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  1. ThudXperiment

    New WG Launcher update Has caused BIG problems!

    Don't get offended but what is the use of commenting when it works for you? There are 2 people who think they have a problem and both experincing simular issues and are adressing it in this forum. Maybe it's game/launcher related maybe not. Give a solution, an explenation or a suggestion. But those useless comments that it works for you doesn't really help. On the contrary. I only litters up a thread which could be a collection simular issues people might have. (not talking about this thread particular) Something that could be usefull for the game developers to collect. And you give "a truck" as example. Where I come from trucks are pretty slow. Now back to the issue. WoWP battles seem to be loading much quicker to me but maybe it's a much smaller game to load.
  2. ThudXperiment

    New WG Launcher update Has caused BIG problems!

    I don't know if it's coïnsedence but I updated/upgraded to the (beta) launcher this weekend and suddenly WoWs battles take ages to load. The game is minutes underway. I can even see my teammates ships moving on the map in the loading screen. Switching ships in port takes a while loading signals (flags) on my ships takes a while. All in all everything is slower. Played some battles in WoT and WoWP and there seems to be no problem.
  3. ThudXperiment

    battle loading never ends

    I have the same problem. Yesterday I had no issues but now when i get into a battle it is already 5 minutes in to the game. And one time I finally got in to a game and after a couple of seconds I was kicked out to the log-in screen. Also sometimes my screen turns mostly black. Like a negative of a photo. When zoomed in every thing is black exepts for player names, ships heatlh and crosshair.
  4. ThudXperiment

    wtf is wrong with this game now?

    Atleast your torps have reached the target. To me it seems like the torp prediction indicator (or what ever its called) is way off. The second i shoot my torps i notice that they will never going to make it in time. Ok a captain can chance speed and course but i've seen many of my torps missing (behind/short) what i call straight line monkeys.
  5. ThudXperiment

    Signal Flags

    To whoever wants to read this. Has anyone used them? I see them rarely in the game been used (or are they so small i don't notice them). I don't use them and really don't know why. I rather see the flags as some permanent reward on my ship or captain. Without consumable function only for bragging rights. Just like the gun markings in WoT. Be good at something percent wise (like WoT) or done an x-amount of times. That's all.