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  1. Chill82

    Testing Kronshtadt on the test server.

    Even though the Kronshtadt is soon to be no longer, I'm gonna pass. The dispersion kills it for me and if the dispersion is ever buffed I will kick myself so hard. So I'll save yet again for the Alaska, possibly the Azuma. Thanks guys and it's a shame we can't test these ships out on the test server before committing so much free XP.
  2. Chill82

    Testing Kronshtadt on the test server.

    aww man that sucks, i read a comment that you could test the kron before buying on live server, ok thanks Major, I will pass and wait for the Alaska or Azuma, need to save another 250k free xp though :(
  3. Hiya guys, I just hit 750k free XP and decided to go to the Public Test Server to test it out before I decide whether to buy or not. 750k free XP took me a long time to save and I can't go blowing it on a ship I'm not sure I'll like. The PTServer though isn't showing any premium/reward earned ship of any kind, is this correct or am I missing something? I've done alot of research/watched vids on the kron and the dispersion looks terrible to me. The Alaska or even the Azuma look good for me. I don't have the Musashi but I have the Yamato and BBs aren't really my playstyle. I love cruisers. Was really hoping to test the Kron on the test server. Let me know if I'm missing something, maybe I have to wait 24 hours after completing registration to test or something, I don't know.
  4. Players unable to spend their remaining diamonds and all those players that worked so hard to reach 900+ diamonds and dont even get to the last progress task (secret) because of the silly unrealistic missions set for most of the playerbase, this event was a total shambles. I still have diamonds I was planning on spending, but cannot. so i've earned diamonds and you've taken away the ability for me to use them?
  5. Chill82

    how to earn additional project R pearls?

    gotta admit i doubt many players do either, only twice ive had suspicions, but its the accusations towards me and particular players saying in chat to report me just cos 1 player thinks i was, hence why i record all games with FRAPS and thanks for the answer ZombieCheeze. i need a pearl mission reset soon, otherwise ill miss out on the kamikaze i fear.
  6. hey guys, ive nearly filled the entire pearl missions as stated on http://worldofwarships.eu/en/project_r/missions. it won't amount to anywhere near 260 pearls so how can i earn additional pearls? will the missions reset after a week or what am i missing? thanks in advance. on another note, will anything be done against the aimbot mods? getting annoying either being accused and reported for bad play or getting suspiciously pummeled using maximum evasion skills i do record all my games and not talking about enabling replays so anyone who accuses me can see for themselves.