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    Basically, all naval warfare with particular emphasis on Japanese warships. When I was a teenager I got a copy of Dan Van Der Vat's "The Pacific Campaign" and read his descriptions of the naval battles. Then I got volume 12 of Samuel Eliot Morison's History of United States Naval Operations in WW2 which is all about the battles around Leyte - some of the most iconic naval battles in the Pacific.

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  1. Little poll about a WG poll :/

    I just got the poll as an in-game popup. Link to it here: https://surveys.wargaming.net/s3/maps_2018-EU It's all about maps, then specifically your favourite two and least favourite two. Edit - just seen the above post - when I answered the final question about maps it said my progress was 15% and then jumped to 100% and said it was complete. I never got asked about ship models or armour, etc...
  2. Little poll about a WG poll :/

    I used to get email questionnaires from WG about the state of the game, but I think that was about two years ago now. Only thing I remember recently is the "how satisfied with this battle" questionnaire - and even then I don't recall seeing one of those for ages. Not that I ever understood what WG expected to get from the response - it's such a vague question without more context to explain the answer, e.g. if I answer "not satisfied" that doesn't tell WG why I was not satisfied. It could have been the MM, the ship balance, a bad map, team balance (steam roller) etc.. Such a pointless question. I do miss the old, proper questionnaire - that made me feel like my opinion was important, the Devs cared and that maybe they listened to players...
  3. Daily Missions in July - Your Feedback

    Free stuff is always nice, so not complaining, but... the first day I logged in and I had 10 or more combat missions I was like "wtf?" Way too mich information and stuff going on. I'm not stupid, I do have patience, but I don't always have a lot of time or the inclination to read through a ton of mission objectives to work out what I am supposed to do. It just felt a bit like information overload...
  4. Ashitaka is awesome - can we still buff her a bit?

    Yeah, I was actually going to mention that - the gudbote rating confuses the hell out of me. She mostly rates it as fair in each category, points out all its failings in her article, then says "gudbote". Huh?
  5. Ashitaka is awesome - can we still buff her a bit?

    LWM did an excellent review of the Kii which explains all the ways in which that ship is flawed and made up of contradictions. Just for example, her torps. Torps are always nice but Kii's don't necessarily do terminal damage to enemy BBs, have a huge detection range and because of the somewhat awkward angles might involve her having to give her broadside - assuming you can even actually turn her in time to use them because she's not agile enough. She has lots of contradictions like that. That said, I will admit I don't have the Kii myself - because I'm not spending that much money on a "meh" ship in my least favourite class.
  6. Ashitaka is awesome - can we still buff her a bit?

    WG gifted me an Ashitaka as a "please come back" gift. Never played it, don't see the point. Why can't we get a good IJN premium BB at tier 7 or 8?
  7. Where is summer sale WG?

    I've been a non-paying customer for 18 months now (ARP Nachi bitterness still lingers) but my attitude has softened recently and I treated myself to a Leningrad and some stupid cartoon character to drive it. So here's a challenge for WG - Asahio or Harekaze on discount and I'll buy. (please) Also, I know you cannot really tell us, but I have a couple of IJN regular tech tree ships to buy (Akizuki and Ibuki, Izumo a possibility) - would you say that you are the sort of person who believes that patience is a virtue which is rewarded, if you know what I mean, or is an IJN tech tree discount any time soon less likely than Russian Battleships being underpowered?? :-p ;-)
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @Nechrom literally just now in the same team (thankfully!) on Hotspot. He was in his Atago, I was in my Japlanta. He got 1st place, I got 2nd. Strong team, reasonably easy win. Great BB brawl on the right side of the map!
  9. Revised report system suggestion from a programmer

    Hi - your first post :-) welcome to the forums. Just FYI, this thread was last updated in September last year - which is generally considered to be a bit too old to keep posting in. But I totally agree with you. Actually, if you see this sort of behaviour in chat your best bet is probably to screenshot it and send a ticket to support. Whilst they won't ever tell you what they do, I'm reasonably sure that they do tend to take action against offenders... Good luck!
  10. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    I believe that there are 4 more missions left: July 9–11 Destroy a ship and damage 2 modules in a winning battle. July 11–13 Win 6 battles. July 13–16 Set 2 fires and hit enemy citadels 2 times in a winning battle. July 13–16 Over any number of battles, earn 500 ribbons.
  11. How short is your attention span?

    Games played: 2313 (of which 1000 were in premium ships) Games in most played ship: 493 (Japlanta FTW!) Ships played: 47 Average games per ship: 49
  12. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Got very lucky with this one and did it on the first attempt in my shiny new Leningrad on Haven. There were only 2 DDs per side and since the middle 2 caps are quite close together on that map I was able to cap the closest (where I also killed an enemy DD), then move to the second to take that (enemy hadn't gone for it), then back to the first to defend it before switching back to the second to defend that as the enemy finally tried to take it. Team was strong enough to win and that was that.
  13. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally got my first ever 19 point captain - really happy with that.
  14. Operation Cherry Blossom - Your First thoughts?

    Now that sounds like it could be amazing fun!!! DD knife fights and toro soup everywhere!!
  15. I won't use it (cannot be bothered with mods) but the Spotter plane angle view angle one is very nice - I would really like that in the vanilla client. Good job!