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  1. ThudXperiment

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    I had a "Critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated." message. I was a bit to quick with my Enter button so I don't know what the rest of the message was. But when Iclicked it WoWs was shut down. *edit: Trying to reconnect. Error Connecting to server. So maybe the server had just been shut down.
  2. ThudXperiment

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    If you click everything " new" you'll find out but to help, go check your containers. Plus the Combat mission Dive! Dive! Dive! should give you an other container. And for me, i'm looking now at a 11 minute queue. Players in my range 84/84. 8 bb, 7 ca, 3 dd. And I choose a dd.