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  1. Cpt_Nero_

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Thats the thing, they called both branches "Boosters" be it for Tokens and Doubloons, in fact, they even listed it out that starting from phase 18, you can get her instantly by spending doubloons, which means they are simply a massive acceleration of production, but not 100% requirement.
  2. Wymanage : 2400 tokenów Możliwe do zdobycia : 2665 Czyli do potyczki mamy 265, wykonywanie dyrektyw wydarzenia – 1950 żetonów: 200 żetonów za pierwszą dyrektywę; 250 żetonów za drugą dyrektywę; 300 żetonów za każdą pozostałą dyrektywę, od trzeciej do siódmej. 640 żetonów za wykonywanie misji codziennych w okresie od 12 grudnia do 12 stycznia włącznie; 75 żetonów z Dostaw codziennych. Wychodzi na to że trzeba zrobić ponad połowę dziennych misji.
  3. Cpt_Nero_

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    By that I think they mean normal boosters for tokens, not doubloons, since If they did make it a MUST to buy Doubloons in order to get this ship, they better be prepared for a solid flak.
  4. Cpt_Nero_

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Sadly its not a skip, its mere 30% boost if its the same as it was on the PT, so you have insane price for small boost that will allow you to sleep a bit easier and actualy enjoy christmass instead of working your [edited]off day by day... still, the price is ABSURD for such small boost.
  5. Coopy zawsze, od czasów kiedy latały dinozaury, zawsze działały do odbijania gwiazdek/śnieżynek i innego cudastwa
  6. 24k golda za 3 przyspieszenia? 320 zł za 30% okrętu? naprawdę? w takiej sytuacji cały okręt jest warty 1000zł, czy naprawdę wirtualny statek jest wart taniego auta z pełnym bakiem?
  7. Cpt_Nero_

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    1 - Steering away as Cruiser/DD is far easier than steering away as Battleship, not to mention that your turn is far more risky especialy when you are on frontline. 2 - Any Cruiser that gets blapped at 20km is own demise, with such long shell-travel time over the distance, if you get hit by a BB on that distance its just own lack of awareness 3 - Positioning in Battleships is as critical as it is for Cruisers, with main exception being that Cruisers/DDs can actualy get away from zone which is about to be pushed, BB's not so much. Above all, Torpedoes that deal insane citadel damage with tracking bullets, is something that is incredibly stupid, if one class gets such aim assist, not to mention ability to be completely concealed and pick whenever they want to engage enemies without having to worry about own spot? this requires more balancing than carriers do.
  8. Cpt_Nero_

    Superkontenery - 4. rocznica

    nawet nawet, jestem zadowolony
  9. Cpt_Nero_

    Montana buff when?

    exactly, if its not your account then the entire statistic display serves nothing at all, claiming the Montana requires a buff while not showing any of the own playtime is a blank claim, everyone seems to disagree as Montana remains in one of the best spots currently
  10. Cpt_Nero_

    Montana buff when?

    there is still no evidence, lack of name is easily taken as "hey can i use your account for a screenshot" style, it will never be taken seriously
  11. Cpt_Nero_

    Montana buff when?

    unless you provide hard evidence, such picture can be easily taken from the wows.stats while taking one of the top players and such.
  12. Cpt_Nero_

    Montana buff when?

    Easy to citadel on long range? what kind of space-weed you had to take? having water-line citadel that only goes deeper when turning, not to mention really good angles on cannons makes you practicaly impossible to eat cit-pens wheny ou position yourself right, 38mm plating is a massive difference between Mont/Conq/Repu as you are not melted away by HE spamming vessels such as Harugumo, Worcester, Des Monies and others, Montana's 406's are the best in the line thanks to heavy shells and good arcs of fire... those are one of the most accurate guns in the game [and having insane horizontal spread grouping] while Kurfurst's have the horrible consistency of shots, so what that your shells reach target on time when they dont hit anything? If you have issue with landing long shots on USN battleships, then perhaps they are not for you, Montana is top dog on clan wars when it comes to CW's for a reason.
  13. Cpt_Nero_

    Montana buff when?

    i dare to say, North Carolina has even slower shells and it doesnt bother her AT ALL... long range sniping with Montana is really easy thanks to great shell coupling, and hitting targets over islands is even better thing, she is fast, accurate, has good angles on guns, her citadel is very well defended [below water, front plate really thick] her AA was the best before Kremlin, and still is a monstrous one... If you want Montana to be better than Kremlin only for that reason, then maybe think about other TX bbs? Yamato currently is good only thanks to her Overmatch mechanics, her guns overpen most of the time if aimed wrong, her AA is not effective against TX CV's Republique burns like candle, Conqueror also gets bullied to death by all 32mm HE pen, GK has to be very close to get meaningful impact and her full broadside angle is garbage, exposing sides too much for serious blow...