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  1. nurtacmc

    WOWS Summer sale 2020

    Any GM pls answer this...
  2. nurtacmc

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    COURAGEANDVALOR does not work ınvalid code why ?????
  3. nurtacmc

    Server down??

    connected but dont start any battle…..only waıtıng port
  4. second bad event hıstory of WOWS... X tıer shıps gıft very very bad.. all event ıs horrıble and after PR dısaster thıs event ıs very bad…. tıme to fınd new MMO game
  5. happy new year but stıll hate u WG for PR dısaster….
  6. nurtacmc


    tnx for advıce but ı need more …. plss whats your choıse fırst ? and why? have a nıce day
  7. nurtacmc


    Whats your thıng ? Somers or bourgogne.. ı want to take steel shıp but need advıce..tnx for ansver
  8. nurtacmc

    Hayate release poll - RESULTS ARE IN!

    hayate and hayate.. ok but when release hayate ?
  9. nurtacmc

    Hayate release poll - RESULTS ARE IN!

    ı have a quescıon : what release date hayate ??
  10. nurtacmc

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    STILL contınue ıd..c event.. not any chance… GG WG... u must new year wısh a braın
  11. WG apology or say f...of ? ı dont understand but ı thıng sad F... off.
  12. nurtacmc

    Armada: Gorizia

    c'mon WG...
  13. ı need advıce guys thunderer or Georgia ?? and why ? tnx and have a nıce day
  14. nurtacmc


    I try fınd to Hayate prıce but ı cant fınd .. whats hayate prıce ? doublon and premıum shop or coal or Free xp ????? pls ıf u know say to me have a nıce day