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  1. Looks like I partied too hard...obviously it took me almost a year to get sober and wake up and according to the thread title it must be april 1st 2022.😱🤪
  2. Kutfroat

    How would you repair WoWS?

    1. revert commander skill rework. 2. remove cv's (at least until they come up with a better system, otherwise completely) 3. reduce general BB range, accuracy and agility, buff reload slightly. 4. increase cruiser agility so they can actually "just dodge", especially of light cruisers with no armor. 5. reduce amount and duration of radars and especially reduce range on russian radar.
  3. Kutfroat

    Dead-eye is gone but...

    Are you serious?
  4. Kutfroat

    Epicentar: Love or Hate?

    so you want destroyable cover to further nerf cruisers and dd's?
  5. Kutfroat

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    good luck getting to the cap with worse concealment than Petro, and the "trollish" armor is a myth from the past. Maybe it works at max range, that's where you have to stay with it for the first half of a match, thus it's useless. You just dont have any influence at the outcome of a match...HE spamming might look great in damage numbers, but that's it...same gods for Zao/Henry...currently they are useless.
  6. Kutfroat

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    T8...every cruiser without a heal. T9 Seattle and Buffalo, T10 I habe to say Hindenburg. It is just useless, and if you compare it to e.g. the Petropavlosk, the ampunt of crappiness of the Hindenburg really comes to light and it's just a sad joke!
  7. Kutfroat


    until you realize the slice of pizza is a 70% hp daring, with torps and heal ready, yolo-charging you...😱😎
  8. Kutfroat


    of course you mean stealthradar! 😎
  9. Kutfroat


    It wasn't stat-shaming, he made that clear. It was animal research. 🤷‍♂️😎
  10. So we can look forward to the Comrades Admiral Becherovska, Stolichnoya, Taiga, Eristoff and Smirnoff? That would actually have some self-irony coming from WG... Best fit into the secret Austrian blueprint premium DD "Roter Bulle". 😎
  11. Kutfroat

    1/2 Citadel damage for Cruisers

    I voted for option 3. I think cruisers should get a mobility buff (ruddershift/accel/decel), except the russian ones, they are allready the most forgiving to play, either they have real armor or are really agile, comparee to all others. On the other side there should be a global concealment nerf to BB's, so they cant ambush cruisers anymore. E.g. remove "concealment expert" and/or the concealment module. This way cruisers get more time to take evasive actions, get a chance to avoid their predators...🤷‍♂️
  12. Kutfroat

    Respond to DD influence how?

    easy...dont play "dead eye" build bb and support your team. 🤷‍♂️
  13. ...you can make DD work after rework. BB now rule the Sea with Dead Eye and kill every Cruiser that gets random spotted by CV within the first 2 minutes with Dead Eye Skill. Extra, extra slow "*edit* WG" clap.
  14. Kutfroat

    DD's are dead

    Petropavlovsk and Stalingrad would like to have a word with you...
  15. Kutfroat

    Any new coal ships to be added soon?

    Why did no one mention the obvious? Glorious Makarov of course!