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  1. Aaaaah I see you found my home? @Skyllon
  2. Too busy with bringing christmas presents arround .......
  3. Well you didn`t come by to collect it yet......
  4. It`s your job..... I pay you for that!
  5. Very usefull information from SV_Kompresor :D Keep it going
  6. No story to come up with, so here`s a simple bumb
  7. Do you know a person that way to long to pick a ship and mount flags? WE TOO!!!! If you ever met him in our clan you will know about who I am talking..... Just shout KILLLLLIIIAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN, and maybe it will takes 5 seconds less!!! Some desk slamming also helps sometimes ^^
  8. See above our "great" brittian, one of our founding fathers! But dont trust him, he can attack any moment in discord! PS you guys are always welcome to us, if you want to have fun. OR want to be attacked by our Toxic ^^
  9. We even got a special tradition for new members, not seen in any other clan! Only way to find out is to join us ^^