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  1. Owned it...sold it...thought it was meh. (as I did sims and a few others).
  2. delaci76

    To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    I dont undestand the whole issue that Cvs can delete ships....they did in real life why on earth would we want an unrealistic game just because people get butthurt? If you play with support and know how to dodge shouldnt be an issue if anything I love the challenge. I never saw the problem with artillery in Wot either. People need to grow up and shut up. If you dont like Carriers thats fine but let others enjoy them! Same has happened with DD's which although are still good have been constantly been moaned about by entitled twits. (and we have all seen the replays of people who sail in straight lines). End\ p.s however Matchmaker and having a look at how the ships squadrons are done should be looked at. Seems a bit silly if you are one carrier with one loadout i.e strike planes and the other guy has just torp planes. I dont think any engagment in Naval history had such inbalances so why should we get it in game? (you would have both because taking a CV with just one type of squadron would be more or less suicide so MM shouldnt ever give these types of engagement). Blah blah hist accuracy etc well it does matter to me (or others) because I dont want to play a game that lacks intellect or is for kids I'd rather read a book! Have been knocked out by a carrier a few times but I generally think well-played sir serves me right for not being more alert. And usually I never see it coming or it's 2 late...(of cours I know theres planes but usually dont think he/she is going for me).
  3. delaci76

    Operations and finding a team!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions! I would like to know if Wargaming plan to add the usual search function for all modes.... p.s Nothing wrong with finding people to play with or clans but I think one shouldnt have to necessarily. Some people are time restricted and dont want to have to wait around for other people to respond etc. and even with people you know someone can get delayed etc etc... Dunno thats just how I see it. I Love the mode btw! And will get on and try tomorrow.
  4. delaci76

    Operations and finding a team!!!

    Ok thanks will give it one more go maybe...otherwise I might wait until Wargaming change this...as I think they should. How many people will get bored and think sod this? It's actually bad for them....well thats my opinion. (i write you down in my Spider book so I dont forget..dont ask haha) Dont we need 7 players inc a carrier? (which actually makes things a lot worse)
  5. So came back to try the operations and cant find people for divisions. Is it me or the current system is stupid and needs to like the current "operation of the week"? i.e auto search function for all operations. Are they any plans to do this? If I have missed this apologies. Too many nitwits about asking you to join divisions when you clearly write "Operations only please" in the dialogue box. Please fix!
  6. delaci76

    British battleships incoming

    Well Jingles is worried. Funny I said something ages ago that I suspected something was going to happen. But no there's no Russian bias is there? Concealment on a BB oh dear. Someone has really lost the plot or they just dont like us Brits.
  7. delaci76

    British are best

    Saw what you were trying to do here OP but it was bound to be trolled! Seriously I dont why you bothered with them. My major problem with WG and the British is there seems to be interesting choices going on in re how our ships play out in game. Ok the cruisers have been given the smoke role and therefore their guns reduced in range as a balance but they are certainly competitive and fun...so whilst am not sure it particularly accurate it works in the current game meta. I am worried that the British BB's like the Warspite will get a gun range reduction and perform a "tank" type role which is arguably not historically correct. Well depends on the ship. But we can already see the Hood raising a few eyebrows. I hope we get some which are relatively nimble with good firing ranges. E.g a town class cruiser like the HMS Shropshire...(32 knots with 28km range guns..bl8 203mms). Of course we had some big slow beasts as well. My fear is WG wont give us the ships how they should be but make them all fit a role...like the light cruiser smoke role. I dont think this will go down well. p.s which navy was best? Who cares? Grow up! But Brittania will always rule the waves...haha. Oh and another premium dd or carrier would be nice! Who wants to see some fairy swordfish in game? Now those guys had some serious cojones. Also I think WG are missing a trick and not releasing a German carrier with some stukas! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_Graf_Zeppelin
  8. delaci76

    Wargaming, at least TRY to improve the playerbase

    @the above was thinking the same thing earlier. Games are sadly so dumbed-down these days. Or we get a game like Dark souls which is challenging but annoyingly so...(well I can see why people like it...I personally have better things to do than re-playing the same thing over and over). And I played lots of the games you mentioned.
  9. delaci76

    Time for a good ol Edited

    Yawn. Do you think trolling actually works? Feel sorry for you that you are so small-minded and childlike.
  10. delaci76

    Time for a good ol Edited

    I never said ships should be OP! Well I meant they should be better and that if some are it isnt the end of the world as one "op" ship per game is for me a challenge if anything. Some people here are twisting my words to make me sound like I want the game unbalanced for some reason, I dont. I think it's a comprehension issue. I used the terms "OP" because that's what some people use. I dont actually use the terms myself because I dont think there are any "op" ships in-game. Some are better than others big deal...stop cyring over it and learn to play as a team. Part of the problem is there are so many idiots playing this game a semi intelligent captain can make a certain ship look god-like. If anything it's a better than normal ship up against complete fools. And yep that's pretty much what I would see the Hood as...not as good as a Bismarck but it was still on paper a good ship. (it should at least put up a good fight against say a Tirpitz etc although history says otherwise and yes because of one engagement you cant say the Hood is xxxx etc etc).
  11. delaci76

    Time for a good ol Edited

    That's ok with me please dont talk to me! If anything that's great news to me... p.s public profiles? What on earth has this got to do with anything...sorry I think you have lost the plot. My style of writing? Haha that the best troll you can do...really trolling has become so unorginal these days. Sigh you must try a lot harder. (I heard it all before boyo...it always amuses me someone clearly inept in the intelligence department gives it a go. Trust me have seen way better).
  12. delaci76

    Time for a good ol Edited

    See that's the thing most people dont care about the more money and training a captain. So no I disagree I can earn enough with other ships. Plus 1-2 premiums is arguably enough which I have..although I would like more. So far Wargaming hasnt given me the option to buy more...because meh. Although I was very tempted with a carrier...a British carrier with Fairy swordfish or a German one with stukas....hint hint WG. If everyone played a couple of hours a day then I might agree with you more. Fact remains people play other games and dont have the time. Ok you could argue the fact of having such a classical ship in your harbour but then again it comes down to their stats and how WG release them. And there's no reason to introduce premium ammo. Something I dislike about WOT but then I dont play WOT because the level of idiocracy is even worse. I might try it again at some point...
  13. delaci76

    Time for a good ol Edited

    No thats not what I said. I said the people who complain because a premium ship is better need to bugger off. The way I see it is this. History shows us there were certain vehicles or ships etc which were better because of their pilot or commander and the technical advantage...so in-game this should be portrayed. Otherwise we have a banal or boring level playing field... If the matchmaker does it jobs and allows one "better" ship per game or two even but balanced these can play a leading role in the battle but teamwork suggests you can work together to take out such dangerous ships and it can be fun because that's what teamwork is no? Wargaming arent going to make money if people dont think they are getting something worthwhile etc. Look at it like this. You pay "premium" in a bar/club/restaurant and then you realise it's just the same as everyone else but perhaps the toilets are nicer or the food comes quicker. Some (if not a lot of us) have the brainpower to think well ok it's all nice an all but once the novelty has worn off what's going to excite me to come back. Playing an average premium a few times isnt really going to cut it and after a few buys this urge to buy premiums will often naturally decline. Unless you are a real fanboy and money is no object/or you lack other distractions. Myself I'd love to own the Hood but if I think they have cut something out because it has to be a premium and not annoy the masses I wont buy. Perhaps that is a bit of snobbery but it's my money and premiun to me means I am getting something better. p.s a lot of "premium" stuff they try and release in all areas not just wargaming is just bollocks at the end of the day.
  14. delaci76

    Wargaming, at least TRY to improve the playerbase

    Introduce paid servers and you might get a better game. Or more test in re players who have crap pc's/no brains/age checks.
  15. delaci76

    HMS Hood Teaser

    What's the betting they nerf the gun range and give it some non-historical buff that forces it to play some "role"? Bets are on. p.s oh wait cough cough AA...