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  1. Cuddly_Spider

    Update 0.11.7 - Submarine and Matchmaker tweaks

    I honestly thought you would have reduced the blast radius of depth charges. A combination of module damage rendering the sub unable to fight, very slow speed when submerged, monstrously poor armour, and inability to attack unless facing the opponent head on means the submarine is excessively vulnerable. The slow turning rate of the torpedoes means that anyone can dodge them with the A or D key easily, which means they're also now weak in attacking. Now, due to the fact that they have poor visibility and need to be on the surface to see anything, and also give their position away whenever they ping (and are basically dead as soon as they are revealed) they no longer have any stealth. This is a class without a purpose anymore. If you're looking to remove them from the game entirely you would probably be best to simply do that, rather than nerf them to the point where they're frustratingly difficult to use.
  2. Cuddly_Spider

    Eendracht vs subs

    I am seeing that, and it's quite amazing how many people who consider themselves to be smart haven't tried out the freely available ships to learn their weaknesses. I haven't seen a single ship in the game that can't beat a sub torpedo by simply using the 'A' or 'D' keys. Subs only seem to work well when used in conjunction with other ships or when used against people who refuse to adapt their tactics to suit a changing battlefield.
  3. Cuddly_Spider

    Eendracht vs subs

    Did you try turning? That solves the problem of homing torps most of the time.
  4. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    They have a splash damage *radius* of 800 meters.
  5. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    I agree that subs are a nice addition to the game and have improved it a lot. But the game is a pretty basic arcade game. In fact that's one of the main appeals of the game - you can put it aside for months, years even, then pick it up and play it again. Look at something like DCS where you basically need military training and a joystick with 200 buttons to play the thing, or even WoT where you need to study the game dynamics to be any good. With the sub addition I think it's added a strategic element that was lacking before, but it retains the same quite basic and fun structure.
  6. Doesn't it just. The anti-torpedo bombs now have an 800m radius, and just a slight knock has a high probability of knocking out the sonar and/or torpedoes on the sub. A BB with two sub strikes in reserve can absolutely obliterate a sub with some level of ease now. All it takes is to get spotted. If CVs/aircraft are overhead then you need to go to a depth where you have no visibility, and if you're not with the main group you're pretty much helpless at that point if you're spotted. The whining on here aside, subs are very weak as a class at the moment.
  7. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    The splash area on bombs is absolutely huge. If someone has 2 bombing runs in their arsenal they can cover an area of about 1.8km wide. The repair modules are limited, and once you're out of those you're extremely vulnerable to both enemy subs and anything else - even a small bang within a km or so can knock out your sonar and torps. That said, I'd completely nerf the ramming damage of subs given their stealth element. If a DD with 1HP hits a sub on full health the sub should still sink. I popped up right underneath a damaged DD once and sank it - a dirty kill. I'd also enhance their visibility to be able to see normally at periscope depth but reduce their speed by to 3/4 of maximum at that depth. Another thing that I'd do is increase their visibility at depth but only when operating at ultra-slow speeds, and blind them when they're running at maximum speed. Their metagame is really good. I think they should build on it, not turn it into a forward-facing DD that sinks.
  8. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    In a sub there is more in the way of intelligence and situational awareness. You're vulnerable, slow underwater, and can easily be destroyed by depth charges if you're caught in a bad situation. Your only viable attack is torpedo runs fired from the front or the stern, meaning that running obliquely to your target isn't an option, further increasing your vulnerability to attack if you're discovered. There are no guns to speak of, and absolutely no manual gun weapon. All of this adds up to the submarine metagame being about strategy and tactics. Skill can compensate in the BB game. Reflexes and quick thinking in the DD game. And both in the Cruiser game. But the sub is entirely different to all that, and it suits me.
  9. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    I love subs. They've reinvigorated the game for me. Each match is more varied and interesting with new and fresh dynamics on the battlefield. Subs brought me back after a few years out of the game, and now I'm playing it every day.
  10. Cuddly_Spider

    Suggestions thread

    Game mode: Fortress. Make a few maps with an island at opposing corners of the map, with a port or structure on it but positioned so that it can only be hit if you get around the back of the island. Make the mission to defend your own fortress from attack while knocking out the enemy fortress.
  11. Cuddly_Spider

    Depth charges are as useless as AA

    They cause flooding about 50% of the time, fire about 25-30%, and knock out sonar and torpedoes quite readily. 4 direct hit torpedo runs can knock out a cachalot or Salmon easily.
  12. Cuddly_Spider

    Depth charges are as useless as AA

    Depth charges have a splash damage area of 800 meters. You can't actually miss with them.
  13. Cuddly_Spider

    sub players, what is your experience like?

    At the moment, BBs can spam depth charge bombers, some of them two a time. Those bombs have a damage radius of 800meters and rapidly reload. That equates to a huge area that a BB can render inoperable to subs, especially given the fact that even a slight knock can put the subs sonar and torps out of action and they can give you immense difficulty. BBs are currently giving me the most difficulty in the game. DDs are dangerous, but their danger mainly comes from accidentally running into them whilst on the surface and then nearby BBs smothering the area with depth charges.
  14. Cuddly_Spider

    sub players, what is your experience like?

    I'm enjoying them for the most part. I think the recent nerf in the form of 800m radius bombs was a bit too far, but I can still use them. I suck at timing main battery shots, but the tactical nature of subs suits me a lot, so I'm finding that I have quite a lot of success in them.
  15. Cuddly_Spider

    General Submarines related discussions

    Your logic would be unimpeachable were it not for two factors that don't agree with this line of reasoning. 1. The relative difficulty of each vehicle class is not a linear scale - the same person can perform with different level of across all vehicles vs another person, and there are people who specialise in a particular vehicle class also. 2. Subs are matched with each other, therefore you can't use WR as a measure of Subs being overpowered because they are cancelling each other out on that metric. In fact it further weakens your logic because, if someone is performing particularly well in a sub, then they must be contributing to a reduction in WR to other Sub players who are on opposing teams, establishing that the player rather than the vehicle is the significant factor. That isn't to say that your conclusion is wrong; you could be 100% correct in your assertions. But the logic you've used to get there is flawed.