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  1. stefanorgano

    OP newport

    Yamato is very accurate to begin with, and I think they gave Newport Yamato her legendary module. That is not the biggest problem for that particular operation imo. It always has been incredibly hard to win with a random team, let alone 5 star it. Biggest problem to me is that lone bot that manages to rush into the circle at the last second. It was very hard to avoid it before, now bots are higher tier, with more hp and faster and it's almost impossible.
  2. stefanorgano

    Best steel ship 2022

    Did anyone say Mighty Burger? Since I bought her I enjoyed every minute playing the thing. Stalingrad FEELS stronger but it's very one dimensional and can't get easily get away from danger. So there is this dockyard mission where you have to score 170k dmg in a single game, right? I knew what ship was right for the task. Hopped in ranked with my Burghy, 202k ez gg. Just love her, get her asap before they remove her
  3. stefanorgano

    Most of us have said this and WG didn't listen as always

    As long as protected MM exists at low tiers, there also will be sealclubbing to some extent. It's inevitable. And also very fun. I remember farming daily Krakens with pre-commander rework Bogatyr. Those were the days... Aaaaanyway. Limiting CVs to 1 per side would be a good starting point. Even better, removing them from lower tiers entirely and make them available at T6 like suckmarines. It's not that T4 CVs belong in T4 to begin with, you know, against ships with literally zero AA, stuff like that, newcomers enjoy I guess
  4. Yep. I basically stopped playing randoms when they first introduced rental subs, now I play ranked and ops only, with some rare incursions in randoms whenever I feel like. As long as ranked stays relevant for missions completion I'm happy this way.
  5. You may be a paying customer, but technically this game is free to play and nobody is forcing you to pay. So the whole argument "I pay, so things should be better" doesn't work with WG. That being said, T5 ships aren't suited for current ops. Most of them are either slow or squishy, pretty much all of them have crap AA and not a lot of ways to defend against waves of aggressive bots. WG would have to either introduce new bots balanced for T5 or create new ops specifically for T5, which I'm slightly inclined to believe is not going to happen. I'm kinda ok with randomly selected ops provided that you have that single one ship that works in any given scenario (aka Massachusetts) and I 100% agree that ops should be included within the list of required game modes for special events and mission chains, or even campaigns. They will never do that ofc, as this would be another incentive for people to ditch randoms.
  6. stefanorgano

    The state of Zao in 2022

    Kinda no. Maybe Zao isn't THAT worth as a T10, but some ships in the line are very very good. Like Furutaka, or 155mm IFHE Mogami, or probably the best of them all, range mod Ibuki. Jeez range mod Ibuki is strong
  7. stefanorgano

    5 Epochs Campaign Reward

    Simply put, T10 permanent eco bonuses are TOO GOOD for WG to give away for free. They can basically turn a tech tree ship into a premium, whereas T9 perma bonuses are kinda mediocre.
  8. WG will never sell permanent versions of consumable camos for credits, not even now that they provide visuals only. If they were to do it - and they should - they might sell them for 200 dubs as they are already doing with the old permacamos.
  9. stefanorgano

    Tin foil hat discussions

    My turn. WG didn't make overpens cause floods because otherwise it would've been too easy to stack multiple floods and get Liquidator every game, thus getting access to a virtually unlimited stock of flood signals that you could sell and break the economy. That's the reason why we can't no longer get signals from achievements and yet overpens still don't cause floods.
  10. stefanorgano

    Commander skill rework - What did it achieve?

    Except Petro and Moskva weren't nerfed in the slightest from the changes, since they aren't classified as Supercruisers but regular heavy cruisers and have standard cruisers fire duration (30s) so no need for FP even before rework, instead they were arguably made better, with skills like Heavy AP and CQE that heavily benefit such ships.
  11. stefanorgano

    Convert premium days to coal, steel or doubloons

    This. Also, that would completely break FTP resource system, with people buying insane amounts of premium time and exchanging it for steel, which in turn would make ranked and CBs pointless.
  12. stefanorgano

    Best Tier IV ships for play in brawl?

    If you have one, I think Nikolai would be good. It has amazing AP pen and superb vertical dispersion, it's basically a T4 Slava. Unfortunately has zero AA so there's that. Orion has busted HE and decent AA for the tier. Good ol' Clubson, obviously. I like Kuma a lot, squishy but as fast and agile as a DD, lots of good torps and great HE with high fire chance and decent DPM.
  13. stefanorgano

    Favourite Premium

    1) Atago. Hands down my favourite ship. 2) Giulio Cesare. I EXCLUSIVELY played her for like 2 years after buying, today is still an incredibly pleasant and powerful vessel to helm. 3) Kidd. I started learning DDs in ranked with her, I was surprisingly good at that... mostly. Plus, gotta love them Fletchers tin cans. 4) Bourgogne. Hands down best 32k steel ever spent, I don't think they will ever release another steel ship that's as powerful, fun and unique again.
  14. stefanorgano

    Ships that are a liability to your team in ranked.

    Any ship can be a liability in ranked, if they are sailed by a bad player. A good Yoshino captain is better for your team than a bad Ohio captain. That being said, player skill not taken into consideration... there are things that make certain ships better than others, e.g. radar cruisers vs non radar cruisers, 18' BBs vs 16' BBs, gunboat DDs vs torpedo DDs (in ranked that is) and so on. But mostly it comes down to how good the player is. A Zao sailed by a super unicum is a very scary proposition indeed, whereas Petropavlovsk (deemed one of the most OP ships ever added in the game) tends to struggle in ranked, at least for what I've seen as of late.
  15. Also we'll see if returning scenarios will keep nation limitations. Cherry Blossom/Hermes you could play with allied ships only, so USN, RN, France and USSR. If such limitation holds, then Mainz or German BBs aren't accessible. Thus being said, if no limitations are applied, here my T8 ships of choice (including rare ones): - CVs - Atago, Cleveland, Mainz, Kutuzov, D7P - CVs - Tirpitz, Massachusetts, Constellation, Lenin - Akizuki, Kidd, Cossack (although DDs are generally the worst class in operations) - CVs - CVs I don't play CVs in randoms or ranked, but they smash in operations. Bots can't deal with them. Imagine what Enterprise or Kaga could do in any scenario, holy moly