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  1. Cpt_Nero_

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Free-exped her the same day she came out :> majestic beast that never ceases to impress.
  2. Shameless bump. Lots of friendly people, definitely a fun place to be!
  3. Cpt_Nero_

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Sadness unleashed...
  4. i will not mention how Musashi is BIGGER than Yamato in the game, comparing them you can clearly see the differences in the model, along with the armor angles which have impact on the tanking Musashi has longer aft, bow, and even though she sits deeper in the water, is the same height as Yamato overall, not to mention having wider deck that impacts chance to be hit [that i dont mind, Yama and Musashi are both good tankers] but for god's sake, fix the model.
  5. Cpt_Nero_

    How is your Yamamoto Isoroku campaign going on?

    only 7 collectibles left and im done with the entire "grinding" he is already on 19 points, and waiting for Musashi aboard Yamato, heh.
  6. Cpt_Nero_

    Bring back Stealth Firing

    So you want Conqueror to stealth-fire you to death too? that's a big NO.
  7. Cpt_Nero_


    Anything i had to do is to run the launcher. all working well.
  8. I have spent much more time on Nurn since last time i was there, and i can say only one thing. This ship needs a bit of luck and competent captain. There are many many games where i end up on top of the list while in my teams there are "better" ships. I dont want to insult anyone but main problem of this ship is the one who drives it.
  9. Cpt_Nero_

    Are Konigsberg and Nurberg buged?

    One thing that may be bugged is their placement above water line, 80% of time rear end of ship is ploating above water exposing rudder and turbines [propably thats why it ends 90% of time critted]
  10. Cpt_Nero_

    Favorite ship for ranked games

    Nurnberg so far [as i got only tier 6] this thing makes me end 90% of time in top on my team.
  11. I will say it only once. This ship is a total beast. the only bad thing that can be on this cruiser is the captain. With premium this is perfect money-maker
  12. Cpt_Nero_

    The Germans ...........

    Can anyone tell me, why German ships never get over-penned by AP? anything above 203mm should just pass through without dealing any massive damage yet so far i got cit-penned everytime i got hit by 410mm or bigger guns. this is not ok