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  1. Meridian112

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Is this Play All Ships Up To Tier X Again event????? To get Montana with 457 mm guns and named Ohio?????? WG,you need to make something more creative to get people into this. What about blueprints we get in World of Tanks to cut research or even if you get all blueprints make next level tank zero XP to research?? Why not something like that from containers but only we get research points? And btw, Paytorico event should never be in game. 35K gold to finish building it?????? that is 4 tier VIII premium ships. Is Paytorico worth that much????? you giving WG shares on stock exchange with every Paytorico bought?
  2. Meridian112

    puerto rico build

    35K doubloons???? That is way over 120 euros. I can buy real ship for that not a pixel one
  3. Meridian112

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico