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  1. OmeSlikkum

    The udaloi broke engine problem

    I have the rudder protection ofcourse, and I have the captain perk. But what I'm saing is that this ships gets it nocked out whay more then many other ships. If it was normal I wouldn't post it
  2. OmeSlikkum

    The udaloi broke engine problem

    It is similar. But because of the focus fire on DD's I have much problems with it now. It's ruining my will to play with it
  3. I would rather have a good working game than something that isn't quit finished yet.
  4. HI Guys, I wanted to state something and wanted to hear your opinion. I really like the udaloi. Good firepower, good speed and it is very nimble. But my biggest problem is that with almost every shot I take my engine get's nocked off. I have last stand so I can continue but I feel like this is way out of balance with other DD's on this level. And I mean I get it a lot, in a round at least 5 -6 times. I think it is to fragile on that point. I know the armor of the USSR is very bad, but the Kiev and Trashkent don't have this problem. Or at least not in that degree so it really anois me. What do you guys and girls think. Should this be improved? Omeslikkum
  5. OmeSlikkum

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    Hi, This is my screenshot for the competition. Got the kraken unleashed for the second time. Now okay I hear you think well that is not that unique. But I did it in an Fubuki . I hope that counts for some credits. Well this is my contribution. For now have a good 2016 all. Omeslikkum