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    Well it's pretty obvious I'm a gamer, ain't it?
  1. iPanic96

    Weird lag (freezing but not really)

    My PC has it's own turbo button... Turning it off fixed my problem as well!
  2. iPanic96

    Weird lag (freezing but not really)

    Rebooting the computer does not work. I don't even bother trying that option anymore, since the bootup takes around 5 minutes to me... And it doesn't solve the problem so yeah. Like, I turn off the computer everyday anyways, and rebooting does not make a change either way
  3. iPanic96

    Weird lag (freezing but not really)

    I've seem to got pretty much the same problem, though I can play for at least 4-5 minutes before it freezes like in Fogas video. And I've had this problem for over a month now (yes, I took a part of the closed beta) and still have this problem in open beta. I've even tried to re-install the game without any luck. My point is that there is one more to back you guys up with this problem... Haven't done anything with PingPlotter yet, so that's the next step. I even made a post on this problem at the state of closed beta, but it didn't get as much love... http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10927-unusual-lagspikesfreezing/page__fromsearch__1 (Sorry for any bad grammar, my english is far from perfect...)
  4. iPanic96

    Unusual lagspikes/freezing

    First thing first! I apologize for my English! It's not my main language, so grammar might be a bit off... Hope it's still readable though. So, then the actual case. I bought the 3 ships pack yesterday (15.04.15) and noticed some lagspikes or some kind of freezing I never seen before. Saw some other topics were players had a similar problem, but could't find one that actually explain the precise problem I have. I have a decent PC (I can run battlefield 4 on medium - high settings and still have a pretty good fps). Still, it takes ages for the ships to show up after I've started the game. But that's not the main problem. When I get into a match, the first 4-7 minutes works absolutely great. Then all of a sudden, everything freezes, even though the ms is around 50, and the fps at 60. I can still shoot and hear the shot, but I can't see it. Then after around 30-45 seconds the ship starts moving again but much slower than before it froze. I can't change the course of the ship, because the reaction is taking around 10 seconds to actually take action. It's like I'm falling behind with 10-15 seconds and still have a good ping while it happens. It doesn't change even with the settings on low, though I have no problem playing on high quality the first part of the match. The problem is pretty similar to this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRS2J8O4XqM - but for me the ship doesn't pop back in the position where the ship actually is stationed after the first lagspike/freeze or whatever it is. It's really annoying how it works perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere it just basically goes to crap and makes the game unplayable... If I made it clear, it would be nice to hear if anyone else got the exact same problem as me, and hopefully a solution if there is any yet. And sorry for a long post...