3 mal laengere Zeit offen und es juckt keinen, waehrend brav in die Torps gefahren wird.
  4. Don't you think there are more real life aspects taken into consideration other than whether you like the change in a product when taking a new job? You know boring ordinary things like, will I earn more than in my current job? Can I make a career out of this?
  5. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    Nice post which pretty much mirrors my thoughts. I just came back from a longer WoWs break. I left about when the RN BB came out and so at a time when WG obviously decided to take it down to HE-City where the grass is green and... I still remember when the RN CLs came out and WG, shortly before their release, decided to take away their HE shells since back then the player base was still on the edge over HE-spam. Too recent were the memories of stealth fire DDs setting BBs on fire... I came back after the US CLs were released deciding to finally get the Yamato so am currently mostly playing the Japanese BB line. While playing the Izumo I became amazed about the amount of HE shells that is flying around these days. Basically I am constantly on fire (not whining about that, as I can heal it away) and had to turn down the volume of my speakers because the taka-taka-taka started to annoy the missus. I have games where I tank 2-3 million points of possible damage and use up all my heals before I finally, after 10 minutes of being the damage dealt-pinata that the Izumo seems to be, grant someone the kill or win the game. However no ship other than a CV, which you rarely see these days, poses an instant threat anymore. I am just a small moving vulcano island that occasionally spits back a few rocks but mostly gets stoned with hot pebbles and happily fills the atmosphere with thick black smoke. I still like the game, I have good rounds and I have bad rounds, but I don't like the current direction we are heading to. It's like WoWs almost wants to become a RPG with tanks, healers and damage dealers. But since there are no healers the damage dealers have to deal damage over time instead and the tanks have means to neglect that.
  6. Submarines ingame?

    And so it came to pass, that there went out a degree by Ceasar Augustus that a person which mentioned the S-word on the forums shall be frowned upon and made fun off. As those who mention said word proof a deep lack of understanding of the game mechanics, the limitation of submarines and the use of search functions. Generally speaking, every once in a while someone brings up the submarine idea again. People will make fun of him, the topic will vanish on page two or three of the forum and the story repeats itself. Some may claim it is a better way of measuring time than the tide or the stars. You will find quite a lot of information why submarines will never work in WoWs once you use the search function.
  7. In my experience you can design a product as flawless as can be, eventually someone will stick it up his butt. In this occasion the information was clearly visible and not hidden behind the small print or anything else other than expected you to read 5 lines in bold font. Could they have designed it better? Most definitely, yes! Do I still consider people too dumb to read 5 simple lines as morons? Uhhh yeah! (I am not a native English speaker, since living in the UK all my websites load with English as standard and I still understood it) Do I think WG was generous granting those people the T-61 still? Yes I do!
  8. Some would say having pretty obvious information on the event and what steps you had to accomplish to receive the reward (including the time when the event starts and end in YOUR local time zone) are more than enough to make it foolproof.
  9. Though not sure where you see lack of information? He is doing his job by being definite when he has the certainty that what he says is correct. He gave you the information you needed which at the point clearly stated that someone needed to make a decision about this (I assume someone with a few more stripes on his/her jacket). Which fine print? It was clearly visible during which time you had to spent the dubloons in order to receive the T-61. I also think it was mentioned by some people on the forums. Don't get me wrong, I hope you all get the T-61 but you should tone down that attitude a bit as it clearly was your fault for actually not having the patience to read like 6 lines and find the clearly visible start and end date of the event. So in future if you made a mistake, or didn't read a contract, instead of charging in on the sales person/support office/customer relationship officer and blame them or the company loudly be a bit more humble. Usually the people are more likely to help you to actually solve your issue. P.S. Glad you still got the T-61.
  10. I'd say the rightful owners will see the ship around 21:15 CET tomorrow. Today all other player will get the ship since someone messed up a join while creating the queries.
  11. Arsenal Ladesymbol

    Ne du hast offensichtlich ganz andere Probleme und da ist ein nicht funktionierendes Menue in einem Computerspiel relativ weit hinten in der Liste der Dinge, die behoben werden sollten. Selbstueberschaetzung waere zum Beispiel eines, das ich weiter vorne in der Schlange sehen wuerde. Die deutsche Sprache, zumindest in Schriftform ein anderes.
  12. Arsenal Ladesymbol

    Ich glaube Jungs mit Profilbildern wie unser TE haben eher Angst vorm Verfassungsschutz... Mal ehrlich, dass sich Leute hier noch die Muehe machen und ihm helfen erstaunt mich. Er hat sich doch selbst nach seiner eigenen Aussage belesen. Dann scheint er auch nicht wirklich auf die Hilfe angewiesen zu sein, da er auf einige Loesungsvorschlaege relativ aggressiv reagiert. @TE: 2 Liter Salzwasser langsam ueber CPU und RAM laufen lassen und das Problem sollte behoben sein.
  13. True, but I spent my shinyshinies just to have the missus walk in five minutes later and declare she moved the celebrations of her birthday up to this Friday (one week earlier) and we should visit her parents over the weekend as well. So basically I have like 1 game with that DD at 17:45ish and that's it for the weekend... Currently considering heating the T-61 on a spoon and inject it directly to get the most out of it .
  14. So they were looking into the whole event today and maybe if they decide to repeat these kind of events they create the corresponding scripts. But as it stands we are still talking about a once in a lifetime event. Even if the automation just takes 10 minutes to set up, it would not be worth it if the whole thing would take one person 5 minutes to run the queries once (not counting in the time the query takes to run here). Heck we also have summer a time when loads of people are on leave, it might be that they are currently understaffed but marketing had this great idea...
  15. Not if the person running the queries spent less time on doing that than on writing the scripts to schedule the automation. After all this is a once in three years event so far and not a weekly or daily executed report. So it might just be cheaper for WG this way than setting up some automated process which they never ever again will use.